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Nick Diaz: GSP is on Steroids, The UFC is Covering it Up/Wants Me to Lose, & I May or May Not Pass My Drug Test Saturday

(No Wolf Tickets)

Nick Diaz put on a wonderful show at yesterday’s UFC 158 pre-event press conference. He called Georges St. Pierre a whiny, phony, ‘roided up point-fighter but then basically shrugged his shoulders when asked if he would pass his own drug test Saturday.

In case he was too vague in his accusations of St. Pierre, Diaz clarified and expanded while on the Tim and Sid radio show shortly after the presser. In addition to his allegations of St. Pierre, Diaz decided to throw his employer under the bus as well.

It all started with Nick saying that he believes the UFC wants him to lose to St. Pierre Saturday night. “I would imagine that they do,” he laughed.

As for St. Pierre, Diaz confirmed that the champion was indeed the strong steroids guy that he alluded to during the presser. “I believe that he’s on plenty of steroids,” Diaz casually said before implicating Canadian and UFC officials.

“I don’t think they test around here, I doubt I’ll be tested either [*ed note* We're betting you will be, now, Nick]. I don’t care what [the UFC is] saying…to the media. I don’t think either one of us is going to be tested. And, if so, he’s probably got a bottle of piss in his pocket. I doubt they are standing over him making sure he’s not on steroids.”

The 209 solider was then asked,”You’re suggesting that the face of the franchise is on steroids and that Dana White is complicit on that?

Nick didn’t hesitate. “Sure, why not?”

And no, Diaz isn’t naive. He knows that the UFC’s President will not be happy with him for saying he’s probably involved in a scheme to break the law and circumvent proper regulation.

“I’m sure [White] will [be mad], but like I said in the press conference…I will always tell you the truth…I will never sell you a handful of wolf tickets.”

You got that, people? No Wolf Tickets, ever, from Nick Diaz. He told you once at the presser, no Wolf Tickets, and he’s telling us again – No. Wolf. Tickets.

I have no idea what Wolf Tickets are. Urban Dictionary claims to, however. So go learn something.

And, just to be clear, Diaz is sure that St. Pierre is using banned substances and will be protected by regulators and the UFC in a fraudulent way, but he has no idea whether or not he himself will pass his own test. You know, on account of the weed.

“Hell no, I’m not guaranteeing anything…if I don’t pass the test, I’m sorry,” Diaz said sarcastically. “But I could probably use another year off, vacation. It’s not like I enjoy this – taking punches to the mouth. I need to feed my family that one day I can acquire.”

So, bring it on UFC and athletic commissions. Diaz is coming off of a year suspension for testing positive for marijuana metabolites but he’ll totally take another year of forced vacation because, you know, maybe he’ll have a family one day.

Saturday can’t come soon enough. Join us at 10 PM EST here for our play-by-play live blog as things finally get serious between Georges and Nick.

One day left to wait, folks. Just one day.

- Elias Cepeda


  1. Mir please break Brocks neck Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 09:47

    Diaz is a druggie. He makes NO sense. He suggests HE will fail the drug test too. How does this validate his accusations towards other fighters when he can't pass a drug test himself???? This guy is too far gone. Dana must hate him by now. Let Nick go.....and he can focus on smoking weed and running triathlons. Also, the Fertitta brothers are assholes.
  2. The12ozCurls Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 09:51

    My god this is soooooo freaking great. I just don't know what to say. Seriously - this is just an absolute train wreck (and I mean that in a good way).
  3. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 09:53

    Nick has a bottle of piss, but unfortunately it's from one of his friends, and they are all smoking the same stuff. So, yeah, he will probably fail his test.
  4. knucklesamitch Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 10:01

    I'm actually starting to hope that Diaz wins the title, then fails for weed again ... Let's really crank this shit show up to 11.
  5. mma4ever Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 10:11

    To drunk to comment .....pik it.
  6. Jon Fitch and Exciting in the same sentence Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 10:12

