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Chael Sonnen Now Denies He Said Anything About Lance Armstrong, Ever


Giving more weight to our theory that Chael Sonnen legitimately suffers from multiple personality disorder, the UFC’s #1 middleweight contender did an interview with Ariel Helwani yesterday in which he denied saying that Lance Armstrong gave himself cancer by taking steroids. Keep in mind that Sonnen made those incendiary comments on a publicly-broadcast radio interview that you can still listen to any time you feel like it. Here’s the exchange with Helwani, which begins at the 4:19 mark: 

AH: A lot of people took offense to what you said about Lance Armstrong recently, to Larry Pepe. Can you elaborate on that?

CS: I never did an interview with Larry Pepe.

AH: The Lance Armstrong stuff, you never said.

CS: I never spoke of Lance Armstrong ever. Never. Not until just now.

Are we being masterfully trolled or is Chael, as they say, cuckoo for cocoa puffs? On one hand, Sonnen appears to be playing the MMA media like a fiddle, saying whatever’s necessary to ensure that we keep writing/reading about him. The other possibility is that he honestly doesn’t remember doing an interview with Larry Pepe, or accusing Lance Armstrong of being a drug-cheat.

We’re reminded of the incident in which Sonnen made offensive comments about Ed Soares on his Twitter page, then denied having a Twitter page when his comments started drawing mainstream heat (then admitted it again when he was back in the safe confines of an MMA interview show). So maybe Chael Sonnen’s not crazy. Maybe he just isn’t brave enough to stand by his words. We’ll see how that works out for him against Anderson Silva on Saturday night…


  1. Gorgzilla Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 05:42

    Somewhere, right now, Chael is saying: "Bazinga!"
  2. J-Dog Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 05:55

    LOL, quite a piece of work is that Chael Sonnen
  3. Ascerendant Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 05:59

    I absolutely love how he says stuff like "I was nothing but a gentleman towards Anderson Silva. I offered him a way out" and makes it seem like he 100% authentically means it. The thought, that Chael really sat at home waiting for that fax from Silva to come in declaring that he will yield to Sonnen without a fight - hillarious. If I was Ariel Helwani however, standing this close to the guy... that same thought can probably become very disconcerting real quick. He still should've called him out on the "I never said that"-stuff.
  4. Biffmiester Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:03

    Me, Myself and Chael.
  5. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:04

    Wow. I honestly don't know what to think anymore of this guy. Either he really is effin crazy, or he's playing his role to the hilt.
  6. rocejize Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:09

    i wonder if Paulo Filho has a crazy infectious mental disease that Chael caught while they were fighting. because this dude is bordering on Filho territory.
  7. KeyboardWarrior Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:13

    "I've had stomach bug since Sunday..." I love how he sets up the excuse in the event that Anderson whoops his ass. His voice is like a cheese grater on my brain.
  8. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:14

    He's had all his pre fight scans and everything to the satisfaction of the relevant Athletic Commission right?
  9. Robocop Didnt Tap Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:15

    Didn't he run for an Oregon senate seat or something? He definitely talks like a politician.
  10. Videodrome_NOW Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:17

    Wow. Another twist in the Chael plot. I've been behind him this whole time, and now this? If I had any idea about what was going on with this guy now, I would say it, but.....I just can't.
  11. Stewbaby01 Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:28

    Notice he said that he's never spoken of "lamps" armstrong.
  12. AussieJosh Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:31

    you have not had a chance to see a silva tape!????? Are you F@#^ing kidding me!? You Dont even need internet for that! Just ring the F&%*ing company you work for and ask for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And should not your Coches be doing that!!!!??? And we all know the team quest coaches are good! so what gives!?!?!? Anyway, Id like to see him beat silva.......
  13. Super-Drunk Punch Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:35

