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‘Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum’ Aftermath: Well, Holy Shit

(…. ….*crickets* …. …. PhotoProps: Strikeforce)

In the days and weeks following Fedor Emelianenko’s stunning loss to Fabricio Werdum inside the Strikeforce cage on Saturday night, some jerk with a website or internet radio show will probably try to tell you that he saw this coming. When that happens it will be important for you to remember that, aside from a very, very select group of individuals, those people are goddamned liars.

In retrospect – and retrospect always feels cheap – maybe it’s not shocking that Emelianenko lost a fight down the stretch of his storied MMA career. Regardless of the nonsensical stuff Frank Shamrock told us at the top of last night’s broadcast about Fedor’s “impenetrable shield of invincibility,” Emelianenko himself has taken pains to remind us again and again that he is, in fact, just a man; a man who puts his traditional Russian garments on one leg at a time like everybody else.

But to lose this fight? Admit it, you didn’t see that coming.

What was additionally shocking was that Fedor appeared to bring the defeat on himself by making such a classic rookie mistake. After dropping Werdum with a blitz of his signature winging punches just a few seconds into the fight, Emelianenko followed him to the mat with a wild aggression befitting a much less experienced fighter. Even after the jiu jitsu ace almost snared him in an arm bar early on, it didn’t look like Fedor even considered the possibility he might get caught in a submission while he was dropping unchecked hammerfists on Werdum’s head. The 6-foot-4 Brazilian, meanwhile, calmly adjusted his legs to lock in a triangle choke.

Even when it became clear that Fedor was stuck and his head started to turn a deep shade of purple, we all had to be thinking, “He’s going  to get out of this … he’s going to get out of this …,” right up to the moment that the choke/arm bar elicited a single, defeated tap to Werdum’s left leg. Turns out, Emelianenko even taps differently than everyone else in MMA.

The end, like in a lot of big-time MMA fights, was a bit anticlimactic. It took just a minute, nine seconds and aside from Fedor’s early flurry, which made it look like the outcome was going to be just as academic as we all thought in the week leading up to the fight, there wasn’t a lot to see. Still, even for the most strident supporters of “The Last Emperor” it was hard not to feel kind of good for Werdum, who looked just as surprised as everybody else (maybe more so) as he raced across the cage with his hands raised as soon as referee John McCarthy called a stop to the fight.

“My feel is very, very happy,” a clearly elated Werdum said when Gus Johnson  asked him about his feelings during their post-fight interview. He also acknowledged the unpredictable and sort-of indefinite nature of his own win, saying even he still felt Fedor was the best fighter in the world.

That final question – Is Fedor still the best? — is certainly one Strikeforce is going to have to grapple with duiring the next few weeks. The loss naturally appears to dash the company’s plans to have Emelianenko fight Alistair Overeem for the title later in the year. While a meeting between Werdum and Alistair would be OK, it wouldn’t have nearly the same sizzle of Fedor vs. Overeem, a fight so potentially big that CEO Scott Coker had even talked about trying to put it on pay-per-view. Obviously, Strikeforce isn’t above having a guy who just lost fight for the title, but that would seem like a giant cop-out in this situation. For his part, Werdum said he’d like to fight Fedor again, as if he too needs to see this shit again to believe it.

From somewhere in the world, UFC President Dana White tweeted a giant smiley face in the moments following the fight. Stay classy, Big DW. By comparison, Fedor himself was the picture of civility following his first real career loss.

“I was made into a kind of an idol,” he said at the post-fight press conference. “I’m a normal human being as all of us, and if it is God’s will, the next fight I will win.”

Emelianenko has one fight left on his contract with Strikeforce and said that he will honor that commitment.


  1. TheMadness Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:35

    I'll die laughing when DW says that none of his champions would make such a stupid mistake.
  2. Swedish Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:37

    Who will join me dancing on Strikeforce's grave??? My shoes are on and I'm ready to dance the night away. This made me so happy, the hype is FINALLY OVER! Cant they fold their little POS promotion now?
  3. Sabado Gigante Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:46

    Well, seeing how the Strikeforce matchmakers are constantly on Salvia, don't be suprised if this fight earned Fedor the next crack at the title shot!
  4. BigCountrysCholesterol Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:50

    Hype? The guy has a record of 32-2. Join you in dancing on Strikeforce's grave? Why? So that we get less free MMA on TV? Jesus, you kids today.
  5. BigDaddyD Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:58

    Honestly, I called this fight before it happened. I told all my friends Fedor was going to lose tonight via sub. Believe me if you want idc. With fedor's overagressive fighting style and werdum's bjj I saw sub written all over it. I didnt think it would happen that fast as it did though. I feel bad for Fedor and as a fellow Christian I hope he sees this lose as God's way of humbling him and letting the world know that we are all human and flawed. But who's next for Fedor? Bigfoot?
  6. Rexox Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:59

    he got caught one by one of the top 10 BJJ guys in the world. Hes still the best pound for pound in the world.
  7. MyFightWiffaCheeto Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:00

    Wait. Fedor lost right... so by Strikeforce's definition... Doesn't he get a title shot?
  8. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:05

    I'm glad we have SF to watch. I think they do a horrible job promoting their fights but i'm still glad I have the ability to watch exciting fights in between UFC's. @Swedish - Honestly, you want them to close shop BEFORE the middleweight tournament? Are you even an MMA fan? The only companies grave I want to dance on is M-1 Global.
  9. MyFightWiffaCheeto Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:05

    This is why they should have had Fedor vs. Overeem first. No point in holding off blockbuster fights. Now instead of a hot commodity they have a minute in the microwave one. @BigDaddyD Next opponent, I said Bigfoot too and LOL'd last night, but after thinking about it. REMATCH. Arlovski vs. Fedor. I'd love to see that. Imagine the motivation behind Arlovski to train for that. It would be nice.
  10. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:09

    @Rexox You're trolling right? BROCKLESNARR vs Carwin will be for #1 Heavyweight. How can you rank someone as the #1 p4p fighter in the world when they are not even the #1 in their weight division? Idiot.
  11. Rongsxr Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:10

    @Swedish - Your comment illustrates the difference between MMA fans and UFC fanboys. SF cards are always entertaining and ..............FREE! What's the problem?
  12. PingPong Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:19

  13. Harry Nips Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:23

    There's a lot about the Strikeforce shows I don't like (just about everything but their fights) but I would hate to see them fold. They put on free shows & good fights. If you watch their fights with the sound off it's 10x better.
  14. cecils_pupils Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:24

