Peruvian Necktie

Peruvian Necktie

There are numerous front headlock chokes and one of the most innovative is the Peruvian necktie. This choke is as nasty as it sounds. It provides optimal control over your opponent and comes on quickly. This submission also inspired many other types of necktie chokes that are just as tight. Here is our breakdown of … Read more

Heel Hook – BJJ Submission

Heel Hook

Heel hooks are now more prevalent than ever in Jiu Jitsu. Although for decades this was not the case as they were strictly forbidden from competition. In recent years, the times have changed and the once banned submission is now allowed in many major tournaments. Here is our breakdown of the heel hook. We’ll go … Read more

Triangle Choke – BJJ Submission

triangle choke

The triangle choke is a classic Jiu Jitsu submission. It’s a choke that has been there since the beginning and that’s because it’s a perfect move. It is a phenomenal submission that has countless setups to get to it. Here is our breakdown of the triangle choke. We’ll take you through how the move was … Read more

Imanari Roll

imanari roll

In Jiu Jitsu, leg locks are more prevalent than ever. Many grapplers are becoming experts at leg locks usings various entries into the submissions. One of the most unorthodox of these entries is the Imanari roll. It doesn’t seem like it would work, but when done right it’ll put you right into position for a … Read more

Von Flue Choke – BJJ Submission

von flue choke

The Von Flue choke is one of those chokes you find out about usually after you were just submitted with it. Whenever you make the mistake of holding onto a guillotine after your opponent passes guard, a Von Flue choke is imminent. It is a counter submission that was only developed within the last 20 … Read more

Omoplata – BJJ Submission


The omoplata is not only an effective submission, but also a great way to sweep your opponents. But it wasn’t always looked at as the highly effective technique that it is today. It took years of work for the omoplata to become recognized into what it is today. Here is our guide to the omoplata … Read more

Kimura Lock – BJJ Submission

kimura lock

The kimura is one of the most versatile arm locks in all of grappling. It can be done from nearly every position and is really simple to do. Due to its versatility, the kimura is one of the most popular submissions within Jiu Jitsu. Being a go to move for many of the top BJJ … Read more

Rear Naked Choke – RNC

rear naked choke

The rear naked choke is the simplest choke that literally anyone can perform without any training. You’ve probably been put in one by your siblings or friends growing up. It’s easy to administer, but with proper training, the rear naked choke is the most effective choke in grappling. Here is our complete guide for how … Read more