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Fabricio Werdum Gets Fired From UFCTV Job Due To Reebok Protest

UFC, The Dictatorship

Before I get into this article I just want to say that I have nothing against the UFC. They’re a great organization that has brought eyeballs to the sport and have made some of the most epic match-ups with some of the most epic fighters. However, they have some improvements that can be made and as true fans we have a responsibility to point them out.

Most recently, former heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum got the axe from a UFC TV job after a protest post regarding Reebox and it’s sponsorship of the UFC. Since Reebok has come in as the sole sponsor fighters have lost a significant amount of money. Werdum, a champ until 6 months ago, has been reduced to $5,000 dollars in sponsorship money per fight. Who knows what the other guys are getting paid. And it’s not like they’re seeing this difference on their paychecks,  with most top 15 fighters still earning $25,000 to show and $25,000 to win. Fabricio felt that he had a responsibility to speak out.


Now I know what you hardliners are thinking. This is a new BUSINESS with new owners, and UFC has already made it clear that if it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense. Also, it’s a conflict of interest for them to have someone who represents the company actively protesting one of its main partnerships. I get all of that, however, this business is about people, and whenever it’s about people it becomes about relationships. The UFC can’t just ignore it’s fighters with a take it or leave it attitude, at some point they’re going to have to negotiate. I’m not saying they have to give in or even give up the Reebok deal, but the fighters must be compensated somewhere else. Ask anyone who’s ever loved and lost, a one-sided relationship can only work for so long, something has to give.

Fabricio Werdum was set to be a commentator and analyst on the Spanish speaking UFC TV deal.

What do you guys think of these recent events? Have the UFC gone too far or is this just how it is?

Lionel Harris-Spence is a local drunk and part time writer for Cage Potato, and Generation Iron MMA. You can catch him screaming obscenities at a flat screen during most MMA events

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