    Since Stirkeforce can no longer predict who wins their matches Scott Coker has finally got his head on straight and has hired Dan Quinn as his new matchmaker following last nights debacle. In an epic display of matchmaking prowess, Quinn has announced to the MMA world this morning that to prove Fedor's status as #1 he will fight Overeem and rematch Werdum simultaneously.
  15. RwilsonR Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:39

    Everyone is worried about who Fedor will fight next, but I think you should be wondering if he will ever fight again. While we don't know exactly what Strikeforce is paying him, we can be pretty sure it is a whole lot of money, and likely enough to make their Fedor-related events not very profitable. Scott Coker practically admitted as much when they were in the initial stages of signing him, and that has been the case for most everyone that has spoken about their experiences in dealing with Fedor and M-1. So what was an extreme gamble to begin with in having Fedor fight for them is now an extreme money losing venture. If his inflated salary was close to making them insolvent back when he seemed invincible and network television airtime was available to them, I really doubt Coker, or his puppet masters at CBS/Showtime will even consider putting Fedor on another card at his current inflated salary now that he has lost, and CBS seems uninterested in a network MMA broadcast after the Shields brawl. You think they want to pay him upwards of minimum $2 mil/fight (if not much more) to fight Bigfoot Silva on Showtime? The Strikeforce guys may not be geniuses, but they also seem a little smarter than Tom Atencio or the Shaws. They don't want to sink their whole organization just to give Fedor the last fight on his contract. One thing Scott Coker has always done well is to make money promoting smaller regional shows. Without Fedor's mystique, I think Coker stops trying to compete with the UFC, and reverts back to his roots. That is, if he is still in control of Strikeforce, and not the jackasses at CBS/Showtime.
  16. DangadaDang Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:40

    I know Swedish is only doing this to get some attention because his parents aren't obviously providing enough, but as a fan of MMA I have to wonder what goes through the mind of someone who thinks a hype train can last 10 years and include victories over countless legends of the sport. I mean even as a person, Fedor is one of the most respectable and down to earth people on the planet. What brings on such hatred for a person who has done nothing more than win? Jealousy that despite his name, Swedish is likely a gangly, virginal ginger who lives vicariously through MMA fighters? Or pure boredom? Would you rather have a champion like Brock Lesnar, an arrogant egomaniac who was given a title shot after going 1-1 in the UFC? That is hype my friend, now sink back into your parents basement and eat another HoHo, knowing that they will never cure your depression
  17. Deathb4tapout Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:51

    I would hate to see SF close their doors. Like ppl are saying its more MMA and as fans how could we hate that. Yeah they make some lame calls but hell other orgs do the same. Fedor losing I think is a good thing for him. It will allow him to focus again. I personally thought he came in looking flabby but he normally does have that flab look it just looked like it was more this time. Call me crazy but it just looked that way. As for Fedor being the p4p best fighter in the world thats crazy. He has not fought any quality fighters in way to long to still have the title. When he was in Pride damn right he was the best but now I think Anderson Silva or GSP fit the bill better then Fedor. Also I think we need to see a super heavy wieght class. Heavy weights should be 205 to 230 or 235 and then 235 plus should be super. Because its nuts seeing Brock and Shane toss guys around like rag dolls. Even though I'm interested in what Cane is going to do against either one.
  18. stopdrinkingpee Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:55

    Fëdor's next fight has to be Bigfoot, right? @ComaPlata: I don't agree with Rexox -- IMO GSP is P4P #1 -- but I'm not sure you know what "pound for pound" means. I believe Rashad Evans would beat the shit out of BJ Penn, but I think Penn, who is 50 pounds lighter, is the better fighter, pound for pound. Shane Carwin or whoever may well be better than Fëdor, but I think Emelianenko, who is 50 pounds lighter, is the better fighter, pound for pound. Carwin and Lesnar cut to make 265. Fëdor weighed in at under 230 this weekend.
  19. DangadaDang Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:57

    On a different note, Mauro Ranallo actually made a comment that was genuinely funny last night. During the Smith/Le fight, on Smith's ability to come back: "Just watch any of Smith's fight's I mean the guy's had more come back's than Lazarus for cryin out loud"
  20. dranokills Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:00

    ahhhh how nice to see, topics I love. No matter what little bullshit thing you people dream up or that strikefarce dreams up, the fact is fedor the great ain't so goddamn great anymore. I don't care what happens next, I don't' care which can he fights next. I don't care about fedor, never have, NOW, I won't have how great he is force-fed down everyones throat on this hub anymore. It's a great day. I agree with swedish, It's time to dance on strikefarces grave, and fuck it if we have less MMA to watch great, we don't need to get use to watered down shit company's that can't get anything but sluff offs from the UFC, and nobody cans who couldn't make it in the UFC. We don't need second rate, so stop supporting it. I think last night, live from the SHANK TARK was enough for me.
  21. k-onda Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:00

    First of all, this pound-4-pound "best" talk is all moot, and I hope nobody takes their own opinions regarding this subject too seriously. Second, Fedor is a freaking legend and after, I can't even count how many years now, for the guy to maintain this level of excellence is incredible. Third, there is a new era emerging with a new breed of athlete, guys are constantly getting bigger and faster, the future holds some absolute freaks of nature in store for us to watch. Finally, what ever you think about Fedor, nobody has been spoken of as the best in the world for nearly as long as he has, now if only we could get a few other fighters with his level of respect and honor, if not his fighting prowess.
  22. dogpt3 Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:04

    Pound for Pound rankings are as useful as tits on a dude. They mean absolutely nothing, can't be proven and are all just the personal opinions of people that think they know what they are talking about. Why even bother with them? A lot of people saw this coming, Coker himself even called the win by Werdum. Fedor was making excuses before the fight even went down. I've been a huge Fedor fan for years and I wanted him to win of course, but I still bet Werdum, I also bet Finney but I'm just sick like that. Fedor has to retire or go to the UFC and prove the haters wrong, those are his only two viable options. He has fought a lot of mid level competition for the past 5 years, I think people are going to get their perceptions of Fedor smashed if he continues to fight guys tougher than Werdum. But that shouldnt change anything, all great fighters have losses, look at Randy's record, he's like 18-10 and still a legend. It is not so much your record that makes you a legend, it is how you put yourself out there, who you take on and how much heart you put into it. Now that the undefeated record is gone, I'm hoping Fedor has a little chat with God and realizes its time to go out there, no holds barred and prove to the world he is the fighter that M-1 has hyped him up to be. Its actually a good thing in my opinion he lost because now he doesnt have to worry about dodging fights that might put a L on his stats sheet.

