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Gallery: 13 GIFs of Nick Diaz Being Totally Gangster

Nick Diaz is unquestionably the most gangster fighter in MMA history. This Saturday at UFC 143, Diaz will face Carlos Condit for the UFC’s interim welterweight title. It’s safe to assume that Condit will be body-shotted and called a “bitch” at least once. Here’s a tribute to some of Diaz’s most gangsterish moments, in animated GIF form. Enjoy.

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  1. ClubberLame Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 07:55

    MMA Anti-Hero! If he becomes UFC champ (interim or not) I predict a massive move in popularity. Diaz 3:16
  2. NomadRip Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 07:55

    I always picture Cyborg after that fight: "Yeah? Let's see you try that shit with my wife!"
  3. dude Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 07:57

    You're looking at the next poster boy of the UFC. He goes well with uncle Dana's personality.
  4. Daddy_jeffy Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 08:00

    Why did you put Nick's head on Matt Hammill's body in the last one? "You nebbah gonna tatch me!!"
  5. knucklesamitch Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 08:02

    I'm neither a nick fan or a hater, but I always pick him to lose and he just destroys dudes, so, I say he beats Condit, then GSP.
  6. bootystar Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 08:14

    pretty sure gsp is done, & diaz is a flight risk.
  7. macreadysshack Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 08:34

    Funny GIFs. Damn, Diaz is cool to watch fight. When I just work boxing, or I'm working hands hard in kickboxing, I often try to mimic that style. When I actually get it, I always end up working my peers at the gym with a lot of body shots I wouldn't normally land and decent guys get that slightly WTF tentative look in their eyes. The pros that are better than me still whoop that ass but hey . . . That's not going to change til I start taking fights.
  8. TheWarsawExpress Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 08:45

    GSP seems to be taking his rehab seriously, but he is going to loose a lot of the power in his take downs. Diaz has a true challenge in Condit. I think Condit is a really good fighter because he can adapt during a fight.
  9. bootystar Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 08:45

    @macready, the real money isn't in being a fighter but one of the guys a fighter needs to help him make a career. that way you bank & you still have all your marbles. Look at Dana & don king or Arum. these guys know how to bank off of another guy's work, same with sony & emi
  10. macreadysshack Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 09:03

    @bootystar . . . I think you are right on, man. Especially for a guy like me at age 37. I'm a well put together 37 but I have no illusions about my slowing recovery time from injury. It's just not worth it to me to take fights at this point beyond a couple amateur or kickboxing matches for the experience. What I DO have is a TON of training experience, a tough year long MMA coaching class under my belt from a respected school and serious burn out in my current work. Mr. Bootystar, you may have just changed my career.
  11. beef_kurtains Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 09:06

    Diaz is long as he's not fighting wrestlers. When's the last time he fought a true wrestler, oh yeah, that three loss streak back in the day. You think it's coincidence that he keeps getting strikers and Jits guys? With that said, Dana is gonna milk this for as long as he can. He may even get to post Diaz up one more time before GSP grinds him into a fine vaporizable dust.
  12. XENOPHON Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 09:13

    macreadysshack - yes, I dislike cartoons - and rate them about the same as Drano. Yet, I had to laugh out load this morning watching that GIF. If you want another laugh, I just dodged a cell phone thrown by that crazy chick I'm shacked up with! hahaha...buttons, buttons, they loved to be pushed. GRIN
  13. wwhitekimbo Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 09:14

    Scott Smith became a little more retarded after that fight . if you notice Diaz's opponents are never the same after these beat downs with the exception of maybe Lawler . He breaks something in them
  14. Dagnut Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 09:15

    He's a fool and appeals to all you clowns who were bullied when you were younger and secretly wished you were doing the bullying...he's an exciting fighter but anyone who buys into this ~"gansta" nonsense is a fcukin retard
  15. bootystar Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 09:36

    @macready, you are ahead of the game then. probably the worst & best things about being a fighter is being competative. guys like chuck & wandy & baroni suffered from the competative edge & never quit, but if you're a smart guy like hopkins, you end the fight before the bell rings
  16. XENOPHON Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 09:42

    @Dagnut - true, Diaz is way far from being any measure of gangster. He is a simple man at best. Nothing fancy is owned by him, not overly educated, and cares nothing for the Dana White style of promoting his matches. Not everyone got bullied in school, but your spot on with the analysis that people seemed to always get mesmerized by the school bullies. Except for the bullies I do know well, most everyone can remember their own schools biggest bullies names to this day. The bullies on the other hand, usually remember their adversaries names only. Diaz is much like that. He is the personification of the tough guy. I for one, would take that over the "I am not impressed with your performance" types any day. It's kind of like me vs. Drano. In the real world I worry about missing a target with two taps through the teeth. In Drano's world the big worry centers around condiments being to watery.
  17. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 11:27

    I don't consider Diaz a gangster. It's not like he's getting locked up left and right, stabbing people, acting a fool and what not. I mean, yes, he does act a fool, but not in the gangster sense. And how many gangsters do you know who run triathlons? Exactly. He's just a brawler. A badass one, at that.
  18. XENOPHON Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 11:31

    I wonder if Nick can transition those atomic-chucks of his to his left hand?
  19. XENOPHON Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 11:36

    @El Guapo - you bring up a good point. Speaking of past videos where Nick is discussing getting in a street fight and getting stabbed with a pencil........................................................................ If GSP was smart, the next time he runs across Diaz, he should pull out his own pen or pencil and ask Nick if he want's to get stabbed again? .......................................................................One good mind fuck deserves another.
  20. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 11:43

