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Behold, the First “Rock Bottom” Knockout in MMA History [VIDEO]

(Hat tip: MiddleEasy)

I’ve been saying that more MMA fighters should start incorporating professional wrestling moves into their arsenal from the very moment that Anthony Pettis channeled Rey Mysterio Jr. to kick Ben Henderson in the face. Mixed martial arts is sports entertainment at the end of the day, and who among us wouldn’t pay to, even three times as much for a ticket if there was even the slightest chance of seeing a knockout via The Worm?

Goldy: “Scotty Too Hotty-esque in his fluidity is Demetrious Johnson, Joe.”

Rogan: “UN-BE-LIEV-A-BLE!!”

Thankfully, it appears that former Bellator bantamweight Luis Nogueira has been listening to my impassioned cries for change and delivered just that in the form of MMA’s first ever Rock Bottom KO.

Video after the jump. 

On the undercard of last weekend’s Pancrase event, Nogueira effortlessly dispatched his journeyman opponent, Yuki “Brave Devil” Baba, with a hellacious slam that would’ve made Dwayne Johnson shed a tear and then wipe it up with a $1000 bill. Check out the finish below.

Now, I suppose you could *technically* write this off as just another run-of-the-mill slam KO, but I’d like to think that Nogueira had just finished watching a WWE Ultimate Rock Bottom Compilation in the locker room and decided to put theory to practice.

In any case, the win improved Nogueira to 20-4 overall and dropped Baba to 11-7. Now if Nogueira can go ahead and figure out a way to chokeslam his next opponent into a flaming casket, we’ll finally be making some progress with this while MMA thing.

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