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Herschel Walker to Fight Another Guy No One has Ever Heard Of

("I asked Scott Coker to find me a couple of cans, but this is ridiculous." Hi-yo! Rimshot! Goddamn it, I’m really sorry about that one, you guys … PicProps: CombatLifestyle)

So, let me get this straight: Herschel Walker’s opponent at next month’s Strikeforce show is a 40-year-old light heavyweight who took 10 years off from fighting to nurse a back injury and then in June got knocked out in the first round of his “comeback” fight at an event called “MEZ Sports” in Los Angeles? Well, that’s just super.

Look, I’ve got no beef at all with this dude Scott Carson. Frankly, if you’re an unknown fighter who gets offered the chance to take on a celebrity like Walker on the televised portion of a Strikeforce card, you pretty much have to take that deal. Hell, you might even win. Suffice it to say, however, that none of Carson’s previous five fights can be found on YouTube – probably because most of them occurred before YouTube was invented – and a Google search for his image only turns up a bunch of pictures of  the goalkeeper for West Bromwich Albion. So I have to ask: What are we really doing here, Strikeforce?  What do we hope to accomplish with this, besides the possibility of netting two or three minutes of airtime from Jim Rome or Colin Cowherd the week of the fight? I mean c’mon, even Kimbo Slice had the decency to fight people we’d sort of heard of before.

There’s nothing wrong with the fact that Walker’s somewhat roundabout journey of personal discovery has brought him to MMA and I think it’s admirable that he trains with one of the sport’s most respected and most grueling camps, instead of locking himself away at some half-assed private facility like some other rich people we could mention. It’s commendable that he reportedly donated the paycheck he got for smothering Greg Nagy for three rounds back in January to charity. He loves to compete athletically and if he wants to test himself in the cage, great.

But what’s really the point of having Walker beat another no-name jobber? Will we learn anything? Will Walker wow us with the vast improvements to his game? Will we even be entertained? Probably not, but I guess the possibility that it might be able to scrape a pittance of mainstream attention out of this thing makes Strikeforce duty-bound to give it prime broadcast real estate in between Hendo vs. Babalu and Paul Daley vs. Scott Smith. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Carson says he used to train with Chuck Liddell and recently moved over to Mark Munoz’s Reign Training Center, which currently boasts a fairly impressive roster. It seems Scott Coker didn’t have to scroll quite as far down into his phonebook to find Carson as he did to dredge up Nagy.  At least three of Carson’s previous wins came by submission, so maybe he won’t just let Walker lay on him for three rounds like the last guy did, either. But the message is clear: Strikeforce ain’t bringing Carson in to win.

For the second straight time they’ve lined the former professional football player up with a can they’re fairly certain he’ll beat. The reasons for that are clear and nobody is really to blame. Still, there’s something bush league about it. The UFC would never do this, because it doesn’t have to.  I’m getting the sinking feeling that December’s fight card will be just another reminder of why Strikeforce will always be second fiddle and honestly, I’m not sure who will even really want to watch.


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JaredB- November 8, 2010 at 7:58 pm
How dare this conceited bastard live his dream of risking a huge ass kicking well into middle aged to make money for charity!
NinjaNerd8- November 8, 2010 at 1:17 pm
It's not cool for CP to sound like Sherdog. Hell, even the Bleacherreport is less insulting and it's authored by fans. The shit all over everything routine is getting a little old. The only reason I don't stick exculsively to MMAjunkie (which is WAY better than CP and practices real journalism, btw) is because they don't update often enough for my obsessive MMA fixation.

I really don't think that "everyone else is doing it" is a sufficient excuse for bashing real people behind the safety of a computer screen.