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:06

    i would have predicted overeem to win. i can see him leg kicking anyone to death. werdum usually is in bad shape. he is one of the best in the world not only at bjj but mma, so when i saw him in great shape i was like oooooooooooohhh shiat this might be good. end of story. fedor has been protected against large threats, like werdum for too long.
  24. JerzeyJon Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:06

    @BigDaddyD How did you know Fedor was going to lose? Did a burning bush tell you? Why do people have to bring religion in to everything! That "D" in "BigDaddyD" must stand for douche!!
  25. napes Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:08

    Pound for pound may not even be relevant any longer. I mean, MMA today is so highly unpredictable that no one can clearly say that one guy for CERTAIN will beat another. Fedor is a great fighter, has been for years, but its only a matter of time in MMA or any sport for that matter that a guy must go down to defeat. On that note, it’ll be nice to see Fedor in the UFC soon.
  26. cecils_pupils Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:10

    ^^^ spot on dogpt3..., well said.
  27. Nealio Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:18

    Fedor is overrated and never fought anyone good.
  28. BigDaddyD Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:19

    @JerzeyJon I predicted Fedor to lose because of his aggressive fighting style after knocking someone down and Werdum's BJJ. Werdum wasnt hurt, just knocked down. Fedor fell exactly into where Werdum wanted him too. Also, @ your religious comments... I brought them into the convo because Fedor is a Christian... do you know nothing about the man at all? What do you believe in... whatever I it it's probably stupid, because you're so stupid.... You see how that^ sounded? Yeah you sounded like that because you are completly ignorant.
  29. steampunk22 Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:27

    @Nealio False, and yes he has. Just not recently. I'm calling a Fedor/Arlovski rematch. M1 will take the fight because they think Fedor will win and Arlovski will take the fight now that Fedor has actually lost. Both carry big name value for Strikeforce, both will need a win, and the back story is built in. Does anyone want to see Fedor/Bigfoot? Shit no. Fedor/Arlovski II? Coker has gotta be pitching that one already...
  30. steampunk22 Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:28

    @BigdaddyD Fedor is one of the most humble guys on the planet. I don't think his loss has anything to do with humility, he just wasnt the better fighter last night. God or no god.
  31. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:39

    my turn. See I new people would come in here and complain about him losing. They would say he was having an off day, he just got caught and yes everyone gets caught. Not everyone at that level leaves an arm dangling in someones guard so they can get pulled right back into it. I won't tell you I saw this coming because I didn't however I will tell you that I did have a eerie feeling about the situation as a whole M-1 chances are thought they were putting there cash cow in there with another WASHED UP UFC nobody. Wrong? This guy trains day in and day out he knew from the start this could be his one and only time to make history and he wanted to Leave no question for you haters! Lifes a bitch Super Dude does bleed and bullets do hurt him. He isn't the PFP best and hasn't been for sometime. Thats life guys! The Truth shall set you free. I was routing for him and yes I am drinking a Vanilla Starbucks to Celebrate this Ironic turn of events that NONE of you could see happening. It's alright don't go ripping that poster off the wall, keep it up there next to tom brady and Hannah montana none of us are going to judge you. Don't burn those old VHS tapes with the Fedor of before it's historical and a time you should remember because the hype is now over and it has been just that for six years. I think the best part thus far is a toss up, the excuses you guys are making or the video title "Fedor the end of an era". Karma's a bitch boys. Glad to drop by.
  32. BrutusBox Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:52

    I said it last night and i'll say it again, M-1 will hear of no other opponent than Batista
  33. Rongsxr Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:57

    Leave god out of it, in case you haven't heard religion is silly. But seriously , Fedor got a little to eager to finish him and made a mistake, it happens and he'll be back.
  34. JerzeyJon Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 10:01

    @BigDaddyD I know that Fedor is christian but that has absolutly nothing to do with fighting. By the way i believe in logic and reason.... i know that sounds stupid and ignorant but i"m gonna stick with it
  35. cecils_pupils Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 10:08

    This Just In: There are rumors, I say again RUMORS, floating around that Fedor took a dive. Let me be clear - I am not saying this. It is floating around the interwebs and was mentioned on the last thread, but in the context of it making money for Vadim/M-1 via betting. People are having Fedor's post-fight/press conference remarks directly translated but, evidently, he indicated there were several opportunities to get out of the triangle, that he chose not to. He also alluded to this proving that he is human (which is true anyway). Whether rumor or not, it definitely adds to the drama. Man! It's like a bomb went off in the MMA-verse!
  36. Goog Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 10:09

    If Fedor trains with anyone of any quality, he's been tapped out numerous times in training. He's a great fighter and he jumped into the guard of a high level bjj guy and got caught. End of story. Doesn't change his "ranking", his legacy, or his ability. I like Fedor's humility and have never been one for the P4P list or making him immortal like the hardcore Fedor followers, but the guy's got an impressive record. And who knows how much more he'll fight, but this loss may even produce a Fedor that fights a little more often without the big shroud of exclusivity that's been around for the last several years. Maybe not. In any case, he's no less fighter today than Machida or BJ Penn were the next morning. The only thing that'll change is some of the armchair quarterbacking from the rabid fans.
  37. foley Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 10:12

    The only chance Strikeforce has is to put together Overeem v. Werdum immediately and use the likely Brazil v. Netherlands quarter-final match as a cross-promotional gimmick. (that's World Cup Soocer, if you're wondering) Fedor gets the winner. Putting Fedor against anyone else would be folly, and reneging on the 'winner fights Overeem' declaration would be suicide for Coker. Overeem crushes Werdum and we get a great championship fight, if Werdum wins, we get the re-match.
  38. tallkitchenbags Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 10:13

    organized religion is a pox on civilized society. it should be removed.
  39. tallkitchenbags Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 10:14

    that being said, fedor is the man.
  40. bierergoggles Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 10:26

    Oh man... I just woke up from the craziest dream! It started out with a scene from a movie where Edward James Olmose was beating the crap out of Kate Bosworth. Then it ended with Fedor getting..... oh... wait... that wasn't just the alcohol?? It actually hap.... pen...ed... Well, time to finish off that bottle. Its 4:00pm somewhere. Screw you world, I am going back to bed... I JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU ANYMORE!!!
  41. BrutusBox Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 10:32

    this just in, fedor has called out hershel walker
  42. BigDaddyD Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 10:35