    I know you love your condiments, so if I many I'd like to suggest some mustard in vapor form. You should try some.
  21. XENOPHON Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 11:54

    Mustard is for chicks and kids. I'll stick with the serrano's.
  22. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 12:01

    You've insulted my family, my manhood, my ethinicity. But if you EVER insult mustard again you'll be sorry.
  23. RearNakedSpoon Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 12:11

    After seeing a few gifs of him beating up 155er's I had to look at his record. It seems like (apart from Daley who is a small 170) you have to go back about 18 fights to see his record show any sign of the opponent not being a lightweight or a nobody. He's going to struggle badly against Condit's power.
  24. Imnotamoose Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 12:21

    You should have included his one-two open hand slap to the face of Robbie Lawler that happened before the KO. Way more "gangster" in my opinion.
  25. XENOPHON Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 12:26

    @El Guapo Says: Well fuck it, OK, OK already. I'll drop the mustard and not mention it again. All I need is another fucking objecte chucked at me again today.
  26. XENOPHON Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 12:31

    @RearNakedSpoon - Good bit of research. SO far the best support of Diaz getting his hand raised is from Diaz himself. Diaz correctly told Condit in that gay-ass Q&A during the video that he is aware that all his speed, strengths, and flaws are there. Yet, Diaz went on to explain that what each of opponents has failed to understand is where they are faster, stronger, or better technique d - they can't deliver once he has them back stepping.
  27. WARBONG Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 03:46

    @XENO- yes he can.
  28. WARBONG Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 03:48
  29. Rocky Blunt Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 05:32

    diaz is my hero, how do people not love this guy?
  30. Hendershot Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 06:09

    @El Guapo - While I agree he isn't a gangster, by definition. He sure the hell is "Gangsta" though. Don't give a shit, do what you want, and back it up. He's hard, strait gangsta, in my book. Gotta love a bitch ass punk that can back his smack.
  31. TheWarsawExpress Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 07:01

    I am picking Condit.
  32. dranokills Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 07:05

    Diaz talks to much...much like xeno. Both have the same low forehead mentality Both repeat the same lame shit. At least Diaz can fight, but much like xeno, it would be much fun to slap the shit out of.
  33. 13 GIFs de Nick Diaz comportándose como todo un "Gangster" | MMA PERU Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 10:04

    [...] Nick Diaz es sin duda el boxeador más gángster en la historia de MMA. Este sábado en el UFC 143, Díaz se enfrentará a Carlos Condit por el título welter interino del UFC. He aquí un homenaje a algunos de los momentos más mafiosos de Díaz, en forma de animación GIF. Disfrute. Fuente: [...]
  34. Miles Says:

    Thu, 02/02/12 - 10:11

    I'm just mesmerized watching that combo he unleashed on scott smith, absolutely perfect... and that family guy gif is fucking great. thank you
  35. Dagnut Says:

    Fri, 02/03/12 - 01:33

    @@XENOPHON Your completely missing the point, I don't care about his personaility, I don't care about how "gansta" he is..I just care about what kind of fighter he is...there is far to much fan-boy WWF shit in MMA and MMA forums.....last week in was " WAR Sonnen" "He'll dump the stupid brit on his head" one was able to take an objective view of the fighters and their abilities..I think only Karma , like myself, picked bisping to push this fight..a guy who had been in with Hendo, Evans , Hamill etc. Now we have clowns shouting for a guy as "gansta" because he FILMS HIMSELF flipping the bird and mouthing "fuck you" into the retarded is that? seriously wtf is wrong with you people?
  36. SnackDaddy Says:

    Fri, 02/03/12 - 06:12

    Ya know, i used to hate the Diaz brothers but something changed after the Nick Diaz/BJ fight and the Nate Diaz/Gomi fight. From being a hater and went to respecting them, respecting their fighting style. Sure, they talk a lot of shit, mostly uncalled for, but they definitely bring a special kind of venom to the cage. If there's anyone who walks their talk in MMA, its these guys. They embody the spirit of fighting (not particularly MMA) inside out. War Diaz!
  37. Mattin Pa Says:

    Fri, 02/03/12 - 06:39

    I feel you Nomadrip, either right there or with a scope at 500 yards. However, dude's spouse takes testosterone. She maight me his husband:) I've never seen a boring Nick Diaz fight. I have seen many boring Floyd Mayweather fights. When we pay to see Diaz, chances are there will be atleast 1 other good fight on the card. Diaz likely wins, but Condit wouldn't surprise if he pulls it out.
  38. 209Soldier Says:

    Fri, 02/03/12 - 10:01

    WAR 2000999999999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  39. Friday Link Club: UFC 143 Preview | Says:

    Fri, 02/03/12 - 02:00

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  40. IronClad Says:

    Fri, 02/03/12 - 03:11

    @Dagnut . You sound like a limp dick psych major. You know nothing about Diaz or the mentality of fighters and were they came from. just sound scared, homey. So pretty please with sugar on top, shut the fuck up.
  41. Friday Link Club: UFC 143 Preview | BDKO Says:

    Sat, 02/04/12 - 05:54

    [...] Gallery: 13 GIFs of Nick Diaz Being Totally Gangster | Cage Potato [...]
  42. In Case You Were Wondering, LMFAO’s Love Affair With The Reem is Still Going Strong « Rocked MMA Says:

    Tue, 03/20/12 - 08:03

    [...] have a sneaking suspicion that MassNerder is really Nick Diaz. Call it a [...]
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