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Gamblers Beware: Ronda Rousey is Currently a 20-1 Favorite (!!) Over Alexis Davis at UFC 175

(Cheer up, Ronda, you got this in the bag. Photo via Teckler)

There haven’t been many of us buzzing about Ronda Rousey‘s co-main event title fight with Alexis Davis at UFC 175 this weekend, if only because it is the least competitive fight to be booked since Bunny, B. vs. the Bull. How the UFC has managed to avoid marketing Davis as “Ronda Rousey’s toughest test to date” despite this is anyone’s guess, but as ESPN’s Brett Okamoto recently pointed out, Vegas bookies are giving Rousey almost an unprecedented edge here. Take a look for yourself

Not Bonnar vs. Silva. Not McKenzie vs. Mendes. Not Cro Cop vs. Sanchez. None of these squash matches hold a candle to the slaughter that Rousey vs. Davis is primed to be. For Christ’s sake, that barista who fought Daniel Cormier was given 12-to-1 odds, and he accepted the fight on less than a week’s notice.

But rather than fall back on the old standby of how fights like Rousey vs. Davis are a clear sign of the UFC’s rapidly dissolving product, I’ve instead opted to compile a list of things more likely to happen than a Davis win on Saturday…

-Chael Sonnen talking his way out of his latest drug test failure
-Dana White reading the articles he criticizes
-UFC 176 doing more than 500k buys
-The Ultimate Fighter becoming a ratings juggernaut
-Roy Nelson: Weight-Watchers spokesman
-Nick Diaz: NY Times best-seller
-Jon Jones: Fan Favorite
-The American government being successfully toppled by Sri Lanka
-The New York Mets *ever* winning another World Series
-Farrah Abraham EGOTing
-Death by terrorist attack
-Death by falling coconut
-Death by chocolate
-Step Up: All In living up to expectations
-Being struck by lightning. Twice. On the same day. While indoors.
-Planet of the Apes becoming a reality
-Terminator becoming a reality
-Oscar Pistorius being found innocent of murder
-Peace in Egypt
-A former President being mauled to death by a circus lion in a convenience store
-CagePotato being unbanned by the UFC

So…anyone down to throw in on a Machida-Davis-Caceres parlay with me? #WeekofDanga

-J. Jones

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