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Dana White Slams Huerta, Dines with Perfectly Sane Rampage Jackson

Dana White’s UFC 87 Video Blog – Watch more free videos

Dana White’s video blog is back, and it picks up steam around the 3:34 mark when he sits down to dinner with Rampage Jackson, who is totally “not crazy”. Just suffering from some “delirium”, as it turns out, but otherwise seems to be back to his old self. But don’t worry, the Dana White news update doesn’t stop there.

White appeared on a radio show recently (download the full version here, via Bloody Elbow) in which he has some sharp words for Roger Huerta. As you might have guessed, he is not pleased with Huerta’s comments bashing the organization’s treatment of him, and White responds by painting Huerta as an overhyped prima dona. And who overhyped him? The UFC, of course. But that doesn’t mean he should believe it, according to White:

“Roger Huerta’s a guy who’s been reading the headlines a little too much. You get out there and promote the guy and he’s like, “Look at all the papers I’m in, look at all the promotion I’m getting, I want a lot more money.’ Well he hasn’t fought anybody to get the money yet. He beats Kenny Florian, that’s a whole different ballgame.”

“Roger Huerta has contract problems? What’s his contract problem? He signed a contract, he’s under contract, when his contract is up he’ll renegotiate a new one. …What he was bitching about was doing PR. In his thing he said, ‘They got me out there doing PR.’ Yeah, moron. How do you think you make money? You don’t make money unless people know who you are and want to see you fight. Am I supposed to pay Roger Huerta to go out and do PR? Is that how it works?”

“That’s not how it works. When Oscar De La Hoya fights, he’s on Leno and Letterman. The night before his fight, he weighs in in Las Vegas, and then flies to Los Angeles to do PR for the fight. Because he makes more money. Because he becomes more popular and more people want to see him fight. …What happens is these guys turn into pussies, is what happens.”

Other highlights include Dana White guaranteeing that Affliction, Elite XC, and somehow even CBS, will all go out of business, just like the IFL. Also says Tito Ortiz was a “wallflower” during his time on “The Apprentice” because he didn’t want to be exposed as an idiot. And he dismisses the idea that he’ll eventually have to deal with a fighter’s union of some sort:

“It’ll never happen. You know why? Because publicly these guys say, ‘I want all us to make…’ but privately, they don’t care about everybody else. They care about ‘me’. I don’t care if you make more money. I need more money. That’s the way that the fight business is. Believe me, I’ve been in the fight business my whole life. I know fighters and the way they think, even the Randy Couture thing. Randy said, ‘I’m doing this for all the other fighters.’ Well you know Randy was pissed off because thought we were paying Fedor more money.”


  1. mmmiles Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 04:24

    Well I like Huerta and all, but it's true.... you don't just get paid more the next day you wake up from a press conference or a radio show. You build your name, you win your fights, you pull in the PPV buys, you makes the money.
  2. fgwadawdaw Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 04:27

    i agree 100% with dana, fighters dont give a fuck about eachother as long as they making alot of money themselves lol.
  3. Kim Couture is cunt Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 04:43

    Dana is right again.
  4. Launchpad Mctap Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 04:44

    He makes some good points but it's easy for him to use De La Hoya as an example when he's making like 20 Million a fight. I do a shit load of PR if I was making that kind of money too. I bet De La Hoya wouldn't be doing that if he was getting 13 and 13.
  5. DWORD Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 05:12

    Great to see rampage is back to his old self! Can't wait to see him fight again soon.
  6. JewJitsu Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 05:13

    We all have to pay our dues in order to make the big bucks. Huerta has not paid his dues by any stretch. someone's obviously been sprinkling fairy dust into his ears. The disapointing part is how he's buying into his own hype. goes to show how uneducated and stupid he is. Huerta is overrated. He almost lost to that other Mexican Hack thats in the WEC. He doesnt deserve PPV or 6 figures, at this point in his career. He should shut the fuck up, honor his current contract, fight, win. then have his hand out to Dana and work his way up like everyone ells. just because he's a fucking beaner he wants special treatment?
  7. Shagen Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 05:17

    De La Hoya did all the PR to start making 20 million, he didn't start doing PR because he was getting paid a shit load of money. Huerta just put more pressure on himself to win this fight. When has it ever worked out well to criticize the company you work for when you're still there?
  8. mayhem420 Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 05:36

    This is just like baseball and football (NFL) and basketball..... One or two guys get popular with the fans and show up on some papers and or tv and all of the sudden they want to make big time $$$... why? Cause some people know your name? Get real.... stop crying about a contract YOU signed... and just do what your paid to do.... if you do it well enough THAN maybe you will start to make more... but for this kid to cry about not being paid is just dumb.... who has he beat besides Clay Guida??? Who was winning that fight untill he got caught by a knee....
  9. Onan Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 05:44

