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“Adventures in Ronda Rousey Land” Is The Weirdest/Greatest Fanboy Video of All Time

(I’m just sayin’, Whatever this is > Those “Step Into Our World” posters.)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about MMA fan art over the years, it’s that more often than not, it takes a turn for the captivating, the hilariously awful, or the just plain creepy. Though no two pieces of MMA art are the same, at the root of them all is usually a highly disturbed, manically-depressed individual crying out for help and/or a pack of UFC trading cards.

Today’s entry, however, is something of an entirely new breed. It’s what some would call “avant-garde”; combining equal parts Transformers cartoon and Tim and Eric sketch with some of the most proficient Microsoft Paint skills ever put on display. It’s goddamn glorious to be completely frank. Tweeted out by Eddie Bravo yesterday, “Adventures in Ronda Rousey Land” is one of the most brilliantly-retarded things you or I will ever see, so do yourself a favor and check it out once or a hundred times.

I *cannot* stop watching this, you guys.

As luck would have it, “Adventures in Ronda Rousey Land” is just one of many hilarious/disturbing MMA-Themed videos created by Youtube user Flying Eye Angle. Head over to their Youtube page to check out such soon-to-be classics as “Erik Paulson’s Super Secret Secrets To Finishing Fights Revealed” and “How To Make Jiu Jitsu Work On Television” (slightly NSFW).

If someone could also point me in the direction that those Rondaswords are being sold at, that would be great.

-J. Jones

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