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Business as Usual: Nick Diaz Still Gives the Worst/Best Interview in the Entire World


Nick Diaz is a man of contradictions. He’s a BJJ black belt who usually prefers to keep the fight standing and throw hundreds of punches. He’s a chronic weed smoker who’s somehow motivated enough to compete in triathlons when he’s not competing in mixed martial arts. And he clearly hates doing interviews, yet his interviews are comedy gold, 100% of the time. Case in point: His latest run-in with Ariel Helwani, which follows the classic three-part Nick Diaz interview format:

1) Show blatant hostility toward the interviewer. Usually that just means looking the other direction while answering questions and giving short, mumbled responses for the first couple of minutes. And he does that here, obviously, but the tension is especially high in this one. “I wasn’t gonna do this interview but they told me I had to,” Nick says as an opener, before laying into Ariel personally. “I feel like you instigate fights quite a bit…that’s your job, but where I come from, y’know, people like that get slapped.” Ariel tries to get the proceedings back on track, saying something about mutual respect, and Nick says “it’s all good, I see how you are.” Great. Only seven minutes to go.

2) Complain about how underpaid he is, especially compared to professional boxers. “I’m the most overworked, overtrained, underpaid fighter,” he says after being asked a completely unrelated question about Paul Daley. “We should get paid like this is boxing. I’m hearing about people like Georges getting paid way more than me, and Manny Pacquiao, and professional boxers getting paid that much money. I don’t even know why I’m doing this anymore. I feel like I get paid way too much money, but not enough.” Huh. I feel the same way about martinis.

3) Rant about how great PRIDE was. “I hope he don’t hit me with a cheap shot,” Diaz says of Daley, “but I understand what it feels like to be held down for three rounds…[your opponent] is avoiding the fight, and he wins the fight. So, the guy who doesn’t fight gets to win…we used to have a whole ‘nother organization called PRIDE with different rules, and I think it worked out way more for exciting fights, and you get to see a lot more technical aspect come out in the fight…we’ve got this whole system going on here and everybody’s bought up the other organization and thrown it away, tried to hide it. And it’s just wrong. I feel like the Japanese, they kind of knew how the martial arts should be.”

Aloof and long-winded. Confrontational and shamelessly sentimental. A contradiction, wrapped up in a riddle, contained within the body of a dude from Stockton, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, sticking a middle finger in your face. That is the Nick Diaz way.

Bonus: The club jam version, via Gabbie:


  1. Dog Dicks Magoo Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 05:38

    His brain hurts my brain.
  2. OLLY_g Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 05:39

    and you Americans some how find a way to hate Micheal Bisping ...
  3. Crap Factory Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 05:49

    You could always quit and get another job Mr. Diaz. Oh, wait. You can't. You'd have to pass a drug test.
  4. Ballkick Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 06:08

    At 24-7-1 Diaz has had a lot of experience and success in the ring. Semtex at 27-9-2 has also put in his work and two huge assholes will step into the ring this weekend to have a battle for supremacy in Douchebaggery. I like Diaz, always have, although I can't specifically tell you why as he is everything I despise in a human being. that said I think Daley will knock that smug look of grandeur off of Nicks face......and I'm totally ok with that.
  5. Sweaty Jesus Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 06:13

    Nobody has to find a way to hate Bisbing.
  6. Dr Cagelove Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 06:16

    @ Olly G.... pure truth
  7. gregbanig Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 06:18

    Wow. All the way to 2:38 before any mention of "stockton". I think Nick has interview rust.
  8. Shaky Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 06:22

    ...what? so much mumbling @Crap Factory I'm not sure passing the drug test will be a problem, there is evidence he can do that. I think the problem would be his inability to have a clear, logical conversation without intimidating or threatening the person he is talking to. These are skills favoured by employers and people
  9. GILL-uh-TEEN Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 06:40

    I score that 30-27 Diaz. Helwani pushed the pace, but he had no answer for Diaz's grinding indignant offense.
  10. eviltwin Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:00

    lol @GILL-uh-TEEN @OLLY_g at least Diaz didn't intentionally spit on/at anyone. People like that get slapped.
  11. noizy Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:05

    That's an interesting argument; the Bisping vs Diaz one. The difference I think is Bisping thinks and talks like he's a role model, Nick Diaz just tells you to f**k off from the get go. There's no cognitive dissonance there. He's pure rebel. Bisping on the hand talks like he's GSP and acts like Nick Diaz, and then apologizes like he has split personality.
  12. k-onda Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:09

