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Ronda Rousey Is ‘Like a (Expletive) Dude Trapped in This Beautiful Body’, According to Dana White

(“Ronda, do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong body? Like, maybe your real gender isn’t the one that everybody sees? Oh. Okay. No, I don’t either, I was just asking. Hey, look, Pinkberry.”)

You can tell when UFC president Dana White is excited, because he swears slightly more than he usually does. Here’s what he had to say last week about his recent platonic play-date with Ronda Rousey (via MMAFighting):

I took Ronda Rousey to the Sons of Anarchy premiere the other day. And you know how Hollywood premieres are with (expletive) people lined up and down the streets. You got the red carpet. So we pull up and you got all the Sons guys, and all the celebrities that are there from FX TV shows. We got out of the car and the whole (expletive) place started screaming ‘Ronda, Ronda, Ronda,’ like (expletive) crazy. Like a (expletive) Kardashian got out of the car. I was like holy (expletive) (expletive) this girl is right there.

She’s a (expletive) unique individual. She’s like a Diaz brother. She really is. Inside like a (expletive) dude trapped in this beautiful body. The reason I got interested in women’s MMA is because of her…everyone is like it’s cause she’s good-looking and ‘Dana blah-blah.’ Gina Carano is good-looking too. She’s very pretty. There’s (expletive) something different about Ronda Rousey.

I think she is going to be a (expletive) rock star. She’s got that thing. The women’s fighting thing…I’ve been around some of those girls, they’re girls. But this girl is like a (expletive) killer man. And all she wants to do is get better, and better, and better; and learn more, and more, and more.”

First of all, women love it when you describe them as “like a Diaz brother.” Actually, I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a compliment or not, but it’s definitely an apt description. Nevertheless, Dana is clearly quite taken with the Strikeforce bantamweight champ — although not enough to build a UFC division around her quite yet:

Let’s say we took Ronda Rousey and you brought her in the UFC, you’d have to build an entire division. Then you have to have another place where women can train and work their way up. For the men you have all these other small shows happening all over the world. They can work their way up and get on The Ultimate Fighter. There’s so many different route for the guys to get there, where for the women’s (there’s not).

There’s Invicta where they can fight and train. But that’s only one (expletive) show out there other than Strikeforce where women can work their way up. I just fear bringing Ronda to the UFC just shuts down the path for other talent to get to Ronda. It’s tough, but I’m telling you right now I think she’s one of the pound-for-pound best in the world. She’s ripping apart all the best girls in the world….these girls she’s fighting against are the best, they’re the best girls in the world. They know exactly what the (expletive) she’s going to do and they can’t stop her.”


  1. The12ozCurls Says:

    Mon, 09/17/12 - 02:22

    Does it say if DW was nude while doing this interview - sporting a boner and performing self-love?
  2. CrackMasterVanSnap Says:

    Mon, 09/17/12 - 02:54

    I think Dana has a man-crush on her. Don't forget to work the shaft Dana!
  3. Alan K Says:

    Mon, 09/17/12 - 03:16

    So as long as Dana wants to bang Rousey there will be a chance of seeing women's fights in the UFC at some point. Also, is he saying that Ronda might take fights in Invicta? I know there's been some borrowing of talent with Kaufman and McMann so hopefully that continues.
  4. FightZen Says:

    Mon, 09/17/12 - 03:24

    I'm painfully over the Ronda Rousey hype train. She's a big fish in an empty pond. I promise you, if Cyborg can make the weight, she'll kill Ronda. Make all the steroid jokes you want, but Cyborg is a mad striker. Ronda leads with her head.
  5. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 09/17/12 - 04:36

    So has Bellator given up on WMMA?
  6. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 09/17/12 - 06:07

    These other women need to respect Ronda and the incredible sacrifices she is making to build the sport. Somebody had to get smashed out on the casting room couch.
  7. fedors pink panties Says:

    Mon, 09/17/12 - 06:50

    I hear Ronda can punch harder than Bisbing, let her fight Benevidez.
  8. smiledriver Says:

    Mon, 09/17/12 - 09:56

    awww Dana loves her and wants to have a million billion babies with her.
  9. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 09/17/12 - 11:08

    Is that pronounced "womba"?
  10. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 09/17/12 - 11:09

    Dana just likes the way she outs it to him after she straps on her championship hardware.
  11. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 09/17/12 - 11:11

    damn no edit button I meant puts it to him
  12. hooligun Says:

    Tue, 09/18/12 - 05:30

    wtf with all the (expletive) shit? print what he fuckin said you fuckin pussy.
  13. ArmFarmer Says:

    Tue, 09/18/12 - 06:54

    She's fighting the best girls in the world.. all 3 of them.. except for that one.. 2 out of 3 of them. Best pfp ever.
  14. ArmFarmer Says:

    Tue, 09/18/12 - 07:05

    I'll take women's mma more seriously when it takes more than 2-3 fights to clean out a division, and when the contenders and champs stop talking about quitting every time they lose a fight. Gina was a champion, loses once, leaves the sport.. Miesha takes her place, loses, starts talking about retirement. They already lost cyborg to a drug suspension, but now that she's getting ready to come back, the super cocky "I can kill anyone in the room with my bare hands" champ refuses to make the fight happen. zzzzzzzzzzzz...
  15. BaghdadBob Says:

    Tue, 09/18/12 - 10:42

    Somebody has a teen crush. How sweet.
  16. crappiefloper Says:

    Tue, 09/18/12 - 04:41

    McMann will crush her. Mark my words.MARK THEM
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  21. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 02:11

    Ronda Rousey Is... The Ships's Voyages...
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    Thu, 02/27/14 - 03:11

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