    @JerzeyJon It doesn't have to do with fighting, but it does have to do with the man himself. Fedor seemed humbled and maybe a tad shocked. But I think being religious as he is he will accept the loss and see it from a religious viewpoint as i'm sure he will. This I think will help him grow as a person and in his walk with God. As i'm sure you have no relationship with God I can't expect you to understand where im coming from. You as a person though need to learn how to conduct yourself in a civil conversation without bashing others religious standings as they vary from your own. If you want others to accept how you believe, first you should learn to accept other ways of thinking that aren't your own. I believe in free will and you have the right to believe in whatever you choose. Don't go around making sarcastic remarks like you did an expect people to respect how you choose to view the world or your standings when it comes to religion.
  43. meanfinger Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 10:38

    man.. i had no idea that there was so many idiots that post on here.
  44. right hand crazy Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 10:43

    i'm not going to say i saw it coming, but i will say that FEDOR should have seen this coming. i don't know how many times i saw fabricio on TV, in interviews, talking to any random person on the street who would listen, that he "had a plan to beat fedor" and that it involved "submitting him in the first round". personally, i didn't think he could do it up until the very moment before the bell rang to start the fight. for probably the first time i saw nervousness in fedor's face. it wasn't super obvious, but i saw him and immidiately said to my wife "oh shit, fedor is nervous!" then, of course, he ran out there and pulled a fuckin' arlovski and only reaffirmed that thought. but i think this loss illustrates the biggest hole in fedor's game and it has nothing to do with his technique. he's too isolated. if fedor didn't spend all his time secluded from the world at large in some po'dunk russian town going to church all day long then maybe he'd actually be tuned into the sport of MMA a little more and would have gone in knowing that werdum was going to try to submit him right away. i mean, he should have known that anyway, but still...the guy told you his exact game plan and you play right into it? you either must not have been paying attention or you're just cocky as shit. fedor doesn't strike me as the cocky type. and on the same point, he needs to train with some different camps. i don't pretend to know how vicious werdum's guard is...i imagine pretty damn vicious, but in my eyes it looked like fedor hadn't been put in that dangerous of a position too often and didn't have more than one escape to pull from. why not pick him up and slam him on his head rampage/arona style? sure, it's dangerous, but when you're seconds away from tapping, what is there to lose? why not grind your knee or foot into his stomach/chest and try to escape mark hunt style? at least give the guy on bottom something to worry about.
  45. Morningwood Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 11:24

    Fedor didn't take a dive. That's BS. I'm not even a Fedor fan and I think that's 100% opposite of Fedor's character.
  46. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 11:37

    @stopdrinkingpee I never said who I thought was top p4p. I said BROCKLESNARR vs Carwin was for #1 HEAVYWEIGHT... read the comment next time. I think AS is numbero uno. Why? AS is the 185 champ, I would bet on him being the favorite in a fight with GSP (at 170... GSPs weight) and I think there would be a high probability of him beating Shogun (at 205... Shogun's weight). I also feel he could make an impressive showing in HW (of course the big 3 would give him problems but come on... thats a HUGE weight difference). My main point with my comment was it is ridiculous to consider Fedor the best p4p fighter when he is not at the top of his division.
  47. nickyroose Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 11:39

    HAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Wrongo bud wrongo. Everyone can get Caught. I will Re-iterate. YOU ARE NOT THE BEST IF YOU DO NOT FIGHT THE BEST. fighting freaks and tire salesman and UFC drop-outs does not make you the best. I honestly think he could fight Anderson Silva right now with both at their regular weights. I mean come on I love the Fed but no fucking way can any delusion asshole possibly believe he is still Pound for pound. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. Of Werdum may be top ten BJJ in heavyweight but it didn't stop JDS to putting that fool to sleep with speed and quickness. Chew on that, 4th ranked guy kncks out the guy who easily taps "The greatest Pound for Pound" Doesn't jive son, doesn't jive. Fedor was never and will never be P4P while Anderson Silva walks the earth.
  48. xveg Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 11:42

    I won't say I knew this was going to happen but I'll say I was willing to bet $50 on werdum at +450, if it was overeem at +450 against fedor I would have bet a lot more though. First legitimate top ten HW, fedor has fought since cro-cop. Fedor is amazingly explosive, a definite top 10 hw and probably one of, if not the most exciting fighters alive but seriously he's been fighting has beens, freakshows and almost got beat in rd. 1 by some dude who was changing tires a year ago. Same story as Torres, great fighter but the hype was out of proportion with his abilities. Hopefully he'll move to LHW and fight in the ufc which would be seriously exciting. Not that he couldn't beat a brock, carwin or cain but mostly i'd expect that he lands a big punch then gets smothered into oblivion.
  49. dogpt3 Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 11:44

    Saying he took a dive is an easy way out, its for people that dont want to accept Fedor actually lost. Look in his eyes at the end of the fight and you can see genuine disappointed.... unless it is disgust for taking a dive and realizing he just sold his soul to the devil. But then again Fedor is a good Christian... he could never gamble or cheat could he? Remember, people were saying that some Arab Sheik paid Silva to take it the distance against Maia in Dubai.... and then we found out he's actually just a nut job... a nut jub that is gonna commit vile acts against Sonnen.
  50. Morningwood Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 12:04

    I'm a Sonnen fan. Liked him in the WEC as well in the UFC. It's gonna be a tough fight but Silva is the wild card. Which Silva will show up? the one who made Irvin, and Griffith look like virgins in a porn shop? Or, the Silva who gets bored and runs around like a clown? If Silva fights like he means business. Then it's a tough nite for Sonnen. If he gets bored. It will be a bad fight and Silva's last in the UFC.
  51. nickyroose Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 12:07

    @ myslef seemed harsh. My buddy is a Fedor fan and its ind of a bummer. But still man way to protected leaves you soft.
  52. Leonard Washington Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 12:42

    Just thought I'd stop in to compliment the CP author on a great article. I can never tell who writes them, but Ben/Mike/whoever, well done. I also wanted to applaud dogpt3 for his post. I included the same correlation about Randy Couture in an article this morning. Without sounding like a dickhead, I don't see why this was such an unforeseeable conclusion. There were a few threads on the UG and some articles indicating how dangerous of a match-up Werdum was. Fedor showed some warning signs against AA and Rogers, and Werdum has underrated strength and a better pure BJJ pedigree than Big Nog. I'm down with a Fedor/AA rematch.
  53. So So Explosive Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 12:45