    @GILL-uh-TEEN, yeah, that was good. Watching Ariel is like rooting for an underdog when you're just happy they score a touchdown, you don't really care that they're getting whooped. And Diaz and Bisping shouldn't even be compared, but here goes - Biz tries so hard to get a little respect yet is totally delusional/hated, while Diaz doesn't even try, yet is naturally enthralling/confusing.
  13. Anhonestmoose Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:12

    He may have a point about being overworked. He fought 3 times last year, and this is his second fight of 2011 (not even halfway through the year). I think everyone agrees that fighters are underpaid, unless you are a Chuck Liddell/Forrest Griffin/Brock Lesnar type of guy. Everything else in that interview is complete gibberish.
  14. Chaotic Pirate Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:14

    Hey, give it up to Ariel. Always stays calm and cool during any type of interview. He also brought up a great point: Does he instigate fights or just ask questions and state facts? I say the latter.
  15. BossNasty Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:15

    @olly g That's because bisbitch talks all that shit when he hasn't even fought anyone. He talks shit like he's got a belt or something or at least had a belt, or maybe even fought for a belt. He's done none of that but still talks shit with a lisp like he won't swallow or spit.
  16. LOKI Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:18

    Ariel is a huge douchebag, wessley instigator and a DW shill I'm glad a fighter finally calls him out on it. I agree with everything Nick said, including the stuff that only makes sense in the 5th dimension.
  17. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:28

    @Loki He does provoke like a champion and instigate I dunno I have to admit that whole situation is amazingly entertaining. @Olly Yeah well Nick's funnier and doesn't knee downed opponents it's hard to wrap your mind around this but Diaz is a much better competitor. When has he thrown illegal knee's or spit at someones corner? Please don't bring up the miller thing it doesn't count.
  18. Jesus Frijoles Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:30

    Nick makes a lot of sense, if you smoke a bowl before listening to him.
  19. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:31

    The club jam version sucks without any auto-tune.
  20. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:32

    @LOKI what's a "wessley instigator"? It sounds intriguing. Is that like Wesley "Wes" Wesley?
  21. dranokills Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:34

    ughhhhhh this fucktard Diaz is to painful to even finish the interview. It got to the part where he was AGAIN talking about how hes the the most overworked, underpaid fighter eva! HURLLLLL, fuck you Diaz, you are now officially looking for your excuse so when Daley knocks your braindead ass out you can say it was cause it was short notice and your soooooo overworked. Goddamn Nick you can suck my dick you flaming faggot. I hate you anyways, and I hope you get your brains bashed in. And anyone who would hate Helwani is a fucktard of the nth degree. nick Diaz...douchebag ...population YOU! fucking burn out. I hope Daley kills you in the ring make me sick.
  22. Spicymeatball Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:36

    Obviously Diaz is scared of Daley. He talks more shit than any fighter practically and blames Ariel Helwani of all people for instigating Daley? Brilliant fighter, retarded human being.
  23. dranokills Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:41

    When has he thrown illegal knee’s or spit at someones corner? Please don’t bring up the miller thing it doesn’t count. ------------------------------------------------------ wow wait a fucking minute hold your silly horses here, how in blue fuck does THE worst, most stupid thing to ever happen during or after an MMA match ever NOT fucking count. Ohhh it counts my friend, it counts for alot, Diaz and his brainfucked friends are nothing but paid thugs and a complete disgrace to this sport.
  24. IsnappedYourarm Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:48

    He definitely has brain damaged. In an stupid contest he would be neck and neck with James Toney.
  25. PingPong Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:56

    I want to see the great Canadian MMA reporter JayT interview Nick, now that would be comedy gold.
  26. rogerw Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 08:00

    Wow, he really fucking hates Helwani, doesn't he? lol
  27. Tuggernuts Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 08:13

    I wish i could be that high
  28. fACE7biter Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 08:17

    This interview totally put me off Diaz. Used to think he was just a dope, but when a fighter attacks a reporter for doing his job, I lose all respect. Especially since Ariel is doing these guys aservice by helping to hype the fight, imagine if this idiot had to hype a fight himself? I watched Daleys interview with Ariel and he was all class. Fuck Diaz, hope Daley knocks him the fuck out.
  29. cecils_pupils Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 08:31

    That's the thing, Tuggernuts, Nick ISN'T high - he can't be otherwise he'd fail his post-fight test. That is pure Nick Diaz: complete dickhead moron yet somehow still likeable, even when sober. Go figure.
  30. LOKI Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 08:37

    @Fried Taco-You know what I meant damnit! Dont come round here with all that spellin' and shit! If I wanted to be chastized for my grammer and punctuationizing, I'd order up one of those roll-playing whores who specializes in teacher fetishes. Its already expensive enough to have them choke me and tell me I'm scum.
  31. RearNakedSpoon Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 08:51

