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Dana White Officially Responds to Joe Rogan Controversy

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(“This damn knucklehead. Always saying what the rest of us are thinking. Ah, well.“)

If you read Kevin Iole’s follow-up on the Rogan/Hendricks situation that we linked on Friday, you’d know that Dana White initially did his best to avoid the topic altogether. Said DW: “Joe Rogan is an independent contractor and he wrote his opinion. And you are free to write your opinion of Joe Rogan’s opinion.”

White also released a statement on clarifying that Rogan’s UG posts were not sanctioned by anybody but Joe himself, and they weren’t particularly appreciated by the company:

Joe Rogan recently made an offensive statement reflecting a personal opinion that does not represent the UFC in any way. I have addressed this directly with Joe.

Okay, so it’s more of a ‘tweet’ than the kind of drawn-out statement you’d expect from a company president — honestly, the dude ate up more of his data-plan feuding with Bloodstain Lane on Saturday night — but it was a necessary gesture during a moment when emotions were pretty high on both sides of the debate; even a columnist for the UFC’s hometown newspaper is now calling for Rogan’s head.

One more quote from the Yahoo! piece, and then I promise I’ll leave you alone about this shit:

[L]ate Thursday, UFC spokeswoman Caren Bell privately called Hendricks and issued an apology. And while it is commendable that the UFC offered any kind of apology at all, it was made privately at a time when Hendricks was under heavy siege publicly because she stood up for what was right. A public apology would have meant more and carried far more weight.

Well, Hendricks got her public statement from White, though I wouldn’t categorize it as an “apology,” exactly. And personally, I disagree that any public statement would have carried more weight than either Joe or Dana calling Maggie up immediately afterward and saying “Hey, sorry, that was out of line. We cool?”

Instead, we have a female vice-president of communications tasked with calling up Maggie and apologizing for Joe Rogan calling her “cunty,” which just strikes me as awkward and bizarre. For his part, Joe Rogan downgraded “cunty” to “bitchy” in his own apology on the UG. In the MMA world, we call that a happy ending.



  1. Sho Nuff Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:26

    "Bitchy" is not really any better. The issue is using gender or race specific derogatory language instead of language not designed to suggest being a woman or [insert race] is worse. What's wrong with idiot, jerk, dumbass, etc.? What Rogan is saying is "not only is she a dumbass, but she's a female dumbass, and that's worse!" I'm sure a lot of people have encountered the racist who says "I don't hate all black people, just n****rs." He means he doesn't like black people who are assholes. Nobody likes assholes, when you make it about race or gender in addition to that, you are being a bigot. Joe was being a bigot and he should issue a real apology and make a better effort to represent his employer when operating in the MMA-sphere. Leave the other stuff for his stand up.
  2. NotReadyStatus Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:29

    A comedian was using dirty words!? Holy poo-poo! Stick with the story, Yahoo... Rampage should probably ease up a bit. Joe didn't air-motorboat anyone, and he agreed that Rampage should tone it down.
  3. nickyroose Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:32

    HURRR DUURRR BEING A WHITE MALE IS SOOO HARDD!!!111!!!!! PC IS BULLsh%^(T!!1!! Shitstorm in 3 . 2 . 1...
  4. FrontKick Dentist Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:35

    Cunty downgraded to bitchy downgraded to stank-hole downgraded to douchey.
  5. noname Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:42

    @Sho Nuff Joe Rogan never said called anyone a "female dumbass." You're the one who is saying that all cunty people are "female dumbasses."
  6. Everlast66 Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:43

    @Sho Nuff Neither bitchy nor cunty are gender specific, and neither are designed to suggest that being a woman is worse. Keep in mind that I am not arguing the origin of the words, only their modern usage. Honestly, a dude can be as bitchy or cunty as any woman. Also, idiot, jerk, and dumbass are not along the same lines as bitchy or cunty. If someone calls you an idiot or a dumbass, they are calling into question your intelligence; the same could be said for jerk as well but that has other connotations to it as well (such as someone who disregards the feelings of others.) On the other hand, if someone calls you bitchy or cunty they are calling into question how you present yourself - someone who is bitchy might be prone to make unnecessary complaints, and someone who is cunty might be causing problems for no reason.
  7. DangadaDang Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:45

    I'm sorry but whoever wrote that Yahoo piece and still complained was being kind of a bitch.
  8. LET IT RAIN Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:47