    This is the best thing that coulda happened to strikeforce, you think they're gonna fold from this? LMFAO, it's actually gonna bring strikeforce back to a credible MMA organization, those M-1 Fags are gonna fuck off next fight and strikeforce ain't gonna co-promote shit with a company that depends on one fighter that just lost his value. Fedors a great fighter and probably the best heavyweight still, if you pay attention you can actually see the relief in his face that all this hype bullshit is over. My graces go out to the dude, he can go back to being a normal person and quit getting fucking ass raped by media. God bless.
  54. ShogunVK Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 12:55

    You know what Swedish ill join you in dancing on that Strikeforce grave , they need to go back and do what they were good at and thats a regional promotion, as for strikeforce putting on FREE mma events their has only been 2 CBS cards and the rest have been on Showtime wich you must pay for .. the same people calling us UFC fan boys are all Fedor nut hugers, he has been over hyped look at his last 5 opponents Fabricio Werdum, Brett Rogers, Andrei Arlovski, Tim Sylvia, Hong-Man Choi, oh yeah thats a great list . He was the greatest P4P fighter in MMA but that has long passed, but everyone should be ok with that its part of nature all our Idols eventually fall from grace and their is no shame in that and unless he begins to fight top 10 HWs he will never regain that world best title. Also this is completely out of the blue but a friend said something jokingly right after the fight that kind of got me thinking, can anyone see M-1 global trying to taint one of Fabricio Werdum drug test,
  55. Denny Slim607 Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 01:57

    I DID pick the Werdum win, on Fightpicker. Too bad I didn't bet on him... Best Heavyweight out there right now is Carwin, you will find that out in 6 days. Best P4P is Silva, no contest and as much as I like GSP, I feel bad that he has to fight Silva if they both win.
  56. Keyser Soze Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 01:58

    Pound for pound rankings aren't gospel, and no one will ever agree on who's 1rst, 2nd, 3rd etc, but they do have some degree of merit. There are far too many tangibles and intangibles that could affect a fighter's ranking, but in terms of consistancy four of the top five P4P'ers listed are usually always Silva, GSP, Fedor, Penn and the current guy with no name wearing a red uniform like on Star Trek. Fedor fans feel he is the best, while Penn fans voice the same mutual opinion of their fighter. It is used by the press, fans and promoters to hype fights and create sales and viewership. To think your favourite fighter is a demi-god and will never lose is flat out foolish. It sucks when it happens, but it will sooner or later. If Randy can compete at mid/later 40's, then I don't buy that Fedor is washed up and done at 34. Is he a great fighter? Yes. Did he have an amazing record? Yes. Does this one loss really affect his legacy or tarnish his status? Not really, at least not in my opinion. Will this loss light a fire under his ass? Most definitely. GSP is probably my favourite fighter, based on patriotism and admiration of his fighting spirit, technique, intelligence, humility, and dedication. It really sucked ass to see him lose to Serra and Hughes. Shit happens, and good fighters live and learn, and I have no doubt Fedor will as well.
  57. pinkyslayer Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 02:31

    jesus fucking christ....bigdaddyd, i respect your right to practice and proselytize whatever faith you'd like, but RELIGION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MMA. You didn't say that, but dogpt3 says he couldn't have taken a dive bc he's a christian and they don't gamble or cheat. People have been saying they were members of this and that faith since faith was invented, and those same people have turned out to be liars and cheaters and thieves just like the rest of the world. Ted Haggard would never fuck a dude, until he got caught fucking dudes. People need to ignore these irrelevant personal details. The facts are Fedor was sloppy and perhaps overconfident. The only detail about Fedor's personal life that has ANY relevance is right hand crazy's point that he doesn't follow MMA and he's too isolated. He has stated before that he doesn't watch fights, and we know he's had the same small training camp for practically his whole career. THIS is relevant speculation, not whether some sky fairy will grant Fedor favor and retard-strength in his next match.
  58. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 02:32

    Fedor just got caught russian in. He was punching Fabricio in the head, but Fabricio vadim in a triangle. Don't worry, he'll be back, he'll keep putin in the long hours. There's no stalin with this guy, most of the gorbachev his managements fault. I still love him, the same way his mamodev.
  59. rite leg ospitahl Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 02:34

    okay first of all i watched this fight with my buddy comoplata some of you might know him. when fedor made that single tap he jumped up screaming his head off as though he was raising demon spirits from the pits of hell and was sending them out onto the world. i , on the other hand sat with my jaw dropped in silence. i really could and couldnt believe what happened at the same time. look fedor was great now hes old. thats all. just liek chuck randy cro cop. its time for changing of the gaurd. its just a shame that overeem didnt get to do it. werdum is no where near top ten h.w. so lets not even get that started. fedor is not best pound for pound anything except maybe pound to religeon ratio or something. anderson will out strike everything and can be aq threat in four weight classes. get over it gsp's blandjitsu only takes him to number two.
  60. ghostboner Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 02:44

    Penis Misanthrodick - that was good. Even for you, that was good. I just wanna know why Fedor didn't even try to defend the triangle? Maybe he did, I'll have to watch again. But I can think of at least three triangle defenses that he did not do.
  61. Angry Whopper Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 02:45

    Wow, when did all the little girls start commenting here. Fedor lost. Most didn`t expect it. OK. Let`s move on, people. I think we can agree that the Lesnar and Carwin fight is a bigger deal, as is the future matchup between the Lesnar-Carwin winner and the Werdun-Overeem winner. Now there`s a fight we all want to see. So let`s all do a shot of vodka and get on with our lives.
  62. TheMadness Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 02:58

    To people calling for Fedor's retirement: The man is thirty fucking four. He has had one, ONE, legitimate loss, and you idiots want him to retire? Are all of you the same guy that wrote the article telling Faber to retire after getting beat by Aldo? He'll bounce back, sure he's not "invincible" anymore, but he never really was. He's just a scary, slightly tubby Russian who excels at punching people.
  63. DazedNConfused Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 03:01