    This guy is nothing but a complete joke, I cannot wait to see this tool completely demolished. "I like annoyance, I like being in pain."....sure there bud, he will need to be carried out of the ring and it won't be in celebration on his "few friends" shoulders...Bye Chael
  14. the glza Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:41

    is there anything you think sonnen can throw at silva that we didn't see from henderson?
  15. J-Dog Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:44

    Stewbaby is right. He did say "Lamps" Armstrong. I bet it was on purpose, so he can later say that he told the truth: CP: "so in an interview with Ariel H. you said that you never said anything about Lance Armstrong, yet we all know you did" CS: "No, that's incorrect. I told Ariel that I never said anything about LAMPS Armstrong, and that was the truth" CP: "So you admit you did talk about LANCE Armstrong then?" CS: "No one cares about Lance Armstrong. He's not the one selling races... no one tunes in to see him ride his bicycle. Lance Armstrong is a cheater who used PEDs and gave himself cancer". I wonder if they are pronouncing Larry Pepe's name right. Maybe Ariel didn't pronounce it right so that's why Chael said he never did an interview with him. Sonnen strikes me as the type of guy who would use that type of rationale to skirt around the truth.
  16. knucklesamitch Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:45

    how do people not like this guy...from a pure entertainment standpoint, this guy is awesome. AWESOME.
  17. the glza Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:45

    besides epic shit-talking, i mean.
  18. the glza Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:47

    @J-Dog time to bring out the amber lamps and see what all this is about then
  19. BossNasty Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:51

    I can't believe this shit. Oh wait, I sure can. Sonnen all of a sudden has every excuse in the book as to why he's gonna get put to sleep. Oh my interviews have been messing with my sleep, Oh I just caught a stomach bug, Oh my hotel doesn't have interweb so I haven't seen any tapes on Silva. YOU BIG FUCKING PUSSY. You don't have to take interviews, close your mouth and you wouldn't catch the aids so close to your fight, and move out of your rent by the hour hotel and you might have been able to watch a fight or two over the past 3 months. What's with you people who were smiling ear to ear, just happy to have Sonnen's balls in your mouth? All of a sudden there seems to be a shift in his support levels. Do you feel conflicted? You talked so much shit on Silva now you can't admit Sonnen is a fucking tool and you gladly bent over and let him assfuck you into riding his bandwagon? BITCHES. Oh and for my fans: Suck my dick
  20. Stak40 Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:59

    BoSS Grow up! How old are you? Neanderthal! Is suck my dick all you can say? Whats with threatening violence on the internet? Have a beer and chill the fuck out! Your personality is flawed! Did I miss anything?
  21. Videodrome_NOW Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 07:07

    @Boss Feeling conflicted over Sonnen is easy. Feeling content that Anderson is still a bigger dickhead, even easier. Apparently you're familiar with Sonnen's ass raping techniques. Care to share your experiences?
  22. jimbonics Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 07:20

    Yeah Boss... chill out on the homo-erotic novellas. Quit thinking of man-ass so much.
  23. BossNasty Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 07:35

    @videohoe_now Sure why not- I sneazed thick white snot all over your mom's lips and was walking to the kitchen to get some kool aid when I saw you bent over your laptop with Sonnen standing behind you telling you to squeal like a pig and praise my cock on CP. So I went back to your mom's room and the nasty bitch still hadn't washed her face, got my clothes and left. By time I got to my car you had posted (notice the quotations "Wow. Another twist in the Chael plot." "If I had any idea about what was going on with this guy now, I would say it, but.....I just can't" What happened he didn't want to cuddle? sounds like you and your mom get used on the same day.
  24. BossNasty Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 07:46

    @jimbonics I never once labeled the targets of my rants as Men, so mind your business son before you get grounded. People like you who obviously think I was directing my comment at you, I consider bitches. So bitch since I only get responses from people who feel like I'm talking to them, apparently you somehow felt like I exposed your little insecure punk ass. Please don't see all the colorful language and forget the message, which is, you jumped on Sonnen's bandwagin simply because he was talking stupid shit so don't jump off now and act like you're just now realizing he's got no chance. I tried to told you from the jump that Sonnen doesn't even belong in the UFC
  25. Videodrome_NOW Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 07:46

