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Conor McGregor Tweeted Some Things, And Some People Had Some Thoughts on Them

(From El Chapo to Phoebe Buffay, my oh my how Conor’s impression game has fallen.)

It’s funny how much of quote unquote “modern journalism” and/or blogging has become based around sh*t we read on social media, isn’t it? A basketball player throws some shade at another basketball player? We write an article about it. An actor gives an incredibly vague update about a potential project? We write about that, too. Hell, we have at least three pages of archives devoted to Twitter beefs between fighters, for Christ’s sake. Twitter and Facebook are practically the hands that feed us nowadays.

No fighter seems to be more aware of this fact than Conor McGregor. The man damn near shattered the MMA blogosphere with a single tweet, pulled a Jon Snow and came back from the dead with a Facebook post, and then tried to force his way back onto the UFC 200 card with another Tweet, and each time, no less than a thousand articles were devoted to him for doing so.

So when the featherweight champion began tweeting up a storm earlier today, we pretty much knew that the best course of action would be to just sit back and wait for the storm to pass, then round them up and put them in the ONE place you could check them all out (other than, you know, his Twitter). So with that in mind, head after the jump to see what McGregor had to say about stuff and also things.

Shut up, you know you’re gonna.

So it all started with this one, which was registered to the Interwebs at approximately 10:42 a.m. EST. Mr. McGregor seems to be excited by the prospect of a bulkier-than-usual Nate Diaz, who appears to be training with Jean Claude Van Damme. Hopefully, the action star will teach Diaz the ways of the Kickboxer, making him a Hard Target for McGregor in his The Quest for revenge.

I am just now realizing that I am not good at whatever kind of comedy this is.

Here, McGregor is forced to defend his ground skills against who I can only assume is a fifth degree BJJ black belt, and does so by asserting that he was in fact “controlling” most of the Diaz fight on the ground until he gassed. According to a follow-up tweet by MMAFighting’s foremost ground connoisseur/social media analyst/beard possessor, Luke Thomas, McGregor’s claim can at least somewhat be evidenced by the “Curu-curu guard sweep” he pulled on Diaz in the first round of their UFC 196 clash.

As of this writeup, said BJJ black belt — who goes by the name Amir Hali and describes himself as “a human just like yourself – watching hell on earth” (such modesty for a Jiu Jitsu legend of his caliber) — has yet to offer a response. The MMA media is no doubt waiting on baited breath.

In this tweet, Mr. McGregor appears to be arguing that possessing a superior cardiovascular system is actually detrimental to an athlete. As someone who got a little dizzy after running the laundry downstairs this morning, I can offer no comment in regards to the validity of his statement.

Wait, so you’re saying that Nate Diaz is also claiming that his performance was hampered by excessive breakfast-eating on weigh-in day? The nerve of that guy!

To wit…

As you might expect, some other MMA fighters have had some things to say about the things McGregor said. TUF 18 winner Julianna Pena told McGregor to “Shut the fuck up,” a threat which the “Notorious” one might be keen to heed considering Pena’s somewhat sketchy past when it comes to being told “no.”

Nate Diaz, on the other hand, opted for the simple, yet effective Twitter attack for which he has become known.

One thing’s for sure: There will almost certainly be some lengthy thinkpieces and podcasts rants devoted to these tweets by week’s end. Hopefully Joe Rogan will be involved in at least one, because then we’ll be able to write a follow-up on *his* follow-up and there will be a great harvest in the springtime…

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