    I fail to see how she stood up for what was right. Don't cover MMA if you have an issue with another female reporter's interview that she was ok with, or with a particular fighter who has been known to be a little wierd during interviews. You act like you give him the pedestal with which to be wierd and you can take it away and damage Rampage by not covering him. He doesn't care. It's not he that needs you, it is you that need him. Your job is to get the scoop, if you have a problem with that, then there are a bunch of other journalists that will do the interview in your absence. I agree that it is in the company's best interest to act like they talked to Joe for his comment, but the only reason they care is due to the slight media attention this demanded.
  9. kurtzkurt Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:49

    What's next in the lame saga of PC? Calling a guy a dick is going to be considered as sexual harassment? USA has a big problem with the fear of offending people. Guess what? Life is a bitch full of dicks and cunts...
  10. ccman Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:49

    sorry but the outrage is the same in all forms of media. Pack mentality. I do not believe for a second all the bandwagon bloggers all disagreed as they wrote. This site included. You rushed to defend one of your own and that's fine, what isn't is the hypocracy as she blatently altered event and did so in an inflamatory way, and they (you) ignored her complete misrepresentation. Further discrediting the lot of you ignoring the 12 minutes of coffield trying to convince her to be offended. In this case I would say cunty translates to "forcing feminist agenda into one more male dominated item just to do it".
  11. nickyroose Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:49

    Bitchy or cunty CAN be used as non-gender specific but the current cultural AMERICAN norm is female only. Definitely different in the UK regardign Cunty. Bitchy is more non-sex based but still not completely accepted as non-sex. PS way to disappoint legions of "I like the UFC for not beign Pc" dickheads of the previous couple of posts.
  12. darciesdaddy Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:52

    Thank God you promised not to bother us with this shit anymore. Got it all off your back? Good. I hope you got laid by some cunty feminist for this, at least.
  13. El Guapo Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:52

    I think I speak for all of us here when I say; Miss Hendricks, from the bottom of our heart... MAKE ME A SAMMICH!
  14. El Guapo Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:53

    Seriously, though, who's Maggie Hendricks?
  15. darciesdaddy Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:53

    Also, would Rogan get in trouble for calling someone a dick? That is a gender-specific insult, right?
  16. 01raptor Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:54

    Who cares? Was she being cunty? If she was and he called her out on it, good for him. All this whining is disgusting. People are such babies anymore. It may be an asshole thing to say, but it is his right to say it, and if you dont like it, dont watch him. Same with the "N" word. It is a shitty thing to say, but it is your right to say it.
  17. LET IT RAIN Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 12:59

    on a side note, congrats to the bloggers at yahoo for spinning an otherwise harmless interview done by an other journalist into an article themselves. Enjoy your 5 minutes of fame, because after this I will go back to not reading your whiney articles.
  18. Sho Nuff Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 01:00

    The characteristics Joe was summarizing with "cunty" fit that description, noname. She was being _____ for attacking Rampage for being Rampage. Cunty is not an actual adjective, except in the describing of an actual vagina. "Why Mary, your vagina is quite cunty." In this case, it could be quite the compliment. Joe defined the word as "some dumbass woman who makes a big deal out of Rampage being Rampage when the woman he motorboated wasn't offended."
  19. kurtzkurt Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 01:07

    while I stand to my comment about PC being a plague in USA (and slowly creeping out to the rest of the occidental world), I want to say that Rampage's last media-stunt was not as funny as the couple of hilarious exchanges he had with Hariel Helwani lately...
  20. Sho Nuff Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 01:07

    @Everlast yes, you can use cunty or bitchy as an insult to a man, but the insult is that you are saying he is being "woman like". A vagina does not have a set of behavior characterstics, therefore "cunty" is a meaningless description other than to specifically label something or someone as negatively female. It is true that the UK and Australia make pretty glorious use of the word cunt, like we do dick, but it comes back to the same thing. I'm not saying everyone must be PC and only use language approved by a committee, far from it. But in the capacity of responding in public while representing yourself professionally and representing the organization you work for, such bigoted language is extremely unprofessional and will open you up to taking a lot of justified heat. This wasn't even some off the cuff remark, it was typed and posted, so Rogan's tiny brain had a chance to self-edit and didn't.
  21. Stak40 Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 01:09

