Why The Booking of Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000 Signals a Brilliant Shift in Policy for Bellator

If you guys haven’t been following the lead-up to tonight’s battle between Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000, hooooo boy have you been missing out. For starters, the fight is being billed as a matchup to determine the “King of the Streets” despite the fact that, you know, it’s being contested in a cage. Secondly, the trash-talk between … Read more

Wild Rumor of the Day: Kimbo Slice Is Signing With Bellator

(I only chose this photo to enrage you further. / Props: hiphopnews24-7) Twitter erupted today with spontaneous, unsubstantiated rumors that Kimbo Slice — yes, the former King of the Web Brawlers and occasional boxer — is in the process of signing with Bellator. Until we hear anything from a reputable source, you should only treat this as wishful thinking from a bored … Read more

Kimbo Slice to Make a Lot of Money as a Mediocre Boxer

(Video courtesy YouTube/FightHubTV)  I don’t know if it’s just coincidence, but most of the people involved with mixed martial arts who I can’t stand are either named Gary or Shaw. There’s the obvious Gary Shaw, his son Jared “$kala” Shaw and then there’s Jerry Millen, who changed his name from his given name of Gary because he thought Jer or Jerdog sounded cooler. Seriously. Anyway, the blobfather of … Read more

Dana White: Kimbo Slice Is ‘Dead Serious’ About Winning TUF 10

(Props: CageWriter) From Dana White’s appearance last night on the Carmichael Dave Show, in which DW discussed the Kimbo situation for the first time: “We shot episode one today. He walked into the gym and was, ah…lemme tell you what, he was pretty serious. He wasn’t messing around, he wasn’t joking. He wasn’t laughing. I don’t think he’s a … Read more

Kimbo Delays Boxing Debut in Favor of Vacation. Wait, Vacation From What?

(Shaq has always been a sucker for a guy in a Santa suit. PicProps: MMA Digest) It was with bated breath a few months back that we brought you news that sleazebag promoter and World’s Greatest Dad Gary Shaw would soon be exploring new and interesting ways to get Kimbo Slice knocked the fuck out by transitioning the internet legend/UFC washout … Read more

The ‘Boxing vs. MMA’ Freak Show: A Video Timeline

When James Toney meets Randy Couture at UFC 118 next Saturday, he’ll be attempting to prove the dominance of the “sweet science” over that weird stuff that gay skinheads do. Of course, he won’t be the first pugilist to try to beat an MMA fighter at their own game — boxing vs. martial arts challenge matches have been around since before “Lights Out” was … Read more

CagePotato Photo Tribute: The Punch-Face

The moment of impact is never flattering. Here are 21 examples of the special look a just-punched fighter gets that says “I may have suffered a minor stroke, please help.” (Not to be confused with bitter beer face.) Lots more after the jump… (Victor Valimaki vs. Alessio Sakara) (Georges St. Pierre vs. Thaigo Alves) (BJ Penn vs. Georges St. … Read more

The Top 10 Conspiracy Theories in MMA

(“Hey sweetheart, you ever seen the missing frames from the Zapruder film? Would you like to?”) If MMA folks sometimes seem a little suspicious that The Man is out to get them it’s because there was a time in the sport’s short history when The Man really was out to get them, and not just in the … Read more

‘EliteXC: Heat’ — Beatdown by Beatdown

Spoiler alert: Ninja, Gina, Andrei, Jake, and Kimbo (!) are going to win, maybe all within the first round. If you’re curious about how exactly it’ll happen, read on. Hit that “more” link and refresh the page every few minutes to get all the latest updates from the live CBS broadcast, comin’ atcha from the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, … Read more

27 Signs You’ve Been an MMA Fan Too Long

You know you’re a true MMA fan when it starts to negatively affect your work, health, and personal relationships. Check out our latest list below, and let us know which ones apply to you. Props to Buzzfeed for the inspiration. 1. You roll your wrists while blasting “Sandstorm” before every job interview. 2. Kimbo Slice is your favorite professional boxer and Tank Abbott is your favorite author. 3. … Read more