Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

Report: Sonnen Has Been Undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy For at Least the Past Year and Assumed CSAC Knew

(Creepy pale guy is thinking how great he would look in a jumpsuit made from Chael’s skin.) has an interesting story they scooped from Yahoo! Sports MMA reporter Dave Meltzer’s paid subscription f4wonline message board that sheds some light on the Chael Sonnen PED case.

According to the story, Sonnen has been undergoing hormone replacement therapy since before his fight with Yushin Okami, which he reported to and was given clearance to fight by the California State Athletic Commission prior to the the bout. Because it is a permanent treatment  Sonnen allegedly assumed his doctor prescribed required testosterone treatment would be on file, and thus never re-reported it to the commission.

Testosterone levels can drop off for various reasons, including age, hereditary reasons or because of stress the endocrine system is due to a number of variables,  not limited to repeated weight fluctuation and dehydration caused by weight cutting.

Here’s what Meltzer had to say about the case in the latest edition of  his Wrestling Observer newsletter:

"Chael Sonnen’s hearing before the California State Athletic Commission regarding testing positive for testosterone is scheduled for 12/2 in Sacramento. Josh Barnett will also be applying to get licensed on that date. The talk was Sonnen would argue based on being medically prescribed testosterone due to a low level in his system. The issue would be whether or not he informed the commission ahead of time, because in cases like that, at least in Nevada, you have to ask for an exemption well in advance, have the commission doctors and your doctors talk and get it approved, and you still can’t have a higher than normal level in your system when being tested which requires additional lab work. Those type of exemptions being approved are rare."

CS dug a little further and came up with a conversation between Meltzer and writer/German UFC commentator Oliver Copp on the F4WOnline messageboard

Here’s what Copp had to say about the situation:

"It’ll probably be a slap-on-the-wrist suspension until, say, February. Then CSAC can claim a victory over Sonnen for failing to declare while Sonnen will be fine at the same time and can do Ultimate Fighter with Bisping or fight, whatever comes first.
These are the facts, as best I can ascertain.
- Sonnen is on Hormone Replacement Therapy.
- HRT is a "permanent therapy" and not something you do for three months and then are done with it.
- When he fought Okami in LA, Sonnen declared it, jumped through hoops and did the entire shebang.
- CSAC approved it.
- Sonnen came back to fight in Cali again and, since HRT is a permanent therapy and in his case had been approved by CSAC before, he didn’t think he’d have to jump through hoops AGAIN.
- Unbeknownst to him, CSAC had changed since his last fight in California and the new commission wanted to turn over a new leaf and be nothing like the commission of old.
Opinion part:
In other words, Sonnen got caught in a political crossfire. If he’s guilty of anything, he’s guilty of being a dumbass and assuming, instead of going through the process. I will cut him some slack for being down with the flu leading up to the fight, with his main priority being getting better so he can get through the week and the fight.
A lot of guys who have cut weight from an early age develop testosterone deficiency. The exact mechanism isn’t fully understood yet but dehydrating your body badly and rehydrating over an extended period of time increases the chances of doing damage to your endocrine system by as much as 5,000 percent.
After taking your hit, your levels are all over the place for an hour or two until they settle in a normal region. If they tested Sonnen during that time, his levels will have been WAY high."

And here’s Meltzer’s two cents:

"The problem is if you look at photos of Sonnen from fight to fight, you notice far bigger and more muscular for Marquardt & especially Silva as compared to all of his previous fights.
It’s possible he has legit reasons for it. However, I do recall when the subject came up in 2008 that he California commission said they had never approved of anyone using hormone replacement therapy and gave the indication they likely never would because of the ease for abuse. Obviously that’s pre Okami fight and the guy in charge of the commission changed to someone not nearly as much of a hardass on the drug issue.
But in OVW and WWE pre-Benoit, everyone was able to do that as a gimmick, get the prescriptions and it was a gimmick. Even after, when WWE cracked down, there were a few exemptions and the doctor in charge felt every single one was shady.
WWE now will not hire someone with that prescription, or allow any prescriptions for test, as company policy."