    @ Boss. The dreaded "your mom" burn. Good one. Clearly, it must be awesome to be you. If only I could see the light, and achieve the level of greatness you have obtained on the CP comments forum, but alas, I'm just a normal dude that isn't hated by everyone in real life.
  26. BossNasty Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 07:48

    @Video Hey don't sweat it, we can't ALL be perfect. Seriously though, are your only reasons for backing Sonnen because of the dancin Silva's been doing?
  27. J-Dog Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 07:52

    Just listened to the Pepe interview. Yup, he said that alright. And yup Ariel pronounced Pepe correctly. That makes Chael either really forgetful or a bold-faced liar. Oh well he's very entertaining. I hope the fight is half as entertaining as the lead up has been.
  28. StinkFacer Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 07:53

    Ok, lets come back from the realm of homoerotic fantasy.... I was never a Chael fan, and unlike the majority of you....I actually like Anderson Silva. Is he a doucebag? Absolutely. Did he disgrace Maia? Yep. Is he still P4P the best middleweight in MMA today? Yep. To me, it's felt like Chael Sonnen knew from the beginning he had no hope. I think he saw that insults were what got under Silva's skin, which made him fight recklessly, and insulting, towards Maia. Knowing that a repeat performance would cause his dismissal, he wanted to follow the same route. However, closer and closer to the actual fight, he's realizing that Silva is more focused, and already has been warned that it could cost him his career. Now, instead of pushing his opponent into making mistakes, he's pretty much just sharpening the blade. Doubt sets in. Chael backtracks verbally, which is a sure sign that he'll do the same in the ring. Silva by KO in the 1st or 2nd round.
  29. Videodrome_NOW Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 08:02

    @Boss I've always liked Chael Sonnen. Just like I've always liked Chris Leben and Michael Bisping and lots of fighters that other people like to hate. I like fighters for different reasons. If you've ever read any of my posts you'd know that I've never said shit about Anderson's skills, but I will never like him as an MMA personality. I've probably read/listened most every Chael Sonnen interview from the past 4 years and I love hearing the crazy shit he has to say. My first comment was only suggesting that this latest interview, which I still find funny, I think tops them all. I think he is just sick of interviews and media and doesn't give a shit about what he says, whether it's true or not true. He likes to rub people the wrong way. (No pun intended.) I'm not jumping on or off anybody's band wagon, because to me, every human is a piece of shit and I don't idolize anybody. Except for David Cronenberg. He's awesome.
  30. the glza Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 08:04

    hopefully a devastating statement of silva's superiority over all mw...
  31. pinkyslayer Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 08:20

    haha "BossNasty" (cool name bro...) what pleasure do you get out of sneezing on womens faces? Looks like we've got a paraphilia to go with Sonnen's multiple personality disorder. Grow up, clown.
  32. Omelette Platter Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 08:25

    successful troll is successful
  33. itsgalf Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 08:29

    I like how Helwani words "Have you thought about how your life will change ONCE you win the title?" hahaha
  34. BossNasty Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 08:35

    @Video I agree with you about Leben, I didn't like him at first cause he seemed all hype and then he started backing it up. Now the only hype he gets he's gone out and earned. Sonnen would deserve the hype if he was a guest on MTv's Wild'n'Out. Bisbing, IMO, is too overrated. They hyped him by matching him with sub par fighters. His fighting skills don't live up to the hype and it shows when he fights legit opponents. I don't know any of these fighters personally so I base all my opinions on what I see in the ring during the fight. That's why it makes my skin crawl when people start coming out of the woodworks acting like Silva is finally about to face the best the UFC has to offer. I also thin.....Whoa there..... people might read this and think I'm a nice guy. I don't want to jeapordize being hated by everyone in real life. You understand right? So suck my dick nothing personal.
  35. Stak40 Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 08:37

