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Ronda Rousey Has a Very Unorthodox Training Method For Her Rematch With Holly Holm

(I tell you what, if this rematch happens in ballroom dresses and heels, Holm is FUCKED.)

The rate at which Ronda Rousey has changed her tune following her stunning loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193 is enough to give anyone whiplash. Prior to the bout, Rousey was doing nothing short of calling her home runs from the plate, claiming that she would “retire undefeated” and “be known as the greatest fighter that ever lived.” Nowadays, she’s already planning her exit strategy from the sport should she lose her rematch to Holm, telling ESPN, “If I lose, I’ll be done with everything.”

And if what we’ve been hearing out of her camp is any indication, that rematch is not going to go well for her. For starters, she’ll be sticking by Edmund Tarverdyan’s side even though the government will soon be seizing all his assets. Secondly, she’ll spend at least a decent chunk of her time away from the octagon filming back-to-back movies, according to a recent interview with Lorenzo Fertitta.

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Speaking with Sporting News, Fertitta described his recent visit with Rousey, and it’s hard not to find his words a little ominous.

I went out to see her in L.A. Had some real good conversations with her. She is, as you would expect, very disappointed. Distraught, to some extent. She’s never lost. She never lost a fight in the Octagon. She never lost a fight in the street. She didn’t know what it was like. Right? … She is champing to be back in there. She made some commitments before the fight to make two movies. So she’s going to do that. Then get back to training in the Octagon.

We get it, commitments are commitments, but it doesn’t exactly bode well that the same person who described herself as “exhausted” going into UFC 193 (no doubt due to her plethora of media obligations and increasingly demanding Hollywood schedule) will be shooting two movies before getting back to focusing on the biggest fight of her life — especially when one of those movies is a goddamn remake of Road House. It would be like if Rocky got his ass kicked by Clubber Lang in Rocky 3, then went right back to doing Muppets appearances instead of engaging in mildly homoerotic beach sprints like a true champion.

Of course, with the UFC all but forcing Holm to sit out until Rousey is ready to fight, it’s pretty clear to see which way the promotion’s hands are swayed. If Fertitta is to be believed, however, Rousey is simply putting on that crushed, deflated demeanor in order to fool all us easily-swayed media types.

“She has options,” said Fertitta. “But let me tell you what. Ronda is the single most competitive person I’ve ever met in my life. If you don’t think she isn’t ready right now … She’s plotting her comeback. I don’t think anything can stop her from coming back.”

Anything…except Road House 2. 

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