Video Proof That Miesha Tate Wasn’t the Only Fighter Who Suffered a Grotesque Injury This Weekend

Leg break gif

(If you’re squeamish, you’re on the wrong site.)

If you thought Ronda Rousey’s exuberant over-torquing of Miesha Tate’s arm on Saturday night was the most disgusting injury in MMA this weekend, you were mistaken.

Snapping the honor away from Tate (pun intended) was Bryan Jones Jr. who had his leg snapped by a slam executed by opponent Justin Lee Fowler at CageQuest 1 on Saturday. Even better than the first video of the injury below is the crowd’s reaction from the second one.

Just so we don’t leave you wanting more, here’s a gif of Rousey’s armbar on Tate, which shockingly didn’t inflict any broken bones. According to Miesha, there is likely some ligament damage, which is sometimes more of a bitch to repair.