    Whats worse than calling a woman reporter who was acting like a cunt a cunt? Playing big brother but secretly trying to position yourself to fuck her. What's even worse, REALLY defending her. Come on BG, yall post what some cunty bitches would consider demeaning pictures of women on the website who have the smallest sliver of affiliation with MMA, just so we can see some tits and ass and come back with hopes of seeing more tits and ass.(thank you) That shit is ok but calling this chick a cunt isn't?
  22. 01raptor Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 01:13

    Indeed Stak40. Not only that, Nuff, I would be careful saying that Rogan has a tiny brain. He is rather inteligent guy. Pc bullshit is a disease. If he wants to call her a cunt, that is his right. He may get slapped, but thats the deal. I fail to see why people care. Justified heat = cry babies with nothing else to do to justify their lives
  23. knucklesamitch Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 01:13

    This whole debate about cunt/cunty being gender specific reminds me of the debate about calling someone gay/faggot and not having anything to do with their sexuality.
  24. MKO Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 01:16

    My god, it is just a word. Would people be getting bent out of shape if he called a man a dick or prick? Cunt. It is a word. He used it. The world did not end. Kudos for treating a reporter like a reporter. Not a female reporter, just a reporter.
  25. Dog Dicks Magoo Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 01:34

    I'm pretty sure you can say whatever you like in this cuntry.
  26. SethF Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 01:35

    @01raptor: "If he wants to call her a cunt, that is his right. He may get slapped, but thats the deal." For real? You're complaining about us "slapping him", but saying "he may get slapped but that's the deal". Okay, just making sure...
  27. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 01:37

    Joe Rogan's apology to Maggie: "I'm sorry you're a cunt."
  28. monkyspunk Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 01:44

    Why are you even giving this story more media time? Quit being so "cunty" Cage Potato!
  29. El Guapo Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 02:01

    Dog Dicks Magoo.... FTW!!
  30. jayray Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 02:11

    I can't wait till we all get along and hold hands and no ones feelings will ever get hurt.
  31. ccman Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 02:17

    I can't wait until everyones feelings are so hurt the apocolypse kicks in.
  32. RwilsonR Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 02:32

    Again, the real issue hear is the constant reference to male genetalia in MMA, and how it demeans our entire gender. Please stop calling fighters cocky!
  33. Denny Slim607 Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 02:34

    I think Kevin Iole needs to grow a pair and stop being "cunty"
  34. Richard Fitzentite Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 02:37

    Don't worry, it's cool if I say "cunt"...some of my best friends are cunts.
  35. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 02:49

    Uh oh, Rogan has cunt-animated MMA with gender controversy. Cue the femi-nazis.
  36. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 02:50 be cunt-inued...
  37. DangadaDang Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 02:53

    @Fried Taco I think it be more like "I'm fucking sorry you're such a fucking cunt.....fuck."
  38. Monstrosity Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 02:55

    for fucks sake... were still on this. ok STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME. fucking grade school shit. GROW UP!!! WORDS ONLY HURT YOU IF YOU LET THEM!
  39. kellyman Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 02:58

    Obviously you guys don't listen to his podcast, because every post here would be butt-hurt-on-another's-behalf commentaries on who Joe's most recently offended.
  40. El Guapo Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 03:02

    "Cunt.. we all...just get along?" -Rodney King, on Joe Rogan
  41. Komodo Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 03:19

    Dirty words. That's what's going to wipe us out as a species.
  42. Sho Nuff Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 03:40

    @Richard Fitzentite serious LOL
  43. maclaren Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 03:42

    What the fuck has happened to this site? Sounds like a bunch of cunts became editors
  44. Craigger12 Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 03:48

    Whatever... she was being cunty and got called for it. Deal with it and move on.
  45. soultaker Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 04:06

    This is ridiculous. Just move on. Nothing happened.
  46. Eyes red as Fedor Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 04:10

    The UFC legal team will make it rain on that hoe to stop a lawsuit.
  47. RSparrow Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 04:10

    ^If we can find Osama, we should be able to find this fuck.
  48. RSparrow Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 04:10

  49. RSparrow Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 04:11

  50. Everlast66 Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 04:24

    @Sho Nuff If you think that only a woman can be bitchy or cunty, then yes, you are saying he is woman like. If not, though, then you're not. It's that simple. Also, what does being cunty have to do with a vagina? Yeah, cunt is another word for vagina - but when you call someone a cunt, or a dick, or say they are cunty or dickish, you are not referring to any part of the human anatomy. After time, and it doesn't have to be that long, words take on a meaning of their own, and those are two examples of that in effect. As for the rest of what you said - Joe Rogan was not representing the UFC, or even himself in a professional manner. When he is posting on internet forums he does so as a fan of MMA just like the rest of us, and nothing more.
  51. Meohfumado Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 05:12