    Fedor hit him with his signature flurry. Instead of watching the interviews and assessing his opponents strengths and weaknesses, Fedor simply jumped into one of the best BJJ guards swinging wildy to finish the fight in typical Fedor fashion. Werdum calmly did what he most likely was practicing like crazy for the past 6 weeks, and submitted him. Fedor, is amazing. He could lose 4 in a row like Chuck Liddell and I'll still call Fedor one of the best fighters and most interesting people in MMA. That being said, he fucked up in royally in this fight. He made a rookie mistake, and it seemed like he just wasn't thinking clearly. He should have let Werdum stand back up. There was no way Werdum would win in a striking match. The man will bounce back, and sometimes a loss is usually what some people need to kick their careers and training back to the top. In this day and age, with how mixed martial arts has become, it is impossible to be undefeated throughout your whole career. GSP, Silva, Liddell, Couture, Lesner, BJ Penn, etc have all LOST, and WILL LOSE again. Well except Liddell, hopefully he stops fighting. But all I'm saying is, I still have Fedor right up there with all the other legends, and that'll never change.
  64. rite leg ospitahl Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 03:04

    sorry i didnt know talking about an event that happened last night was keeping us from "getting on with our lives" there are pages of comments on a paul daley koscheck fight... no different. u get on with ur life and accept the fact that u cant talk up fedor at work or to ur buddies any more. nobody wants to see overeem werdum. i wanna see fedor drop weight and try again. i wanna broke lesnar shane carwin fight... i give u that. and by the way if pound for pound it based on how dominate u are at ur weight class how come shane carwin with 12 wins to brocks four none out of first round not considered in best pound for pound. just saying. now do u see why its so stupid to consider h.w. for best pound for pound?
  65. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 03:08

    GSP is the highest ranked practitioner of Greg Jackson's blandjitsu. The only fighter I want to see get his ass kicked worse than GSP is King Mo. That aside... dude is damn good and I don't see any welterweights taken that title from him for a long time. Rite leg, you said Fedor was old but in all actuality he is only 34. Same age as the Nog's. That just goes to show that them crazy S.O.B's have been through some wars. The only problem is Fedor hasn't fought top tier competition since Cro Cop, and we see what happened to him when he came to the octagon. I hope Fedor's drive to fight is stronger than ever before and he wins his next fight and comes over and dominates the UFC's HW division. Do I think that will happen? Hell no.
  66. DazedNConfused Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 03:08

    @ Pinkslayer I totally agree. It still amazes me how someone like Fedor, an overweightish, average height, isolated Russian who has no type of diet or great training team behind him won so many fights in the first place. It's what amazes me about him and makes me believe that he really is special when it comes to punching people in the face. Look at training regimens like the ones people like GSP or Rashad Evans go through. That shit is calculated. They have a guy who trains you for every specific aspect of the fight, a guy who tells you what to eat, when to sleep, etc. I would say Fedors much like BJ Penn. They are amazing naturally but when it comes to perfecting your style and changing up your life for MMA, they aint havin it. And you know what? that's fine. It's their lives and even if they lose I'm sure they aren't gonna lose too much sleep over it.
  67. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 03:11

    @ riteaidprophylacticsale Huh?
  68. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 03:28

    @riteleg I think Shane and Brock are even. They both hold a win over Frank Mir. Carwin has a win over Gonzaga, BROCKLESNARR has a win over Couture. Carwin beat Niel McWhogivesafuck and Cristian Whatshisface who together equal BROCKLES win over Heath "The Texas Nolongergatekeeper" Herring. Does either ones record strike you as top p4p records? Plain and simple AS is currently the best p4p fighter...
  69. Almost North Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 03:41

    Totally a dive. Fedor earned the shot at the championship with that fight under Strikeforce rules. He knows how this works.
  70. rite leg ospitahl Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 03:50

    @comaplata look man u sound like a nice enough guy but i dont need fedors age recited to me. so what hes thirty four yeah and he moves looks sounds feels old. way to point out something that somebody had already noted in an above comment. i bet u even wikipedia-ed that fact for purposes of cross referencing. u seem liek the type of guy that would look up werdums record and try to say that alistar overeem doesnt have a chance cuz he beat him way back when. ... top tier since cro cop?!?!?!?!?!? that fight against pat barry should show u hes nothing special. wasnt it wandy that he fought in that open weight gp. to win. what weight class is it that wandy fights at? oh yeah middle weight... must not have been many good heavy guys that year... look with a name liek comaplata u seem to look liek a real mma fan but ur stuck in the past bro. carwin has more dominate wins and more number of wins. deal with it.... by the way when u comment back remeber i didnt say nothing bout ur boy iceman so i dont wanna hear vitors name out of those trampy lips.
  71. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 04:02

    UFC 37.5...
  72. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 05:04

    @ ritebrainremoval Not to be a dick (ha ha), but you need to go back to your ESL class before they strip you of your citizenship (if you have it). Your garbled transmissions are nearly indecipherable.
  73. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 05:08

    Ooohhhhhh... he used big words and correct punctuation. You just got served Rite Leg.
  74. pinkyslayer Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 05:17

    how the fuck are the iceman and vitor belfort related? I dont see where youre going there.
  75. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 05:17

    I love all this, you seem like......... when someone disagrees with your post, my 2 cents worth. I wanted to see Fedor win and was surprised how easily Werdum finished it, but there you go. Its up to Fedor where he goes next and best wishes with whatever he decides. From a personal perspective, the reason I've always loved Fedor is that he comes across as this goofy, slightly pot belleid ice cream eating Joe next door, then he steps in the cage and turns into a monster. Or at least he did. As for p4p ratings, as I've stated previously, I'm the p4p best fighter in my house, but WTF does that prove? In conclusion, I'm gona make some predictions: Strikeforce will continue and keep putting on shows that are puzzling to say the least, but still have some fucken great fights Fedor will fight again or retire or open an ice cream shop, and all power to him in whatever he decides By next Saturday no-one will give a flying fuck because we'll all be drooling in anticipation of Lesnar v Carwin Dicky Pee Pee will consistently post funny shit Drano will bust balls for ever
  76. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 05:18

    Yeah, I's can reads two. I'm hukt on pfonics. You bin serbed.
  77. rite leg ospitahl Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 05:18

    lol yeah i like people that have no knowledge of mma so the browse sites making unfunny jokes and spell checks. congrats on my helping of im smarter than u and use all of the key board and not just the letters (unesccessary punctions here) ha ha oh wait im sorry i havent learned anything... (ha ha) , was that right?
  78. rite leg ospitahl Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 05:22

    oh by the way sorry guys i know comaplata in real life. the vitor chuck reference is an inside joke. he loves chuck i love vitor blah blah vitor has a loss to chuck but chuck has been getting beat bad ... anyway
  79. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 05:25

    @ rite leg, dude, no disrespect, but your posts are kinda hard to follow, just sayin, you spell and punctuate however you like.
  80. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 05:26

    Vitor and Chuck is an on going battle between the "rite leg" and one 'coma of platas' ... (ha ha).., did I forget anything :; (ha ha)? [square brackets] and {funny ones too}
  81. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 05:26

