Photos of the Day: Ronda Rousey Beats Up (More) Dudes in April’s FitnessRX Magazine

Ronda Rousey

(Gentlemen, THIS is what happens when you refer to Ronda as “sugartits.”) 

Well, here you have it, Potato Nation: photographic proof that Bryan Caraway‘s days are numbered.

After nearly taking Miesha Tate’s arm home with her on March 3rd, newly crowned Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champ Ronda Rousey will be featured in the April issue of FitnessRX magazine, a health and fitness publication devoted entirely to the ladies. Being that Ronda considers herself the most dangerous unarmed woman on the planet (with an emphasis on the “unarmed” aspect), she seems as good a choice as any. Just ask Nick Diaz.

Check out a few more photos of Ms. Rousey below, along with a video interview in which she recalls how she beat up a crew of dudes in a movie theater in full, gory detail. These are the pitfalls of universal suffrage, my brothers.

In a recent interview with the Miami Herald’s Dan Le Batard, who is undoubtedly the most excited interviewer we have come across in some time, Rousey dishes on everything from the likelihood that she would take Bryan Caraway in a fight to the movie theater incident in which she beat up no less than four adult males in front of their dates. Something tells us her mother was a proud Feminist.

Here are a few of our favorite tidbits.

On whether or not she wanted to break Tate’s arm: “The extent of the damage is up to them, not me. I don’t feel bad at all. She chose to have her arm broken.” [This is where Ms. Rousey and Mr. Palhares differ.] 

On Bryan Caraway: “I just said that I could beat up [Meisha Tate] and her boyfriend in the same day. Which, you know, he’s like some average to below-average MMA guy, and I’m the women’s world champion. It would be expected that I would be able to beat the average MMA guy at my weight, right?” [We’re not touching that one with a fifteen centimeter pole.] 

A brief synopsis of the theater incident: “I got jumped by a bunch of guys in a movie theater and I beat them up and then everyone clapped. They were that group of people that were just rude and loud throughout the movie.” [You mean these kind of people?] 

“They wouldn’t let me leave, so I was technically in a kidnap situation. I learned this from my lawyer. I was fearing for my life, so I had to defend myself. So I defended myself very well, and so they sued me.” [Oh, you’re referring to these kind of people.]

On her childhood: “I was never very popular in school. I was made fun of for being muscular a lot, so I always wore really baggy clothes. I had two lives; I would go to school and I would be kind of like this introverted, loser kid that no one really knew, and then I’d go out on the weekends to these Judo tournaments and everyone was like ‘Oh Ronda, Ronda! Hey, what’s up! You know what I mean?” [Sadly, we do not Ronda. Every member of the CP staff was both a gifted athlete AND extremely popular in high school. At least that’s how we remember it.] 

On whether or not she enjoys hurting people: “……………………”

We call bullshit on that last one.

-J. Jones