TIL That War Machine Once Abandoned Ken Shamrock’s 17 Year Old Daughter in Mexico [VIDEO]

Ken Shamrock

Leave it to Ken Shamrock to add a whole ‘nother chapter to the increasingly morbid saga that is the life of Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver.

Koppenhaver, who was captured by US Marshals last week while hiding out in Simi Valley, California, has something of a history of violence and general sketchiness when it comes to women, you see. He’s been arrested what feels like a dozen times now for starting bar brawls, crashing a porn star’s birthday party (with his fists), and most recently, brutalizing girlfriend Christy Mack in particularly heinous fashion. He will more than likely assault a fellow inmate and/or have sex with deli meat within the following weeks, and is overall just a terrible, terrible human being who deserves none of our sympathy.

But what I (and therefore you Taters) have been wondering in these troubling times is: What does Ken Shamrock have to say about all this?

Well, strap in brothers and sisters, because shit’s about to get weird…

In a recent interview with News Diamant, Shamrock opened up about his history with Koppenhaver and how if he ever saw him again he would break his neck. Why? “Issues.”

The thing that’s sad about this is, I started Jon. When he first came into MMA, I’m the one that broke him into it in San Diego. I had issues with him. My 17-year-old daughter and Jon was 20-something years old, well he took her to Mexico and left her over there. He then ended up disappearing and I haven’t seen him since.

He’s always been hiding from me because he knows if I see him I’ll break his neck. He’s always had an issue with this and the guy needs help. He doesn’t need to do it by himself, he needs to, by the court, be put into some sort or rehab so he starts understanding. Because it doesn’t have anything to do with him naturally, it’s when he starts partying and out doing things he shouldn’t be doing.

Ok, I’m going to go ahead and call Shammy’s parenting skills into serious question here. I know hindsight is 20-20, but please, could someone with a child in their teens explain to me the circumstances in which they would allow their 17 year-old daughter go to Mexico with a 20-something MMA fighter? It’s almost as if Ken learned nothing about the dangers that lie south of the border from his star-making turn as Coach Ramsey in Scarecrow Gone Wild. 

“The World’s Most Dangerous Man” also weighed in on whether or not he thought “Dog the Bounty Hunter” would catch “War Machine” and this is already the greatest sentence I have ever written:

I don’t know if Dog will find him. I hope he does. If he does, he needs to watch himself, because Jon is a loose cannon. If they do find him they need to make sure they take every precaution as possible and not worry about [Jon’s] safety, worry about their own. 

But if they don’t catch him, somebody will turn him in. You can’t go around this long and be hiding in different places without somebody saying something. And the right thing to do is, is not to hide this guy. I’m telling you, he’s bad news.

Glad you could clear that up, Ken.

Check out a video of Shamrock’s interview above (which also features Rashad Evans and Wanderlei Silva‘s thoughts on Koppenhaver), then pray to God your son or daughter is never caught within 20 miles of a Koppenhaver or a Shamrock.

-J. Jones