    I believe what the Nasty of Bosses is saying, is that he finds it humerous how many people posted how much they enjoyed Sonnen's ridiculous commentary and actually felt he had a chance of upsetting the champ and now are saying he is a douche and that he is going to be demolished. I too have noticed this trend and think it is funny being the advid Sonnen hater and Silva fan. Oh yeah and he is saying (not directly at anyone, just those who it applies to) to suck his dick.
  36. BossNasty Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 08:44

    @pink Thick White Snot I'll let you think about it a lil longer. Maybe you should reconsider your username.
  37. Richard Fitzentite Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 08:48

    Reporter: Chael do you think your wrestling experience will help you in your fight against The Spider? Chael: I've never wrestled. Reporter: Uhhhh, you were an all-american at UofO...for wrestling. Chael: I've never even been to Eugene...I didn't start wrestling until 5 minutes ago. Reporter: You were an alternate for the Olympic Team... Chael: Wow, don't even know what to say...I've never been to the States. Reporter: We're in the USA...Oregon in fact...your home, where you work. Look there is a big billboard with your face on it, advertising your Real Estate business. Chael: Don't know how that's possible I just flew in two minutes ago. I've never even heard of Oregon. And I've never said the words "real" or "estate" until just now.
  38. knucklesamitch Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 08:53

    I don't really care about either Sonnen or Silva really, but all the contradictory bat-shit retarded stuff Sonnen says is funny...The only people who think he's a douche are people who are actually trying to take him seriously...and really, why would anyone do that? As for Silva, I'm glad I watch his fights at a bar where $50 gets me wings, a burger, and several beers in addition to the fights...My only hope for the Sonnen/Silva fight is that either a) Sonnen presses him to actually fight, or b) after Sonnen fails to press him, Silva actually feels like finishing, unlike the Maia fight. To clarify, I'm not hating on Silva for not jumping into Maia's guard and trying to get in a ground war, but he was clearly the better fighter and could have ended the fight if he wanted. @Dick Fitzentite -- That is why every Sonnen interview is hilarious...It's so stupid it's funny, like an old school Adam Sandler movie, why don't people understand that? You on the other hand, seem to.
  39. BossNasty Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 09:02

    @knucklesamitch Now that is an opinion I can truly respect. On my quest to be the most hated person in CP I try to get to know the people who have so generously given me this prestigious title. So what fight are you most interested in seeing?
  40. the glza Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 09:04

    yeah, it's a shtick, a bit designed to make one of the most uninteresting people in the sport into a draw. he's having fun with it, but it's not gonna help him in the cage -- silva is just too level-headed for that kind of shenanigans; he's all business, no bullshit.
  41. jimbonics Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 09:11

    Oh no, Boss! Please don't ground me! To recap: "just happy to have Sonnen's balls in your mouth?" - Fag Talk "and you gladly bent over and let him assfuck you into riding his bandwagon?" - More Fag Talk "Oh and for my fans: Suck my dick" - You want a guy to suck your dick. Beyond Fag Talk. "I saw you bent over your laptop with Sonnen standing behind you telling you to squeal like a pig and praise my cock on CP." - Jesus Christ you're a Fag. "What happened he didn't want to cuddle?" - Boss, you're an outright Fag. Just admit it. Next Up: Grammar Nazi examines BossNasty's Homo-Erotic novellas.
  42. cecils_pupils Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 09:21

    When trolling the troll, never say never, and beware of the double-reverse troll-fecta!
  43. cecils_pupils Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 09:24

    Ta pout? I'm not wearing any Tap-out gear and I certainly didn't do an interview wearing Ta-pout.
  44. BossNasty Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 09:32

