Meet the Douchebag Roger Huerta [Allegedly] Knocked Out

“That’s who we are. If you don’t want it, don’t come out there. If you don’t want to be hit, don’t step on the field. When we step on the field, you’re going to be hit, and we’re going to hit you hard.” – Rashad Bobino possibly addressing his football opponents OR women who might go to a club he frequents called “The Field.”
Remember in high school how great it was when a little guy who was fed up with being picked on went berserk on a much bigger bully and kicked his ass like Ralphie Parker did to Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story?

When Ralphie is former UFC lightweight contender Roger Huerta and Scut is a 240-pound former Texas Longhorn linebacker who sucker punched a woman in the face from behind, it ‘s no surprise that everyone is on the side of the little guy once again.

The outpouring of support Huerta has received since coming to the aid of the injured woman who KO’ed by an imposing cowardly man who has since been identified by various sources as being onetime Atlanta Falcons contracted player Rashad Bobino prompted the Bellator fighter to tweet the following message thanking fans and the media for having his back:

hey guys,i would like to take this time and thank you all for y’alls support.want y’all to know that it is greatly wishes..

Besides a brief interview with TMZ last week in which Huerta explained that he “got the better of” the assaulter in a consensual mano-a-mano fight and that he didn’t throw the first punch, “El Matador” has remained pretty quiet about the incident, which could be attributed to the fact that Austin police stated last week that they are investigating the incident.

Sources indicated that Bobino was taken to a local hospital following the incident, but it is unknown what the extent of the 23-year-old’s injuries were.

(I imagine getting his ass kicked by a lightweight, likely beingblacklisted by every NFL team for the media shitstorm that will follow him and being forever known as a woman beater will wipe that smug grin off of Bobino’s face.)