Copp then pointed a finger at Matt Hughes, accusing the former UFC welterweight champion as being guilty of possible unreported testosterone use:

"Look at Matt Hughes physically in the Serra fight and then the Gracie fight. Compare that to how he looked in the Almeida fight. Guess when he started going on HRT.
I think this is all somewhat murky water, and I sincerely feel that if Sonnen has ANY case, the Cali commission will want this to go away without much in the way of coverage."

We won’t have long to wait to hear what Sonnen’s defense will be. His CSAC hearing is set for December 2.


  1. PortlandMMA Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 04:29

    I don't think that was Chael...that endocrine system had a Mexican accent
  2. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 04:42

    Oh is that what they're calling it these days? Nice try Chael. Chael is your name, right? The look on the face of that guy in the bottom right just about sums up my thoughts on Mr. Sonnen.
  3. Shifty-Eyed Dog Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 04:42

    I TOLD you there was a reasonable explanation for this. Even Dana White, who knew more than he could say, was like "there's a lot more to the story." What makes me truly believe it is the fact that Chael told the testing guy he would probably test positive. WHY would someone do that unless he thought there was no problem with it?? I honestly believe he thought it would be "on file" or whatever. Was he wrong to assume? Probably. But the fact is, he's not guilty of "juicing" and he should get reinstated ASAP and get another chance to kick Silva's ass again.
  4. Art Vanderley Silva Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 04:44

    the plot thickens!
  5. ghostboner Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 04:45

    No creepy pale guy is thinking "Damn! Come on Chael, let me pop some of those..."
  6. Travis.Logan Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 04:46

    He is a very smart dick and is completely crazy enough to have this as his cover for future steriod use. Mark my words this may be the new loophole for gaining that unfair advantage in the most independent sport in the world. Testosterone replacement for Koscheck is ok though, maybe he wouldnt be such a whiney fake ass bitch. but prolly not
  7. amsterdamheavy Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 04:51

    "If you try to put that straight jacket on me, I'll pull out your endocrine system and make a pack out of it" -Gary Busey
  8. Travis.Logan Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 04:53

    And another thing if a fighter truley suffers from a condition that causes them to have an unfair advantage then they should not be aloud to fight in a promotion as important to MMA as the UFC. Or change the rules so all meds are acceptable under NSAC and CSAC rules as long as they are prescribed by a doctor, espiecially Mari J.
  9. ghostboner Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 04:57

    Or possibly "Shit Chael you got zits on top of zits! The heads on those things are huge! How do you decide which one to call Tito? Does Jenna ever get confused and start humping your back? Wait, would that even require her to be confused?"
  10. danomite Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 05:08

    I can vouch for Chael Sonnen on this one since we happen to share the same doctor. I've talked to him about it a few times while I was there getting my marijuana prescription filled for my carpal tunnel syndrome.
  11. DARKHORSE06 Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 05:19

    I hope this is true. You go Chael! Oh, and that creepy guy looks like Ron Howard's brother.
  12. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 05:34

    Creepy Guy +100
  13. DazedNConfused Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 05:35

    ahaha that's a great photo caption! as for this whole HRT, fuck that noise, it doesn't explain how chael suddenly had the urge to tell the guy testing him before he was tested that he may fail the test. If he assumed there was no harm done not telling the CSC, he wouldn't of said anything, yet he did. This all makes me think he was abusing treatment, along with the fact he has grown in size noticeably since the Okami fight, and has grown a lot of nasty as pimples all down his back. BACNE.
  14. cecils_pupils Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 05:36

    Don't overlook the obvious: testosterone replacement therapy is for erectile dysfunction. Chael's little soldier won't solute no more.
  15. Tardjitsu Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 05:36

