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Tim Sylvia Has a Hunting Show Now, And the Trailer is Glorious

That moment when you’re eyeing down a ten point buck, then shit yourself in excitement. (What? The joke was there and I took it. I regret nothing.)

Ever since Tim Sylvia decided to retire from mixed martial arts competition due to…erm…let’s call them “health problems,” the world has waited on baited breath to see what the former UFC heavyweight champion’s next project would be. Triathlons? Hot dog eating competitions? Or would he, as we suspected, return to the quiet life of an Illinois police officer, only to be forced back into competition to avenge his brother’s death/take down a ruthless drug lord? The possibilities were literally endless.

Well, as it turns out, the answer is a bit simpler than we might have predicted, but arguably just as glorious. That’s because Sylvia will stepping away from the octagon and into the forest to host a hunting show, Hit Squad Outdoors with Tim Sylvia, and wouldn’t you know it, we’ve managed to get our hands on the glorious trailer.

My God, I haven’t seen such intense music juxtaposed with such hushed dialogue since the final act of…any movie I’ve watched on my HDTV because I can’t figure out the correct audio settings.

On the real though, it’s good to see that Sylvia, like Ken Shamrock before him, has found gainful employment in a career that does not involve getting repeatedly kicked, punched, and kneed in the head. In fact, we dare say that he might have even found his true calling. Let’s just hope that, like Ken Shamrock before him, this secondary career isn’t just a ploy that sets up his return to MMA/freak show fight with Kimbo Slice. Lord knows our boy K Ferg has enough of those on his hands these days.

Hit Squad Outdoors With Tim Sylvia airs on the Pursuit channel at 5 pm central tomorrow. Head over to the show’s Facebook page to learn more.

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