    Wow, it doesn't take long for the racist, internet tough guys to pop off. Dana White in his first vblog says that Huerta-Florian has fight-of-the-year potential and now Huerta's a pu$$y and a moron. The De La Hoya comparison blows and Dana knows it because Oscar has his hands in the PPV money, the gate money and he gets his fight purse. Of course he's going to do PR because he directly benefits from it. If Huerta does PR for a UFC event, he gets NOTHING for additional tickets or PPV buys. He can hype the fight six ways to Sunday and it doesn't benefit him one cent. On top of that, he essentially has to pay his own expenses while doing it. That's a great deal for for Huerta. Dana is always crying that guys should just honor the contract, but he never speaks on the fact that once a guy gets in position for a title fight, he's basically forced to renegotiate into a bad contract or get basically get benched until it expires (Arlovski).
  10. vic Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 05:45

    jewjitsu... I think you might be a better candidate for that special treatment, calling other people uneducated and the labeling good fighters as beaners?!?! but hey, what do i know im just a beaner =]
  11. omar Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 05:56

    JewJitsu, Its funny that you call someone overrated and a beaner when im sure if that beaner got in your face your little nuts would jump up in your throat. Its easy to talk shit with a keyboard. You have a right to whatever stupid opinion you want to share but you dont have to be racist.
  12. Onan is a dumbass Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 06:02

    Racist? Just because someone criticizes the guy makes them Racist? If i am selling the fight and I am promoting Tyson at 50 and Ali in his present state and Tyson reads the promo and say look, someone is sayin I am the greatest, pay me more money. Then he is a dumbass because the promoter is saying it to sell the damn fight. As far As Huerta doing PR, some people do not need to do PR and people like them, but no names have to do PR to get a following. So shut up and make a name for yourself. Now Onan, if someone said, "You know that Onan guy, he's a fng Jew/Spic/Nig/Chink/Cracker/fill in the blank" then it would have been racist. Now if they would have said,"You know that Onan guy, he's a fng douche bitch that cries racism everytime something does not go his way." then it would have been the truth.
  13. Beaner said Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 06:03

    Beaner is a funny word. Just like cracker is funny.
  14. Onan Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 06:09

    As to the question of who Huerta has beaten; He's beaten everybody the UFC has put in front of him. Until these fighters start calling their own shots, you can't hold who they have fought against them. That's up to Mr. Joe Silva and the UFC, not Roger Huerta.
  15. Onan Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 06:13

    Touche, my friend! I bow before your unimpeachable logic and rapier wit.
  16. ruckus Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 06:13

    yea... no need for racism here. i'm sure huerta knows he's made a misstep here... dana doesnt sound all that pissed... he calls people names all the time. he did say that if huerta wins, then they can talk about more remuneration. it'll be a good fight, as long as huerta says some nice, humble things in the post fight then he'll still be in a good spot afterwards... win or lose.
  17. turdburgler Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 06:17

    I would love to kick Jew Jitsu's ass...I would break his jewish nose.
  18. TB Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 06:48

    Onan = Epic Fail Defending Huerta is a losing battle, he simply fucked up. Throwing racism into it turns you into a retard. Trying to then sound smart by using words like "Touche" "Unimpeachable" and "rapier" transforms you into a certified toolbox. Go iron your Affliction T-Shirt and listen to Coldplay
  19. Onan Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 07:00

    @TB Smashing rejoinder old boy! I bow before your impeccable logic and keen insight. You have reduced me to tears and for that I give you kudos!
  20. Geriatric Peon Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 07:03

    wow onan, you really are a fagalicious D-bag. (that's not meant to be a keen insight, it is obvious to everyone except for you)
  21. Onan Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 07:11

    @Geriatric Peon Thanks for letting me know that your attempt at insult wasn't keen insight. You had me fooled for a minute. Oh and you really pwnd me with the "fagalicious D-bag" comment.
  22. my balls are all over the place in hot weather Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 07:14

    dana is right. doesnt make him any less of a prick fuckin scum bag though
  23. Jewjitsu Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 07:28

    i'm a beaner and a jew on top of that. i'm sooo fucking racist. you're all a bunch of Fags (vic and omar) and my balls are amazing by the way.
  24. Jewjitsu Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 07:34

    @ Onan You cant see past 2 feet in front of you. Huerta gets nothing out of doing PR work??? you fucking ignorant ass hole. No, he obvioulsy doesnt benefit financially from this weekends UFC, you cock meat sandwich. but its called making a name for yourself, building your brand. Huerta is sitting on a gold mine, but he has the same shit bag outlook as you unfortunately.
  25. Boneman Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 07:42

    Uhhhh..Dana?...You've been in the fight business your whole life...?....Does that incude the jazzercise years with the pink and yellow striped biker shorts...? I'm just curious.....and not that he cares......but If Dana locked his checkbook and threw away the key, would he have any friends..?...I doubt it...! DANA YOU ARE, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN & ALWAYS WILL BE... THE WORLD'S BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG!
  26. onan Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 07:50

    im gay!
  27. DumbNagger Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 07:52

    Huerta is a dumb Beaner. Just like i'm a Dumb Nagger.... but at least I got a big pecker.
  28. TB Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 07:55

