Poor Sportsmanship Display of the Day: Renzo Gracie vs. Ben Spijkers

To truly understand what’s happening in this fight, you need to consider the context of the bout, provided by MMA Videos:

Word on the street is that Ben Spikers prank called Renzo all night in his hotel room, in the press conference, taunted him, and insulted him by saying Renzo’s eyes look like Ben’s girlfriend’s eyes. See what Renzo does after the fight.

You also have to consider that this was back in the days of headbutts and groin strikes, so how much civility can you really expect from your opponent?  Check out referee Cecil Peoples admonishing Gracie for his post-fight show of dominance and disrespect.  Huh, so apparently there was a time when Cecil actually paid attention to what was happening in a fight.  Who knew?