Video: Countdown to UFC 126

(Video courtesy DailyMotion/Spike/UFC)

If you don’t have the time or couldn’t be bothered to watch the show, we got you covered.

Here are the CP Notes of this edition:

– Anderson doesn’t like Vitor and says whoever God wants to win will win Saturday.

– Vitor believes Jesus loves him more and will help him beat Anderson.

– Ed Soares respects Vitor  and seems somewhat nervous about this fight.

– Vitor  respects Anderson, but says he isn’t afraid of him.

– Vitor says he’s not there to dance around (like Anderson), he’s there to fight.

– Rich seems to be training seriously ahead of this fight, both in the gym and the tanning beds.

– Forrest seems to be doing lots of book promo ahead of this fight.

– Forrest might rely on his new BJJ black belt for this fight.

– Both Franklin and Griffin say they are pretty much the same fighter, only Rich says Forrest is much bigger.

– Forrest doesn’t like being asked questions about Anderson.

–  Jones has a lot of hype to live up to and seems to be buying into it himself.

– Jones wasn’t impressed by Bader’s win over Lil’ Nog, even though Nogueira is widely considered a better calibre fighter than any “Bones” has beaten.

– Jones doesn’t think Bader is very good because he “doesn’t knee, spin or jump.”

– Jones doesn’t plan on toning down his cockiness flashiness for the fight.

– CB Dollaway is a weird looking dude.

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Part two

(Video courtesy DailyMotion/Spike/UFC)

Part three

(Video courtesy DailyMotion/Spike/UFC)