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Alistair Overeem Slated to Return at UFC 164, August 31st in Milwaukee

(“When I slide through the place my swagga walk is what they diggin’ / I stick my leg out on the floor and start jiggin‘.” Photo via Getty Images)

After his upset KO loss to Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC 156 in February, Alistair Overeem was slated to meet Junior Dos Santos later this month at UFC 160, but was forced to withdraw from that fight in March due to a torn quad muscle. According to a new report from MMAJunkie, the Reem has now been re-scheduled to appear at the recently announced UFC 164 (August 31st, Milwaukee). An opponent for Overeem hasn’t been announced yet, although outlaw twitter-journalist FrontRowBrian claims that Alistair will be facing fellow heavyweight Travis Browne, who’s coming off his controversial stoppage of Gabriel Gonzaga at last month’s TUF 17 Finale.

Overeem hasn’t scored a victory since his beat-down of Brock Lesnar at UFC 141, a year and a half ago. (Man, time flies when you can’t apply for licensure due to a laughably elevated T/E ratio.) Alistair’s reputation as a fearsome, elite-level heavyweight took a major hit when he crumbled in the third round against Bigfoot, after maybe having a little too much fun toying with the cement-fisted Brazilian during the first two-rounds of their match; the below-average testosterone levels revealed by his UFC 156 drug test raised even more eyebrows. Will Overeem get his act together in his return fight? And is there a different opponent you’d rather see him fight instead of Browne?


  1. nick diaz and the dub sack Says:

    Tue, 05/14/13 - 07:38

    It's good to see that Overeem's training with the Blackzillians is paying off. He executed a perfect stanky leg in the Bigfoot fight, Rashad must be proud.
  2. Goog Says:

    Tue, 05/14/13 - 08:45

    Check out the thought balloon above Overeem...
  3. RoezCity Says:

    Tue, 05/14/13 - 09:23

    @Goog, Nice!
  4. algiersheadkick504 Says:

    Tue, 05/14/13 - 10:21

    How do yu go back to moblie mode, I just wanted to get rid of it to watch vids
  5. The Oracle of MMA Says:

    Tue, 05/14/13 - 02:16

    I feel kinda bad for Overeem. He can't get his TUE so he's on his own with his testosterone injections. If he would at least involve a doctor he wouldn't have to fight when his testosterone is lower than an 86 year old mans.
  6. Says:

    Wed, 05/15/13 - 10:54

    [...] from that fight in March due to a torn quad muscle. According to a new report from...  Read Full Article (External Source) [...]
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  8. Alistair Overeem Slated to Return at UFC 164,... - Video Testimonial Says:

    Sat, 05/18/13 - 04:21

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