Vyacheslav Datsik Granted Temporary Asylum in Norway While Officials Investigate Claims that He Isn’t Crazy

(He’s NOT crazy? Next you’re going to tell me that Koscheck isn’t an asshole.)

Well, Vyacheslav Datsik’s case took a bizarre turn last week.

According to Dagbladet.no, the Russian Neo-Nazi has now been granted asylum in Norway just weeks after representatives from the country’s immigration office announced that he would be sent back to his homeland to the mental asylum he escaped from before fleeing to the Northern  European country.

The latest development came as a Norwegian police psychiatrist ruled last week that Datsik is not insane as he was diagnosed as being by Russian prison psychiatric testing he underwent after being found guilty.

Because of the diagnosis, Datsik was never sentenced to jail in the former Soviet Union as he would be kept in the hospital indefinitely.

According to the report, officials in Norway say they will allow the former MMA fighter to stay in the country until they Russian authorities answer Datsik’s claims that he was purposefully misdiagnosed as being insane to keep him locked up because of his extreme racist Neo-Nazi leanings.

The 29-year-old will also have to answer charges in Norway for illegal firearm possession as when he turned himself in to police he was carrying two loaded pistols.

Datsik’s lawyer, Fridthof Feydt explained to the Norwegian news outlet that his client was also tortured in the hospital because of his extremist group affiliation.

“Among other things, he was tortured using electrodes on his genitals and he was handcuffed naked inside a metal cage for eight months. He was also hoisted up by rope-handcuffs from the ceiling for extended periods of time. If this is true, it is contrary to the provisions of human rights and immigration law to extradite him,” Feydt explained. “He sat in a closed psychiatric hospital because they ‘found’ a serious mental disorder. It’s the same kind of reasoning as the Soviet Union used against dissidents who strongly disagree with the ruling authorities, to make them harmless. Norwegian police wanted a prejudicial observation precisely because the Russians said that he was not sane, and now he ‘s sick.” 

Everybody knows that nothing levels a crazy person off more than a few hundred volts to the balls.

Feydt, who reveals that Datsik has twice tried to commit suicide since turning himself in last month after being removed from the general population for yelling racial remarks from his cell, says that the doctor in Norway felt that Datsik needs no further psychiatric treatment, but was skeptical about one thing “Red Tarzan” may be delusional about.

“The conclusion is quite clear. There is no special need for psychiatric treatment or further investigations,” Feydt said. “The only thing police doctor stands skeptical about is whether my client has great expertise in the martial arts as he claims.”

Maybe Andre Arlovski should be put on suicide watch too, considering Datsik knocked him out in the Belarusian’s first MMA bout.