Paulo Thiago Gets a Tryout at UFC 95, Not a Contract

Yesterday we relayed news that undefeated Brazilian fighter Paulo Thiago is getting his shot in the UFC against Josh Koscheck at UFC 95 in London.  It’s a tough first fight in the Octagon, but hey, the UFC isn’t the place for you if you’re only interested in easy fights.  

Turns out, however, that this isn’t the first fight in a three-fight deal for Thiago; it’s the only fight in a one-fight deal.  The UFC has signed him to the rare one-off contract, presumably so they won’t have to cut him when he loses to Koscheck.  Thiago says he’s hopeful that a good performance will lead to a longer contract, and that’s looking on the bright side, all right.  If he wins, he can ask for more money when he does actually sign a contract.  

But at the same time this is not a vote of confidence from the UFC.  Sounds like a longshot to stick around.  But you know who else was a longshot?  Rocky.  Although on second thought, Rocky lost, so he might have been cut after the first fight with Apollo.  Then we’d never have seen this.

Just please nobody tell Fedor and his management team that somebody is getting a one-off deal in the UFC.  They will freak right the hell out.