UFC 100 Viewing Party Caption Contest: There Are No Losers Here, But Still Only One Winner

Brock Lesnar Tim Sylvia

(You could cut the sexual tension with a sword.)

Give yourselves a hand, Potato Nation.  You really got after this one, and a select few of you even remembered to tell us whether you are geographically eligible to win this contest.  Props to 831 Son for berating those of you who forgot.  This is not ‘Nam.  This is a caption contest.  There are rules.

But before we get to the winner of the free tickets to see UFC 100 on a ridiculously big screen at Radio City Music Hall this Saturday night, let’s take a look at some commendable runner-ups, who will all get a t-shirt for their troubles:

“Hey Tim, remember how I used to call you a fag in high school? Well, Mayhem Miller just called…” – Lysol

Tim didn’t have the heart to tell Brock that “Hammerfist” really wasn’t an unbeatable option in Rock, Paper, Scissors. – Horror Fighter

Not pictured: Fedor Emelianenko, human dignity – Aptninja


And our New York-area winner is…

Hell yeah I’ve got time for a pickup game of Xarm. Loser has to shoot something for dinner? – PauloThiagoSilva

Okay, so PauloThiagoSilva wasn’t the first or only one to make XARM joke, but his was the best and he lives in Brooklyn.  He also made perhaps the most esoterically self-referential comment – “Nothing important (talking about working at saw mill)” – that makes no sense in the context of this photo but at least shows what a loyal reader he is. 

PTS, go ‘head and send us an email at [email protected] with all your contact info and we’ll get those tickets for you.  Honorable mentions, please email us with your real name, address, and preferred t-shirt size.  The rest of you, better luck next time.  If you’re in or around NYC, you can still get tickets to the UFC 100 viewing party at a discounted rate by going here and entering the code: UFCFACE.  It’s still cheaper than buying the pay-per-view yourself.