    @jimbonics Lets analyze this YOU have sonnens balls in your mouth. You're the fag I'm just stating the obvious You gladly took it up the ass. You're the fag I'm just stating the obvious Oh and for my fans: Suck my dick. You're sucking my dick so that makes you the fag and I actually find it disturbing that you are actually a fan. In regards to the story, maybe you didn't see that Videodrome requested a story so I gave him one. You know there's an old saying that if you throw a rock in to a pack of dogs the one that yelps is the one you hit. That means when I throw out ridiculous statements as I have done from time to time that the one the comment really hits is the one that speaks up. Again, and let me say this slowly so you understand I h-a-v-e a p-o-i-n-t t-o m-y s-h-i-t-t-a-l-k-i-n-g if you weren't so offended by all the pointless bullshit I said you'd know that. Instead your little sensetive feelings got hurt and you missed the fact that I'm calling out all full of shit people who are documented on CP raving about how awesome Sonnen is and how Silva is going to finally get a beating and NOW in the last 2 days have been talking about how much of a douche Sonnen is like he wasn't 2 months ago. Since I had to go into such detail to explain that to you, you know what you can do right? S-U-C-K M-Y D-I-C-K
  45. knucklesamitch Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 10:01

    @Boss -- I'm most interested in the JDS/Nelson fight. JDS clearly has the better resume, but I'm a fan of Nelson...Zero people are giving this guy a chance, but all he's done in the UFC is KO people. And personally, since I don't think Cain stands a chance against Lesnar, I want to see Big Country take the win over JDS and earn a shot at Lesnar...Because a) the trash talk of a Lesnar/Nelson fight would be hilarious, and b) When I picture a Nelson/Lesnar fight in my head it reeks of hilawesomeness (a combination of hilarious and awesomeness that I just invented)
  46. jimbonics Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 10:04

    FWIW, I don't care about Sonnen either way. I've never posted a single 'homer' comment about him. I'm not offended by you. I find it humorous you like to talk about two men fucking is all. You have a long way to go to reach "hated" status the likes that CHL or p. sample enjoyed. Until then you're just a fag with poor grammar and spelling, who thinks way too highly of himself. In words you can understand, A self-fellating troll.
  47. Steffmeister Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 10:15

    @CP Of all the good Helwani video interviews posted on fanhouse, you had to bring this one to the CP... Come on, have some class next time... Much more interresting at the open workout, was the actual workout, Anderson looked great, Sonnen looked tired and slow...
  48. Get Off Me Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 10:24

    @knuclesamitch I respect Nelson as an entertaining fighter, but he reminds me of the heavy mommas boy down the street in a way. The kinda kid who was loved, spoiled a little, had friends, but it was always about him sorta thing.... At any rate, JDS has that KO thing going for him as well, against more well rounded fighters(struve cancels out). JDS has a better track record to me than Velasquez and I think he got screwed with the pro boxing talk a while back and he found himself bumped out of that title fight with Lesnar. I think Roy has little chance, not zero, watching Mike Russow's last fight made me realize there is no such thing as zero chance in a UFC fight. I have been saying it forever that JDS has the best boxing of the heavy's and Roy will be good enough to us fans to stand up and give us all an entertaining show.
  49. Almost North Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 10:27

    Clearly talking about Amber Lamps. You wily fox Chael.
  50. mt59801 Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 10:34

    Since both of these asshats are clearly fucking nuts, the walkout music for both fighters should be Crazy by Seal
  51. nickyroose Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 10:54

    Sonnen is crazy. Silva is an asshole, Silva is the best p4p in the world as I have stated for the last 2 years. Bossnasty is a troll. I have never seen him on this site in my life. He is probably one of Chael's nephews or some shit.
  52. BossNasty Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 10:54

    @ Jimbonics Well I guess since I've boasted so much about beeing the cage potato spelling champ that MUST make my comments ridiculous. Are you sure humerous is the word you were looking for? It sounds like the word you meant to use was intrigued. You're the only one still hung up on gay shit. I'm also convinced that when I say suck my dick, that you take that literally and are upset that you can't actually grant my request. Let me apologize, when I say that I'm just saying that to whom ever it may concern (aka jimbonics) I strongly disagree with you and please engage in discussion about your opinion. I hope that clears things up for you so that you are no longer fishing for another SMD comment. I'm flattered that you think my piece is long enough for me to perform felation on myself. You know what comes next.... I would say it, but you're obviously still thinking about it.
  53. jimbonics Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 10:59