    Oh I understand Diaz now, it all relates to his drug use. See, a normal person smokes weed to get a little silly but Diaz duct tapes weed to the back of a shovel and smashs it into his head so he goes full retard.
  32. torxxx Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 09:14

    ok so I can see the asshat editor that wrote this article is completely against pot. "He’s a chronic weed smoker who’s somehow motivated enough to compete in triathlons when he’s not competing in mixed martial arts." So someone who is a chronic pot smoker is supposed to be some lazy useless slob? GTFO, some of the world's brightest people smoked pot. If Diaz chooses to smoke pot leave it be. He still manages to fight, and put on a good show while doing it. Lay off the anti pot shit
  33. rogerw Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 09:18

    @torxxx Maybe, but certainly not many of the world's greatest athletes.
  34. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 09:19

    @LOKI - Just trying to drum up business, seems with the economy as it is, no one wants to order my roll-playing-teacher-fetish whores. Nor the role-playing ones, either. And to top it off, I've got a surplus of rulers.
  35. k-onda Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 09:54

    Michael Phelps smoked pot, and Usain Bolt is Jamaican, so you know...
  36. intercept440 Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 09:56

    fuck nik diasss, he a fucking waste of skin, but he is a good fighter
  37. Dana_Plight Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 10:10

    Ariel must really like covering MMA, because he could probably make a shit-ton-more money covering NBA or...something else. He's a damn fine journalist; he went to Syracuse Univ. Bob Costas went there, so in summation, eat a dick Diaz.
  38. jfjjfjff Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 10:12

    OLLY_g, i hate the diaz brothers too, but even though they are idiots and dicks, they are unapologetically so. bisping is a mediocre poor sport who thinks he is gods gift.
  39. BigBalluh Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 10:50

    lol u guys r mad
  40. just some dong Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 11:01

    You really couldn't put two more different people in front of a camera for an interview. This is pure gold!
  41. YesCartwheel Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 11:15

    I am very certain Nick Diaz is retarded.
  42. Miles Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 11:31

    +1 for despising Bisbitch and loving Nick Diaz. Sure, he's a dumbass sometimes, but somehow after watching this I like him a little more yet. He's just a pure fighter.
  43. Fedor Penn Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 11:57

    I fucking love Nick Diaz!
  44. halfbreed23 Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 12:55

    Nick Diaz is my Jesus. Kid just doesn't give a fuck plus he'll whoop your ass. Watch him pick Daley apart tomorrow night. Can't wait.
  45. punches_in_bunches Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 01:33

    He does have a point about the yellow cards. I'm sick of these fucking wrestlers holding people down to win. Just like the first episode of TUF. It's not a fucking wrestling match. It should be a means to an end.
  46. perimeterblack Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 04:02

    that's a funny interview. the most rewarding part of the interview for me occured at the 4:20 mark; because it's a diaz justified!
  47. Gorgzilla Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 04:50

    If you remove all the 91798 filler words like "eehm, well, like, ya feel me, you know, bro, 'sall good, i dunno, eeeh aaah uuurm and you know" all he actually said was: 1. You play fighters against each other, Helwani. 2. I have enough money, but not compared to boxers and canadians. 3. Pride rules against stalling are good rules.
  48. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 06:59

    Wouldn't it be funny if at the end of their careers, the diaz boys came clean with the truth, they've never been to Stockton, they're both anti drugs campaigners and their actually, in real life pshycology professors from New hampshire conducting a massive experiment on how by nature the human race is attracted to anti establishment characters and have used the MMA universe as their guinea pigs!! or maybe they'r just Stockton homies who couldn't give a fuck about anything cept where the next bowl of primo is coming from. Food for thought gentlemen.
  49. Papa Damage Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:44

    GnP without elbows sucks biiiiiiiig time, pride rules with elbows - im ok with that. I just love how Helwani shat himself, he was swallowing one adam apple after another, funny.
  50. ilvbllythekd12 Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 07:58

    WOW! Did I really get props for finding the club jam version?? Thanks Ben (by way of Karma) :) :)
  51. HomeSchooled Says:

    Fri, 04/08/11 - 10:27

    I met Nick in Columbus during the Hendo vs Feijão fight/Sports expo week. He seemed like a cool guy. Nothing like the shit the media plays him out to be
  52. asdlin Says:

    Sat, 04/09/11 - 12:56

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  53. JoLo1 Says:

    Sat, 04/09/11 - 07:08

    Sad thing is he has a point about the yellow card for stalling, i think it would be a great idea to introduce to Zuffa owned promotions
  54. KMagician Says:

    Sat, 04/09/11 - 07:39

    I actually agree with everything Nick Diaz said in this interview. Fuck, and I'm not even high. Still think Daley is gonna knock him out though :O
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