    @Travis.Logan: I agree with you completely. Chael is a savvy guy. He found a loophole he thought he could use to cheat the system. Sounds like a sleazy politician to me. He seems like the typical loudmouth at the bullhorn. So outspoken, and so hypocritical.
  16. MKO Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 05:37

    That's great and all, but having unnaturally high levels is still cheating. It's not a hormone replacement and booster program. Again, under doctor's regulation, his T levels should have been in the normal range. Regardless of any oversight, the man cheated, plain and simple.
  17. DazedNConfused Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 05:37

    Yes I know I used some form of the word "Test" 3 times in a short sentence, but that's how I role so I'm going to refrain from editing it.
  18. DazedNConfused Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 05:38

    Agreed with MKO. 100%
  19. Goog Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 05:42

    I don't care if they hit him with gamma radiation as long as he gets to punch Silva in the face for another 23 minutes.
  20. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 05:48

    Test...1,2. Testing...1,2. Damn no good, dirty Mex.. cheaters! Dirty, no good cheaters!! Yeeaahhhh, that's what I meant.
  21. RaginAsian Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 06:31

    I read the headline and thought, "Chael is becoming/used to be a woman?!"
  22. fightfan Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 06:43

    Bisping better not be on TUF again or I will stop watching and hope that many follow. that jjckoff has hit the lottery witht the UFC needinfg a UK fighter. He makes $175,000 to show and $15,000 to win.......Yep at least the UFC knows how easy they give him for chances at winning(they reward him 15k if he wins). They better not give that douchebag another TUF gig. AT least that wanker turn 32 at beginning of 2011. So he will onyl be in his prime for another couple years or so
  23. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 07:23

    I don't realy know waht to say. This of course makes it not as bad as outright popping anabolics, but it certainly isn't good, either. If you are dumping testosterone and you need some replacement, well, maybe a regulated sport isn't the right thing for you. A lot of people wil hate Chael still, and a lot of people will say this absolves him of everything. I guess for me, all I can say is that this makes it not that bad, but not that good. But it doesn't have me fired up either way.
  24. Sudos KFC Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 07:33

    I will say this: the captions these days are better than ever. Also I like this neatly told lie because it allows me to bury my critical thinking skills in the sand and believe what I truly wanted to all along.
  25. tp24890 Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 08:33

    In other words, Chael Sonnen is trying new ways to be the bitch he is.... Guess Wanderlei scared the manhood outta him
  26. tp24890 Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 08:33

    no be the bitch* sorry typo
  27. Ballkick Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 08:51

    If Cheal manages to dodge the full wrath of the CSAC, I sincerely hope they close off this loophole somehow. I don't believe for a second Sonnen had a legit reason for HRT and I don't believe that others are not abusing this as well. The cheaters seem to always stay one step ahead of the righteous.
  28. natericklesmma Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 09:59

    whos that scary dude staring at sonnens backside... a little creepy if u ask me
  29. ghostboner Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 10:08

    @dazed n confused - I think he had the urge to tell the guy testing him because he rarely has the urge to not be talking/spouting bullshit. It's a politician thing.
  30. intercept440 Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 10:17

    at the risk of starting a CP nation revolt on me.. i have to say HRT is a proven condition.. which CAN affect males of ANY age... however its not that common in the general population.. less that 10 percent of men will become affected by this in there lifetime.. but it does happen. a DOCTOR, can and WILL prescribe Testorerone in such of a case....HOWEVER, a doctor would PRESCRIBE an amout of medication relative to a normal human man, and not a man who would have ABNORMAL levels.. so that being said.. it would be intersting to see the levels of testosterone that were found in the subject were talking about.. becuase even if chael has that legitimatly proven condition.... it would be up to HIM to take the meds as PRESCRIBED... if he did take the meds as prescibed i would say no fualt to him.. if the presciption said to take it 2 times per day , and he took it upon himslef to take it more than that.. then i would say he is guilty, if he took it as prescribed.. it would fall back to the doc for improperly medicating a patient.. as Art vandelay said earlier... THE PLOT THICKENS....
  31. Mofo Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 11:01