    Call a dude a cock a or a dick, and nobody gives a shit. Call a woman a cunt, and all of sudden you hate all women, and you need to be fired. What a joke this "equality in the workplace" is. Double standard is double.
  52. rangerrexxx Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 06:13

    Maggie Hendricks IS A CUNT!
  53. Koeikan Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 06:22

    she was being cunty... and I pretty much never use that word.
  54. Vovchanchyn Check Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 06:35

    political correctness AS REAL AS IT GETS
  55. Vovchanchyn Check Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 06:36

    in other news, maggie handricks is calling for a ban on miracle whip for not toning it down
  56. jeffmcbusa Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 07:53

    El Guapo: That first comment of yours had me rolling so hard my son asked what i was reading!!!!!
  57. Big Shafty Says:

    Mon, 06/06/11 - 10:44

    For a country who constantly brags that "WE'RE #1!!", we sure cry a lot.
  58. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Tue, 06/07/11 - 12:41

    Breaking news: Jorge Rivera in hot water for sexist comments towards Michael Bisping, apparently he called him a dick, Rivera utilises Rogan precedence in his defence "its not sexist of its true"
  59. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Tue, 06/07/11 - 12:42

    "if its true"
  60. Me likey Says:

    Tue, 06/07/11 - 05:18

    who let hendricks out of the kitchen long enough to write the article anyway?
  61. Mr. Career Ender Says:

    Tue, 06/07/11 - 05:30

    People need to lighten up. Who cares? I sure don't. (Makes farting sound with lips).
  62. akovergaard Says:

    Tue, 06/07/11 - 06:19

    What is this new annoying bitchy/whiny attitude of cagepotato? Thas what I expect of bloody Ellbow, but not from this site…
  63. jimbonics Says:

    Tue, 06/07/11 - 07:30

    Maggie Hendricks is a Cunt.   Kevin Iole is a Fag.   Everything Yahoo! Sports is Fucking Terrible.
  64. bilicky Says:

    Tue, 06/07/11 - 08:46

    If the shoe fits And she did everything but drop to her knees during the interview I think she is the one who owes apology for acting like a tramp on tv
  65. thenutman69321 Says:

    Tue, 06/07/11 - 08:53

    If she didn't want to be called cunty she shouldn't have been acting like a cunty little bitch. I would have been very disappointed if this bitch got any type of public apology. I wish she didn't even get one in private.
  66. pogodog7 Says:

    Tue, 06/07/11 - 11:10

    Joe and Dana should not apologize for telling the truth.
  67. fingerssfv Says:

    Wed, 06/08/11 - 12:53

    If you know Hendeicks, then you know what Joe said is correct about her. I do not like her, either. I wouldn't apologize for anything negative said about her. I sure don't like her.
  68. mod777 Says:

    Wed, 06/08/11 - 01:37

    Joe Rogan should stop smoking his teeth are yellowish
  69. rearnakedchickenchoke Says:

    Tue, 06/14/11 - 07:18

    Writer X's points are either half-truths or old and stale or both. When comparing AVERAGE PPVs from 5 years ago, did anyone think to compare number of events? 12x450k is not the same as 16x450k. My gut feeling is that there are both more PPVs and more televised events now than back in the UFC 50's when I began watching. And both are revenue streams for the UFC and equal to growth. How come the fighter salaries have risen and bonuses nearly doubled if they're making the same money? They wouldn't.
  70. rearnakedchickenchoke Says:

    Tue, 06/14/11 - 07:20

    Sorry - wrong article! Need moar coffee.
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  75. shadyjuice38 Says:

    Thu, 07/25/13 - 11:02

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  77. Dana White to Chael Sonnen: Leave the Jokes to the Comedians (i.e., Fightlinker) Says:

    Fri, 09/20/13 - 07:37

    [...] the phrase “cunty cunt” to refer to Yahoo blogger Maggie Hendricks? Dana white allegedly “addressed the situation directly with Joe,” after which Joe went straight back to “cunting it up” at least weekly on his podcast. This [...]
  78. makia julpo Says:

    Sat, 11/16/13 - 04:51

    Dana White Officially Responds to Joe Rogan Controversy | Cagepotato... The Ships's Voyages...
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