    @Boneman Seriously, are you Tito? answer honestly and I won't put you "time out"
  29. Onan Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 08:05

    @ Jewjitsu; Do you feel better now? Good. Now that you've gotten that off your chest perhaps you can actually take in what I'm saying. I don't agree that Huerta should be doing UFC PR for free. If that makes me, as you so eloquently put it, a cock meat sandwich, oh well. If you take an objective look at the way the UFC operates, a fighter "building his brand" helps him very little when he gets to a certain point in his contract. Huerta is fighting under contract...he gets paid per fight based on that contract. Any additional work he does for the UFC does not increase his fight pay. He does not get any bump for increasing ticket sales or PPV buys. Therefore he should be paid for additional work performed outside of fighting in the ring. I read the FIGHT! magazine article and I didn't agree with Roger's assertion that he's worth 6 figures plus points on the PPV. I don't think he is yet. I never addressed that in my original comments. So please deal with the points I addressed in my comments and save the snappy little pet names for someone else.
  30. PFP biggest douche in MMA = Huerta Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 08:20

    I think Huerta is making a big mistake by trying to take the UFC on so early in his career. By going public to complain, Huerta is acting like Tito Ortiz, only he is a fraction of the star Tito was when he started acting like this. Dana may just start thinking that if this guy is acting this way now, how will he act when he really becomes a star? He may just decide to toss him in against the best, watch Huerta get beat, and then wash his hands of the guy now before he tries to build Huerta into an even bigger star. If Huerta loses to Florian (which I think is likely), then Dana may just make him sit out for the remainder of his contract, then may feed him to a guy like Sherk, then send him packing. Imagine how marketable Huerta would be if he loses to Kenny, then gets no press while sitting out for 12 months, then gets dominated on the ground by someone like Sherk (which would happen, since Guida was taking him down with ease). If they are still around, EliteXC or Affliction won't pay much for a guy like that if it goes down that way.
  31. Snappy Little Pet Names Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 08:26

    @ Onan ( big surprise )... First of all he might not be directly reimbursed for time clocked doing PR, but if he does it well enough and he starts showing a raise in PPV buys from then he will reap the benefits with his next contract negotiation. I think maybe someone was playing spiderman a little too eagerly this morning and feel from the top bunk...
  32. Jewjitsu Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 08:30

    @ Onan i do feel better thanks. sorry for dropping the CMS on you. You're apparently a scholar and a gentleman. Huerta's PR expenses are all covered. travel, room and board. PR can only help him in the long term, whether he gets paid extra now or not. He wont benefit immediately whilst he's under the current contract, but he'll be reaping the rewards in his next one, if he keeps wining.
  33. Onan Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 08:56

    I definitely agree that Huerta isn't helping himself by going public with his concerns. Anytime you say something that may make the UFC or Dana look bad, Dana is going to be all over it. Which he should, he's the President. The best thing that Huerta can do is keep winning. He puts himself in the position with the most leverage. As for the PR thing, you guys make a good point that it helps him in the long run, I just know that being popular doesn't always help you with the UFC when it comes towards the end of your contract (see, Arlovski).
  34. Dana White's worst favorite fan Says:

    Wed, 08/06/08 - 11:52

    Yeah, Dana White knows how to run a fighting business where he benefits from it all and the fighters get a decent amount. But damn man, these guys are famous all around the world now in MMA, and to bash Randy for being pissed he was gonna be payed less than Fedor to come in from not fighting top line guys is understandable. Randy is doing it for the fighters, thats why he helped Affliction, he wants to see the fighters get the money the deserve. It shouldn't be 80/20 profit, it should be around 60/40. Yes the company keep more to reinvest in itself.
  35. King Silo Says:

    Thu, 08/07/08 - 12:20

    I'm not racist. I own a color tv.
  36. shutupandfight Says:

    Thu, 08/07/08 - 08:53

    so the fighters have to fight, train, and do the PR shit...while the suits sit on thier fat fuckin asses? but yeah....Huerta fuked up with his whining. and that "Mexican hack" (now in WEC) needs some PR...tough lil fucker but i can never remember his name.
  37. Whaaa? Says:

    Thu, 08/07/08 - 11:50

    Do you not do PR to make a name for your self, to get better sponsorships, to make more money?
  38. Your Mom Says:

    Thu, 08/07/08 - 02:18

    Why is everyone so angry? is everyone of the fucking internets on their period?
  39. Ryan Says:

    Thu, 08/07/08 - 07:51

    what the hell is a "beaner?" sorry, i'm not up to date on all the latest racist terminology.
  40. shutupandfight Says:

    Fri, 08/08/08 - 12:38

    Leonard Garcia...bichez.
  41. onan is a fag Says:

    Sat, 01/10/09 - 12:42

    huerta is just another example of some stupid ethnic colored person thinking they're important when they really aren't. what a fucking idiot. not to mention, i actually went to highschool with that dumbfuck
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