    "I don't care if they hit him with gamma radiation as long as he gets to punch Silva in the face for another 23 minutes." That just warrants being said a second time. Couldn't have said it better.
  32. ZombieDouche Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 11:30

    The creepy guy has that look on his face cause he just got Chael's test results back, Sonnen is indeed a perfect match for his Human Centipede
  33. DazedNConfused Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 11:41

    "Look at that testosteroned up ass, it would look great stitched to my face"
  34. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Wed, 11/17/10 - 11:53

    I am so blown away at just how savvy this mother fucker is. I am at a loss of words at the moment. He will completely get off of his suspension now without a doubt in my mind. Just hilarious on almost every count of hilarity. I mean come on this shits funny really how often is it that the CSAC gets owned besides that time Diaz passed a test after smoking weed days before his fight on a Web cam. I mean fucking hilarious.
  35. Gorgzilla Says:

    Thu, 11/18/10 - 02:35

    Wikipedia list of reasons for starting hrt: 1. erectile dysfunction 2. osteoporosis 3. diabetes mellitus 4. chronic heart failure 5. dementia Ahhh... So it wasn't to get stronger and bigger! It was to keep the crazy away! Guess it didn't help much Cheate... ahem Chael!
  36. Dagnut Says:

    Thu, 11/18/10 - 03:36

    So it took him 2 months to come up with this excuse?
  37. J-Dog Says:

    Thu, 11/18/10 - 05:59

    I had a feeling this might be the case. I hope people quit calling him a cheater. Low nut juice levels can really bring down your quality of life, so HRT is important to people who need it. Could one intentionally dose higher to bulk up? Probably so. It's a fine line. But anyway I don't feel Chael was intentionally cheating. This sounds pretty legit.
  38. Sloppyspray Says:

    Thu, 11/18/10 - 06:37

    "And Mr. Bean is speechless"
  39. Tardjitsu Says:

    Thu, 11/18/10 - 06:57

    Yeah. He should be able to wrestle Silva for another 23 minutes, dapple him with ineffective strikes, and still get his ass submitted.
  40. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 11/18/10 - 09:19

    On reading everything in this article, I guess my feelings are that if you require HRT, that's great, but then you probably shouldn't be in a sport where that can mess with legit testing and/or possibly give you an unfair physical advantage. Do your HRT therapy, but find another job. That being said, the rules need to be defined more clearly. And if the commission knew about this, and previously passed Sonnen for a fight, and then decided to ding him on it for this fight, that is BS. It is not cheating if they allowed and approved it, and arbitrarily changing the enforcement of a rule, any rule, is not fair to the fighters. They need to be consistent. If the facts are exactly what the speculation is above, then I think Sonnen needs to be exonerated. If the commissions want to change the rules, that is fine. But don't allow something, then stop it without the fighters knowledge, and then suspend and fine them. If you change the rules, there should be notice to the affected parties so that they can adhere to those rules before money is taken out of their pocket. It shouldn't matter if the fighter is a contentious dick or not.
  41. GSPROX Says:

    Thu, 11/18/10 - 01:32

    Not to say that Chael saying he is taking Hormone Replacement Therapy is an excuse, but if he starting taking the therapy before the Okami fight, and the CSAC knew about it, there should be a record of it, and why are we just now hearing about it, shouldn't something have been off about his testosterone levels when he fought Nate in Vegas as well, it was a #1 contenders fight, so I'm sure he would have been tested after that fight as well, something about his story stinks.
  42. LOKI Says:

    Fri, 11/19/10 - 09:03

    Please Crom let it be true that he is to couch TUF against Bisping! That season might actually be entertaining because of the coaches as opposed to in spite of.
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