I'm not mad at you, just at the site I used to like.
Fried Taco- November 8, 2010 at 8:35 am
Lay off the roids, NinjaNerd8. CP is making the same comment as most other MMA sites, not trying to ruin anyone's reputation. All they're saying is if Strikeforce is trying to build Walker up as a great up-and-coming fighter, they should find someone more recognizable for him to beat. SF is definitely trying to play it safe with Walker, ala Elite XC and Kimbo. Let's just hope it doesn't blow up in their faces the same way.
NinjaNerd8- November 7, 2010 at 3:33 pm
You guys are so right, Walker should be fighting Shogun! What a pussy that he's only fighting guys with just a few more fights than him instead of champions in his second pro fight.

CP, is it your job to shit all over everyone and everything? To belittle the accomplishments of a 48 year old man? To scoff at the supposed balls of someone who puts his or her pride on the line in front of the entire world? To eagerly aid in the public crucifixion of alleged substance abusers before all the facts are known? To raise the bar to impossible heights for everyone in the sport?

What, exactly, do you want from these guys? If it's a fight to the death just say it. I'd prefer you simply lay your criteria for respect right out on the table instead of analyzing everything that happens after the fact and then pretending the threshold for "good enough not to get bashed to hell and back" was just a little bit higher than the actual outcome.

I know you read this shit so just shut the fuck up and report MMA news or maybe I'll contact your advertisers and have a little conversation with them about your business practices. Think that's extreme? You realize the guys whose reputations you're ruining are real people right?
Ballkick- November 7, 2010 at 2:28 pm
I would officially like to throw my Mon Kong in the ring, as a future opponent for Mr. Walker.
I honestly think I have a chance to win.
We both have similar ages and records.
I know I can give him and the fans a good fight.

I mean look,... even if he takes me down with a lame heel pick and Gn'P's me in under 90 seconds I figure if it was good enough for a $750,000.00 payday for Toney, I could at least get $7,500.00 for my effort.

Does someone have Coker's Phone number?
StinkFacer- November 7, 2010 at 1:05 pm
The last time Herschel Walker signed a tit, that girl was sucking milk from her mother's.
yeehaa2k- November 7, 2010 at 8:23 am
CP went the way of the taco after the good ben left.
Your Dumb- November 7, 2010 at 8:02 am
@ smackdaddiest1 - I guess instead of Piper's Pit we'd be given Coker's Couch.... where fighters would sit down and tell us about how they want to fight someone, point fingers back and forth, get all into each others faces for months and months.... and well, i don't know what else you'd expect because they still wouldn't end up fighting each other... Nick Diaz and Mayhem would be the perfect 1st guess to kick it all off..
Sudos KFC- November 7, 2010 at 7:48 am
This article is another example of the negative to be negative bloody elbowification of cp. Who do they expect a 1-0 FORMER FOOTBALL PLAYER to fight? Did I miss the part of walkers plan where he is angling for a title shotand needed to fight top pros? a tkd belt qualifies you for the upper echelon of fighters? Implicitly cp is treating his time (and fame) in football as a reason he is just going to smash.

They also diss this guys age lol, he is younger than walker! has more fights, more wins and just alot more experience, I mean christ walker is 48 years and they bring age into it? Walker is a freak athlete but hasnt the big lesson of mma been recently that tech. and experience trumps athleticism ala lesnar v. cain? Look back on his first fight, was he really so overwhelmingly better that it was a squash match? one sided but not embarrasing.

This is just like putting some local ammys or low level pros on the undercard as is strikeforces' custom anyway. however, instead of just drawing a local gate, he attracts national interest, media and eyes, gets an unknown fighter a main card fight aka huge money in sponsership, publicity for business ventures, and a chance to make a chad griggs esq impact on your career. Also walker is a classy guy who speaks well for our sport, and donates his purse to charity. Who is being harmed here?
BuckWild- November 7, 2010 at 7:19 am
Woudn't it be funny if "this guy" catches walker and KO's him? He does have experience so you never know.
Smackdaddiest1- November 7, 2010 at 7:05 am
Strikeforce's freak show fights remind me of the old WWF Superstars show that would come on Saturday mornings after cartoons.

Y'know the ones where Hulk Hogan would fight the Brooklyn Brawler and squash him in about 3 minutes.

All we need now to complete the cycle is Piper's Pit.