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53-Year-Old Man Fights on One-Hour Notice, Kicks Youngster’s Ass [VIDEO]

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(Props: Wargo205 via ProMMANow)

It doesn’t matter how fancy things get at the top of the sport — MMA’s regional scene is still a chaotic mess where literally anything can happen. Case in point: At Fire Extreme Fighting’s show at the Kankakee Fair Grounds in Illinois on Saturday night, a 53-year-old spectator named Tim was asked if he’d come in as a replacement for a fighter who had dropped out at the last minute. Being in fair shape for his age, and open to new experiences, Tim agreed, and found himself staring down a 21-year-old opponent just an hour later.

You can check out the video above. When the dust settles on this one-round slobberknocker, Tim has won by TKO and we find out that the enthusiastic camera-person is none other than Stephan Bonnar. “You’re my hero! That was awesome!” Bonnar tells Tim, who’s a little too winded to walk us through the replay.

As for the 21-year-old who was left unconscious in a planked position? Details on him are scarce, but it’s very likely he didn’t get laid that night.


  1. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 03:41

    Somewhere else in Illinois, Tim Sylvia is kicking himself.
  2. Ringo Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 03:48

    That old men could beat bob sapp
  3. MorningwoodII Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 03:49

    After the win the old guy climbed on top of his wife, and she's never been seen again!
  4. TwoFistedFlavah Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 03:49

    That's some serious old man strength on display.
  5. MorningwoodII Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 03:51

    While watching the Burneika fight I thought, wow those are some shitty kicks. After this video it seems I'm behind on the latest kicking techniques!
  6. howardsternspenis Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 04:41

    im from just outside of kankakee....that city is the gaping asshole of illinois.....i feel bad for anyone that has to spend more than 15 minutes there.
  7. El Guapo Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 04:42

    Please tell me that wasn't sanctioned. At least that way I can laugh awkwardly, shake my head and chalk it up to the underground/backyard/"Sometimes these things happen in MMA" circuit. But if by some chance they DID actually sanction a fight on an hour's notice involving a 53 year old, pot bellied spectator? Not only is that "commision" done, they might have taken MMA in Illinois with them.
  8. tysonmcneely Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 08:02

    Unfair, that guy has 51 years of Martial arts experience.
  9. 53-Year-Old Man Fights on One-Hour Notice, Kicks Youngster’s Ass [VIDEO] | MMA Nutrition and Diet Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 08:47

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  10. NinjaVanish Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 08:58

    Seriously, talk all the shit you want about the guy, but he is a 53 year old man who first of all decided to step into a cage on a whim and fight a kid half his age in a sport im sure the guy isn't training in. Second, he actually whooped some ass. Most of us will look like dead hooker shit at 53, let alone stepping in a cage and fighting. Props to this dude. War Tim!
  11. tp24890 Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 09:06

    Tim Vs Scott Blevins for the Cagepotato Championship Belt made from the shirts that people never really receive
  12. warchief65 Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 09:09

    I wonder what it's like to get your butt whooped from a guy who is old enough o be his granddad . I mean , right in front of your own town no less . BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!
  13. The12ozCurls Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 09:33

    I think "Dead Hooker Shit" is on tour right now opening up for GG Allin. Or maybe they are opening up for that spin-off group with Sid Vicious on lead vocals. I can't remember- Either way "Dead Hooker Shit" freaking rocks
  14. The12ozCurls Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 09:36

    I wonder if Bonnar is gonna make him into the next "Punch Buddies" t-shirt superstar. I bet he would make it through middle eastern country's airport customs if he was wearing the "Tim" shirt.
  15. MonkeyNuts Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 10:03

    I wonder if he was able to keep down the nachos and beer he had before the fight. Someone get this guy a bucket!
  16. theothermatthughs Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 10:12

    isn't this from season 1 of bum fights when "stinky Tim took on that twitchy kid from the mid west
  17. tims wife teresa Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 10:29

  18. numbnuts Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 10:43

    Props to this guy he is a crazy old dude and would probably kisk my fuckin ass.
  19. Chromium Says:

    Mon, 04/30/12 - 11:17

    I did some looking around and they appear to be an underground org with no sanctioning that puts on events on reservations. Normally I would condemn putting a 53-year-old audience member (with a typical 53-year-old body) in a fight but watching him knockout that young dude was fucking amazing.
  20. Tact Says:

    Tue, 05/01/12 - 01:12

    Embarrassment all around.
  21. Langer-Dan Says:

    Tue, 05/01/12 - 04:52

    Looks like an Irish travelller boxing match gotta love that old man strenght. The young dude shoud have danced for the first round and used his better cardio to take him in the second.
  22. Enricho Palazzo Says:

    Tue, 05/01/12 - 05:12

    Congrats to the old guy for stepping up and all that good stuff, but I've really gotta question the judgement of anyone who thought a 53-year old spectator was the right choice - and the ONLY choice - for a replacement. Surely there was a physically-fit hobo nearby willing to fight for a sandwich.
  23. RearNakedSpoon Says:

    Tue, 05/01/12 - 05:21

    "Kick's youngster's ass"? I'm pretty sure that kicking someone's ass is dominating them, 10/10 times you will win..not just eating a load of punch's, getting dropped and then having a good comeback. Fair play to him hanging in there and getting the finish but it was far from an ass kicking.
  24. hitekredneck Says:

    Tue, 05/01/12 - 06:20

    "I told you to stay off my fuckin lawn!!!!!!! Lil bastard!!!!"
  25. Boo Says:

    Tue, 05/01/12 - 08:01

    Old dude is definitely on TRT.
  26. Alan K Says:

    Tue, 05/01/12 - 08:15

    Update: Tim has been suspended nine months by the Illinois Athletic Board due to testing positive for gravy.
  27. DangadaDang Says:

    Tue, 05/01/12 - 08:18

    ^ My vote for comment of the week. Do I get a vote?
  28. Gobbleston Says:

    Tue, 05/01/12 - 09:14

    What was that kid thinking?! There could have been NO GOOD to come from taking this fight. Win the fight? Oh, real cool tough-guy. You beat up a 52 year old spectator that took the fight on an hour’s notice. Lose the fight? Oh, real lame, loser-guy. You (got) beat up (by) a 52 year old spectator that took the fight on an hour’s notice.
  29. The12ozCurls Says:

    Tue, 05/01/12 - 09:27

    I posted the same comment weeks ago about Roy Nelson after the "surprise" pee pee test at the LV presser. I am suing for plagarism.
  30. Ricardo Guitardo Says:

    Tue, 05/01/12 - 11:28

    That old guy has a nice gut
  31. Double OG Says:

    Tue, 05/01/12 - 12:04

    Old dudes rule.
  32. intercept440 Says:

    Tue, 05/01/12 - 03:31

    @gobbleston agree completely...but since it amuetuer fights it wont affect the long run???.....nah im pretty sure he will forever be known as the dude who got KTFO by and old man......or he will give up fighting and go work at lowes....or taco bell......should have just went home and not fought at all.....dumbass kid
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    Thu, 05/03/12 - 06:08

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  37. AlanBelcher619 Says:

    Tue, 07/10/12 - 11:41

    That guy has balls the size of Zeppelins and a heart that would make Chris Leben and Sexyama cry in shame.
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