    It's ironic that even though Nick missed filming a Primetime show that never was, along with open workouts and various press obligations...and yet, he has done more to advertise, hype, and sell this fight just by being his crazy old self. The UFC would be FOOLS to get rid of him. Win or Loss, Pass or Fail, this guy is a marketing machine.
  7. cynical Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 10:14

    This will be one EPIC fight to remember UFC 158 fight videos @ <a href="">St Pierre vs Nick Diaz Fight Video</a>
  8. Sniffer-Piffits Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 10:16

    Diaz failing his drug test would be no surprise, but it's not like it would be for ped's. Getting high while training doesn't give him any advantage at all. Hell, ever tried to poor yourself a GIANT bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch while you were high? That shit ain't easy! I can't imagine doing anything but eating and watching cartoons while stoned...
  9. jcv1986 Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 10:33

    Nick is a beast, he's hyped this fight up by just being is him self, who needs the open workouts or prime times when u got nick. Did u watch that presser Diaz the only one getting asked questions. Also Props to Dana for shutin up Ariel,hilarious . War Diaz. O yeah one more thing if Diaz can smoke that good shit and b one of the best welterweights world props to him fuck the haters........jcv1986
  10. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 11:00

    Should be jcvd1986, so then we would know he was Ivan Kraschinsky the Russian. Or possibly Frank Dux, since JCVD might have been filming Bloodsport in 1986.
  11. El Guapo Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 11:12

    "One day folks, just one day." BAHAHAHAHA! Can totally picture Elias trembling when he typed that. Unshaven, unshowered, in a dark, dank room.. I told you not to tempt the MMA gods but you HAD to say this fight was on & poppin'. If it gets cancelled, I'm blaming you.
  12. hank1088 Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 11:27

    i would like to see them test georges, the stand over his shoulder kinda test, cuz we all know he would do anything to win cough cough Greasing, plus his last 3 fights has been in own backyard of canada. I don't think theres a chance in hell they would ever rat on there golden baby boy Georges and it sure isnt the first time a champion or a pro has ever cheated with roids
  13. Honeynutts Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 11:30

    So what happens when he gets beat and fails his drug test? Do they pay you to do triathalons?
  14. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 03:01

    Why is they barkin', knowin they know, Talkin that irrelevant, fat mouth fo sho, But since they ain't no tellin what jack told Helen What the hell is they Sellin'? Wolf Tickets
  15. Miles Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 04:00

    Lol the whole wolf tickets part had me laughing good. He says things in the oddest ways.
  16. agentsmith Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 04:54

    The Ontario commission is fairly incompetent, so who knows if they'd catch him regardless.
  17. teep Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 07:09

    How do you "acquire" a family, Diaz? Maybe someone should check his crawlspace or storage locker! I love it!
  18. cman Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 07:29

    I believe him, if ANYONE can pick out a user?? I hear TSA wants to clone the diaz's for airports to replace the dogs.
  19. dranokills Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 08:53

    LMFAO!!!! sorry world.....I was thinking the exact fucking thing!! the weed smoking NO wolf ticket selling motherfucking champ is in the HIZZY mufuka's....shhheeeeot. I just want to throw my head back like the ROCK...and ask ya if you know what I'm cooking!
  20. dranokills Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 08:55

    well fuck playa, you are just hating in all directions ain't cha?
  21. mookiestick Says:

    Fri, 03/15/13 - 11:09

    If he is has no hard facts that GSP is using steroids, he shouldn't accuse him of it. these sort of accusations can ruin a person's career. Diaz on the other hand has hard evidence of using marijuana. Not that I think marijuana is a bad thing but it is federally illegal. It may be legal California and Colorado and God knows where else but federally it's considered an illegal drug. I don't agree with it but it is. Mark my words Diaz test positive. I don't hate dilslike him but his attitude is been bat shit crazy leading up to this fine. Considerate hype but it's been a little bit over the fucking top. Insulting GSP left and right accusing him of God knows what And then telling GSP is not aligned for disagreeing with it. Diaz has anxiety issues and mental problems. Is a great fighter yeah. I'm not going argue with that. So I don't think this is high. This is mental illness at its peak. Knocking Joe Riggs out at a hospital while the getting stitched, chasing GSP over a hotel, starting a brawl at a strikeforce event. This is not all hype, it's well documented. Is immature. All that pot smoking is never allowed him to grow up. If he wins, I'll support him. If GSP wins I'll support bim. If Diaz loses I'll support him. If GSP loses I'll support him. They're all fighters and I appreciate their hard work. Please show some fucking respect for one another. If you want Nike sponsorship don't act like a fucking thug. You can do yourself without cussing up a storm insulting
  22. jcv1986 Says:

    Sat, 03/16/13 - 06:24

    I think Diaz can do whatever the fuck he wants. I would like to see thalf the people on this site to b under the tremendous pressure these fighters are under. Taking to the fans, press , media obligations and training (starving). So fuck it diaz can do or say anything he wants. He's one of the best fighters out there. His fights r always the most exciting fights. On the other hand u got the lay and prey champ who buy the 5 rd my girlfriend is trying to wake me up. All I know in the big picture Diaz trash talking antics r hyping this fight beyond beliefs and fucking with hero George's head.
  23. mma4ever Says:

    Sat, 03/16/13 - 10:23

    Jcv has no idea what the fuck he's talking about.
  24. mma4ever Says:

    Sat, 03/16/13 - 10:24

    Jcv has no idea what the fuck he's talking about. U uneducated fool.
  25. jcv1986 Says:

    Sat, 03/16/13 - 03:42

    Mma4ever don't b hatin. At least I'm talkin about the topic. I don't feel the need to come on here to put people down. Fuckin loser,u were probably cool in high school hey.ill smash ur fuckin face in.
  26. realfighterfan Says:

    Mon, 03/18/13 - 08:05

    It amazes me how may fans just don't seem to understand that these commissions don't test for anything excpet cheapo old steroids from the 80's. NOT ONE OF THEM tests for HGH, synthetic testosterone, EPO's (64% better cardio) or any of the new generation so called non-detectable designer steroids made famous by Victor Conte over 10 years ago. The newest and best performance enhancer ever becam available to (WEALTHY) athletes in or around 2010 and its called "blood doping" basically changes or enhances your existing genes. No doubt whatsoever this is what is avalable and being used by GSP and a hand full of otehr fighters in MMA that can afford it. Victor Conte didn't waste anytime when he got out of prison and was ordered by a federal judge as part of his release was to have no contact with any associated with major league baseball to hook up with a well known steroid user Kyle Kingsbury and rest is history as in designer steroids are easy available in the mma world now. CURRENT PED testing in MMA is a total joke and fans should not even talk about things like if a fighter passed he must be clean. This could not be further from the truth. I can spot steroid/PED usuage from a block away and I will tell you IMO maybe 10% of fighters are totally clean. I almost think I could name all of them. Here's ones of top of my head I can don't do steroids, Damain Maia, BJ penn, Nick & nate Diaz, Johny Hendricks, Roy Nelson, Ben Askren, Cruz, A Silva, Ben Hendersen, Lauzon, Pettis, Jim and Dan Miller, Munoz, Belcher, Mousasi, Hunt, Cormier, Cain, JDS, Shogun, Grover teixiera, Edgar, Poirer, Lentz, Gil Melendez, Aldo or maybe as hihgh as 15-20% or 85-100 out of the 430+ fighters in UFC. I just listed Askren because even though he's not UFC no doubt he's clean. Also bet that NO way possibel GSP would ever give VADA A RANDOM BLOOD DRAW. With no advanced notice. His boy Rory was given a total of 11 weeks before he finally gave a sample. 3 weeks due to the fighting over twitter back and forth with Bj Penn and another 8 weeks when he magically got a cut a day or 2 after he finally agreed to do the testing. go to so you can see what a joke testing is in Canada
  27. realfighterfan Says:

    Mon, 03/18/13 - 08:09

    Jon Fitch ruined MMA for countless fans that will never watch it again after enduring his BULLSH'T LAY N PRAY. Fitch is ant-mma. I predicted Fitch would be released by the end of 2012 and I was wrong by a few months. Just look it up on BJ penn under GET RID OF FITCH (forever)
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  32. mark mania Says:

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