    BossNasty is Chael Sonnen. It all makes sense now. Successful Troll is indeed Successful.
  54. BossNasty Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 11:04

    @knuckle That is one of the more interesting situations being played out in the UFC. If Roy Nelson beats JDS he would definately be considered a legit contender. I still think Cain has a small chance to pull off a win but all the stars would have to be aligned. Hey never know. I think Lesnar will probably hold on to the belt with no problems until he meets Carwin again. I think he's too big, fast, and agile not to mention he's constantly learning as well. I think if he's going down it will have to be soon, he's only getting better.
  55. BossNasty Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 11:06

    @jimbonics Nice!! I've never in my life told anyone to suck my dick
  56. Almost North Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 11:20

    BossNasty just denied on twitter that he has ever heard of Cage Potato.
  57. BossNasty Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 11:21

    @nickyroose I've been on here 5 more days than you. ooooooooooohhhhhhh Hate to break this to you dumbshit but I've been talking shit here for a minute. At least the other folks that talk shit back, have a point or a reason to mix it up with me and talk some shit, but YOU. Who the fuck are you. I'm not sure but I don't think this is the first time I've gone back and forth with jimbonics and there are a couple others I've talked some shit with. You must have just got your commadore 64 back from the geek squad because if you were on CP regularly you'd know I think Sonnen is tied for biggest idiot with someone named nickyroose.
  58. wifey Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 11:24

    Glad to see that things are still pretty much the same around here.... Still feels like home :)
  59. stopdrinkingpee Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 11:47

    rocejize FTW. I, too, blame this on Paulo Filho.
  60. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 12:02

    Easy now, Wifey. Nastyboy might put you in your place.. Why doesn't anybody record Shayol's rants and replay them to him when he goes into denial mode?? That'll be an instant classic! And they say Ariel's the best in the game. Playa please.
  61. BossNasty Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 12:10

    @El Guapo They're going to wait until after the fight. It would be much more hilarious to replay them to him after he loses.
  62. RaginAsian Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 12:13

    Don't you get it by now? He's playing his own version of Anderson Silva, being a dick to the media and giving whatever answers he feels like giving on any given day. Masterful troll job, for sure.
  63. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 12:23

    No, not the "I'm gonna break his head" nonsense. I mean the random rants he goes on, like "Lance Armstrong gave himself cancer" or "what's twitter?".. I mean, lots of fighters say they're gonna do this and that in the ring only to get their ass kicked. Happens all the time. What I wanna see his reaction to a video or audio clip proving he's a liar. "Ohhhhh, Lance ARMstrong. I thought you said Vance HEADstrong." That shit would be comedy. To me, at least. "Twitter? You mean halfway between the twat and the shitter?? I love Twitter!"
  64. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 03:44

    @ Knucklesamitch, man I wish there was a bar like that near my place, Fights, wing, Burger, Beers if its got topless waitresses it's my idea of heaven! And a hearty good morning one and all, it must be gettin close to fight time,the shit talken's kicked up a notch, Great stuff And yeah, I'm still droppin my dollars on Silva and Big Roy for the wins, Silva, money for fucken jam dude's and I just love Big Roy
  65. Under Banga Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 03:47

    Hey Boss nasty get some medication. Man you are suffering from an acute case of verbal diarhrea ,find your self some help and stfu allegedly
  66. doctorman Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 07:09

    you have a lame name BossNasty. Ya know? Doctorman.
  67. Sjsurf Says:

    Fri, 08/06/10 - 01:48

    Chael should just make Anderson get him a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries, for free of course, and call it a day
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