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Alistair Overeem Is Kind of a Jerk

(See, this is why we don’t hang out any more, Alistair. You get three beers in you and boom, the shirt’s off and you’re flexing again. It gets old, man.)

Adamantly refusing to play the role of the good guy in this feud, Alistair Overeem is once more accusing Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic of faking his injuries in their fight and ducking a rematch.  The Dutch fighter tells Fighters Only that Cro Cop signing to face Hong Man Choi is another sign that he doesn’t want any part of “The Demolition Man” after getting abused in their first meeting, before it was eventually stopped due to severe testicular damage brought on my Overeem’s misplaced knee strikes:

“Like I’ve always said, he doesn’t want to fight me… CroCop faked his injuries in our previous fight and now he has chosen not to fight me and instead fight Choi. He knows very well he doesn’t stand a chance against me… I would love to have a rematch but I seriously doubt if he will ever accept. For me he is not a objective anymore.”

While it’s true that Overeem was beating Cro Cop soundly before the illegal blows, calling the man a faker seems contrary to the video evidence we’ve seen, which clearly shows a hard shot in the pills.  The word after the fight was that one of Cro Cop’s testicles was possibly seriously injured after being forced inside his body.  You just can’t fake that.

Cro Cop swears he wants this rematch, and has even invited Overeem to his own special basement cage to settle the deal.  Overeem understandably turned down this offer to fight for free in his enemy’s home gym, but something is keeping this rematch from happening.  If it’s truly the people at FEG, they should have their heads examined.  Probably not by the same doctor who examined Cro Cop’s balls, though.  I hear he hasn’t been the same since.


  1. milo bing Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 10:01

    man, i would sure love to see crocop knock overeem out with a head kick.
  2. Patrick Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 10:05

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 10:12

    Dear Overeem, I still remember when you fought Kharitonov. You were fleeing in terror when you got punched in the back of the head.
  4. Old, Bald and Irish Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 10:21

    When I read that Cro Cop was fighting Choi, the first thing that popped in my mind was "OK, the nuts are healed. Why isn't he fighting Overreem?" I dunno. Maybe he is ducking him? If so, I can't blame Cro Cop. He needs to put a fight in the "Win" column and fast. When your desperate for a win, would you immediately rematch someone who was soundly stomping you, or would you rather take a match that you had a better chance of winning? Choi's not a push over, but I think Cro Cop has a better chance of beating him compared to Overreem.
  5. UFC fan Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 10:39

    cro-crap couldn't beat his way out of a wet paper sack. He couldn't beat his own meat. Hell he couldn't even beat the biggest pussy of all - Tuf Guy. So he needs to take his broke nuts and go home.
  6. Don Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 10:55

    It's ok cro cop, I'd be scared to lose my balls too
  7. Pac-Man Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 11:27

    Overeem's ducking me. I sent him an email inviting him to the trampoline in my backyard. I told him if he didn't put on the rock'em sock'em boppers with me and throw down then he's a pussy. I haven't heard back from him so it's apparent he has no shame in running from me, like the coward he is.
  8. Piss in my own fruit tray Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 12:10

    I personally don't think Cro-cop has a win in him against Hong Man-Choi...I think he will lose this one too...if he is going to duck out of something it should be ducking out of his fighting career completly....stick to making low budget computer games and training Russian mob hit men....
  9. Douchebaggery Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 12:45

    Cop Cop needs to retire. seriously.
  10. ickle Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 01:13

    i think if i was crocop and the rematch did happen.within the first 15 seconds id take my warning from the ref with a swift kick to overeems balls.and then wed go on about our business.but thats what i would do
  11. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 01:22

    Overeem is a little bitch. Im sorry, but this guy has suddenly grown 15% more muscle or what? Check his older fights, the guy was tiny. All of a sudden this year he decides to start working out or what? no. He's on roids, he's cocky, and he really isn't that good. Way to pick on an older much worse cro-cop. Id still love to see the rematch, just for the slight chance that cro-cop will kick this fuckers neck off.
  12. Mirko Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 01:24

    Actually, Overeem has been ducking me. He runs his mouth but won't sign the damn papers. Damn 'roid junkies!!!! I'll give me a left roundhouse kick to the scrotum.
  13. TeeReks Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 03:24

    This guy again? Someone call Liddell to KO" this bitch again.
  14. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 05:34

    But he would still smack the shit out of you.
  15. ADW Says:

    Thu, 12/18/08 - 05:39

    I also believe that Overeem is taking roids. The guy is MASSIVE now! you don't get that kind of "growth spurt" at his age.
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