    FitBullyFrank coming with the voice of reason, acting all sensible and shit. If I didn't know any better I'd think you were some sort of laid back Australian type. I'm still waiting for Ollie North to come up with the joke half of the "you been serbed" punchline. There is the most tasteless gem hiding deep within those three simple words, I just don't have the wherewithal to extract it. Something nearly as tasteless as: Q: What's the difference between a Jew and a pizza? A: Pizzas don't scream when you throw them in the oven.
  82. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 05:32

    Dicky, yeah, just sittin here scratchen my balls and thinking, man some people take shit far to serious. And I wouldn't repeat u been serbed around to many muslims, nawmimsayn, pretty sensitive on that one
  83. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 05:35

    I don't really hate any of you anymore than any other random human beings, I just like to make jokes. I really should go get to work and stop wasting my time on teh internets. I'm just a giant procrastinator. {[(---)]}{[(---)]}{[(---)]}{[(---)]}{[(---)]}{[(---)]}{[(---)]}{[(---)]} If I put up enough of these brackets maybe I'll be able to fence off a little piece of this internet to keep out all the weirdos and hoodlums. {[(---)]}{[(---)]}{[(---)]}{[(---)]}{[(---)]}{[(---)]}{[(---)]}{[(---)]}
  84. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 05:51

    Attn Pecker: If you can read this, your fence isn't big enough.
  85. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:25

    @ Comaplata, rite leg, if your such goood buddies, why dont you actually talk to each other normally? I converse via internet because i live on the other side of the world, from what I can gather you two guys watched the fight together, so why not just chat to each other? And if you cant handle Dicky Pee Pee's sense of humour you might just be a little bit to precious and riteleg, Dicky Pee Pee knows his shit when discussing MMA, maybe you should just stick with you and your buddies in jokes and mangling of the english language
  86. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:30

    Shit! I bought all the {[()]}'s I could find at my local building supply store and now they're down to -'s, ^'s, and ~'s. They said some bullshit about a nationwide shortage |obvious lie|, they're even low on /'s, \'s, and |'s. They said it would be three weeks before they restock. I was like, what the fuck man, next thing I know I'll have a wagon train of gypsies rolling up on my homestead. I guess at least I can bottle their tears, I hear if you mix pubic hair and gypsy tears it protects you from werewolves. Maybe I should try some +'s, at least they're kind of pointy up top. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  87. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:34

    Yeah, I've been watching fools punch each other in the face since '96. Shouldn't I get a tattoo or at least a gilded walker to commemorate my achievement?
  88. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:37

    cuppla face tatts and some tap out shirts should do it
  89. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:38

    @fbf Is it against the rules of the interwebs to converse on mma blogs if you and the person you are conversing with know each other and live in the same city? I do apologize, I never got the memo. I can handle Johnson's sense of humor, thats why I am having fun with it. It appears to me that you are the one that is to precious to handle mine. Just saying...
  90. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:41

    @pinkyslayer and Comaplata, any chance you two could get cracken on some feisty comments Its either banter with you guys or go and do some income projection spreadsheets, and I dont feel up to spreadsheets yet this morning. Betya the fuckers wont respond now just to piss me off.
  91. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:45

    @fbf With the state of the current economy I would feel horribly guilty if I caused you to slack on your occupation. Please, do your family a favor and get back on those income projection spreadsheets.
  92. pinkyslayer Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:48

    agreed. you've an obligation, you shitty australian kangaroo fucker
  93. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:48

    @ Coma, you didn't get that memo, I'll have a word to Bill Gates for you, and if we're unaware of what the injoke is, how the fuck are we supposed to find it funny? But your right, I am precious, like a rare and valuable gem. At least you kept me away from the spreadsheets for another five minutes so thank you.
  94. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:52

    Hey, how'd you fuckers scale my +'s? They told me down at the lumber yard that shit would keep all the ruffians at bay.
  95. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:54

    I'm going to get Tap uT tatooed across my ass. Your guess as to where I will get the o...
  96. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:55

    @fbf Context clues there buddy. Rite says "by the way when u comment back remeber i didnt say nothing bout ur boy iceman so i dont wanna hear vitors name out of those trampy lips." Let's have a closer look. "your boy iceman". One would gather from this statement that Chuck Liddell is "my boy" or "my favorite fighter". Next comes "so i dont wanna hear vitors name out of those trampy lips". When you add the two together you could assume since Chuck is my favorite fighter than Vitor must be his and, I am obviously a tramp with lips. My next comment was "UFC 37.5". That would be the UFC event that Chuck beat Vitor via decision. I was clever enough to give him a hard time about Vitor with out Vitor's name being used. You feel a little bit more "in the loop" now?
  97. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:57

    Now thats more like it, thank you boys, @ Coma, we actually dodged the worst of the GFC down here, and I work for govt contractors, so it's not like we're gonna go to the wall, but I appreciate your concern for my family. @ Pinky, not bad not bad, your aware we have wombats and platypus (platypus'es, platypi?) which work just as well as Kangaroo's in the bestiality jokes, and you'll probably get props for originality if you use an animal other than a Kangaroo or Koala, just sayin, thats not bad though when I read it first I'm like WTF, and then I'm like, oh yeah he actually just responded promptly and in a totally appropriate manner to my request. So, once again thank you both. keep up the good work.
  98. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 06:59

    Get busy on those spreadsheets and I'll get busy spreading the sheets back at yer place, while you're busy working, if you catch my drift /wink wink\.
  99. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:00

    Thank you Coma, sort of getting it, but as most in jokes they're funny as fuck to those in on em, and I'm gonna be honest here, I struggled reading rite legs posts, they really were a bit hard to follow.
  100. pinkyslayer Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:00

    I feel like this experience has brought us all closer. To flaming homosexuality. try some of these, dick_misanthropenis ^#^#^#^#^#^#^#^#^#^#^#^#^#^#^#^# sharp mountains with valleys full of thumb tacks will keep anyone out.
  101. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:02

    @fbf Would it be too cliché if I told your wife to "throw another shrimp on the barbie"?
  102. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:03

    @ Pinky "I feel like this experience has brought us all closer. To flaming homosexuality." You say it like its a bad thing
  103. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:04

    Well guys its been fun but them toilets aren't going to plunge themselves tomorrow. Yall have a good evening... or morning.
  104. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:05

    Quit lickin' the platypus, pull yer dick out of the wallaby, and koala up some fucking spreadsheets you lazy ass egg-laying echidna. You marsupials make the worst government contractors, I swear. I hope your boss gets all tasmanian on that ass since all you do is fuck around on the internet. Geez.
  105. Swedish Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:13

    Fedor nuthuggers I'm sorry he lost. I hate SF and M1, not fedor. I just wanna see the best fight the best. Sf is preventing exactly that. I hope they burn
  106. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:15

    It's OK, I understand.
  107. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 07:58

    Yeah, back from Lunch, just about ready to start for the day, and Coma, go careful with those toilets
  108. Dick_Misanthropenis Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:00

    Coma, you can call my Mom whatever you want. She's dead to me. Fucking dead to me.
  109. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 08:09

    @ coma, correct statement in Aussie vernacular (she wont understand anything else) would be "Chuck another prawn on the Barbie darl" And no wouldn't be a cliche, I tell her every Friday night
  110. rite leg ospitahl Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:09

    oh my god. i had to go to supper. i come back and see a huge battle of epicness going on between my boy coma and the always posting fatbelly frank. on a side note im sorry that my punctuation or "mangaling" of the english languages makes for a more difficult read. now back to the matter at hand. myself and coma were sharing a two comment inside joke. i thought since we preluded with the courtsey @ so and so that it would be understood to be for him to comment back on. perhaps the rules or memos were not distrubuted properly. at any rate i would also like to point out that this battle of wit has been reduced to "your wife jokes" and i scorn at all parties concerned. however i will say that it has been incredibly fun observing this one and lets see if we can move on to another.

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:12

    nickyroose you are an over exagerating idiot!! Anderson silva!!! WHat!! Get his cock out of your mouth when you speak!!! You said it your self you have to fight the best to be the best... Silva hasnt fought the best since he beat Franklin the first time.. after that Franklin hasnt been able to show much of his former self... but with that fact aside... lutter..bum...Nate ...not on the level... not even close to the best....franklin .. not a good rematch franklin was scared..Hendo.. not after losing to rampage.. did he deserve a title shot.. nope.. too old to challenge... honestly.. Irvin Cote and Lietes??? LOL not even going to explain those.. Griffin not a middle wieght and not even close to the best in his wieghtclass... and Maia well he was the lucky one for two reasons... lucky because the ufc has no more viable middleweights and they really havent in years... and also lucky anderson didnt take him seriously so he didnt get anihilated... so no he is not the best pound for pound.. not even close the sonnen fight is garbage... Vitor should get a shot and that to me would be worth watching.. .. Fedor is not either... I believe this distinction goes to Jose ALdo... he has beat all comers.. and there is no lack of good fighters in his weight class.. so next time ur going to deep throat the spider make sure its not on this site and make sure he is done training with steven segal too!!Douche
  112. dranokills Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 09:34

    pinkyslayer Says: Mon, 06/28/2010 - 04:48 agreed. you've an obligation, you shitty australian kangaroo fucker ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ you forgot to capitalize the A. I guess that makes you a dumbass. Of course fucking with FBF also makes you a double dumbass, but nothing new there at all. looks to me again like NOBODY thought you were funny, and everyone once again banded against you. when will you learn you are NOT one of us. you have along way to go young padawan. in the immortal words of yoda :"fuck off you must, hmmmmmm"!
  113. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 10:15

    @ rite leg, I'll do my best to keep u entertained, I normally read the @ someone posts cause thats usually when it gets real interesting, didn't realise you guys were havin a private conversation so my bad. I'm not sure if I could glorify mine and comas lil to and fro as a battle of wits, but appreciate the compliment, and I din't think Coma made a your wife joke, I'm sure if that had been his intention he would have rocked me with something a bit more offensive than that. (or at least I hope he would) All in all, its been a pretty fun day here at the Nation, plenty of ball busting, shit talking and quite a few LOL moments, just the way us sicko retarts like it. We'll see you and your buddy Coma same bat time same bat channel and see if we cant do it all again sometime soon Take care Buddy Ya Donkey Fucker LOL
  114. dumbfucks Says:

    Sun, 06/27/10 - 11:22

    Hey dummy, every champion UFC ever had has made if not similar but WORSE mistakes then Fedor has PERIOD. Do something-
  115. vengful1 Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 01:04

    You would think a fighter like Fedor (that has won many fights via sub) would know better than to jump into what was basically a double sub from a guy that is one of the best in the world on the ground. That's exactly what Werdum wanted and Fedor took him lightly. He could have just let him get up and punch him some more. A rookie mistake from a legend. That being said, I think he would have a tough time in the UFC vs the big boys like Brock and Carwin and the very dangerous JDS and Brown Pride. He will probably come back strong in Strikeforce, but not in the UFC if he chooses to jump ship. Either way, he was embarassed tonight.
  116. ComaPlata Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 04:10

    Wow! I'm proud of FbF. You are correct Sir. I did not intend that as a "your wife" joke. It was a play on pinkys lack of Aussie originality. When I think Aussie, I think, Fosters and tossing shrimps on barbies. I guess I could have said "Tell your wife to earn her keep and get me another Foster's." But that seems like it belongs on the 'Fedor vs Werdum' Aftermath blog. Yall have a good day... or night.
  117. Robocop Didnt Tap Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 06:50

    I risked my life to get this information and I don't know how long it'll be before Vlad and the rest of the Russian mafia get to me, but the truth must be known...the world must see Fedorbot's program log from Saturday!! > if vector=0; exe right_cross.fdr >right_cross.fdr?opp.v.pos > if opp.v.pos=0; exe hammerfist.fdr > if arm.vector>30; exe armbar_escape.fdr armbar_escape.fdr successfully loaded > res hammerfist.fdr > if triangle_choke.vector=1; exe triangle_escape.fdr ((ERROR)) triangle_escape.fdr not found triangle_escape.fdr deleted 06-25-10 by user dwhite initiating shutdown
  118. Chiggs Says:

    Mon, 06/28/10 - 11:52

    THE only reason that Strikeforce might have any concerns about their future is not just the Fact that Fedor has lost, it was bound to happen, and if marketed right, can still lead to a big payout for all involved, but as much as I hate saying it, but, they might lose out on some big paydays now that Frank has Retired. He may or may not be washed up,past prime,sucked or whatever, but theres no denying that the 3 biggest events SF has done were all with Shammy headlining their cards. Between Shamrock retiring, and Fedor losing(depending how he rebounds) might put a dent in their business and Definetly cant/wont bode well for a PPV me thinks.
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