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UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz — Live Results and Commentary

(I don’t always get so excited about a fight that I quote Tito Ortiz, but when I do, I say July 4th…has come early. Photo courtesy of MMAMania)

GSP. Diaz. The Bell Centre in Montreal. That’s right, Potato Nation, it’s finally time for UFC 158. If I need to say literally anything else to get you excited about this card, there is no hope for you at this point. Please show yourself out quietly, and no, we don’t care how exciting you think spring league baseball nonsense is.

But Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz isn’t the only great welterweight fight we have to look forward to tonight. Elsewhere on the card, Johny Hendricks battles Carlos Condit, and Jake Ellenberger welcomes Nate Marquardt back to the big leagues. Plus: A middleweight tilt between Nick Ring and Chris Camozzi, as well as a lightweight bout between TUF finalists Mike Ricci and Colin Fletcher, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Handling tonight’s liveblog will be none other than Aaron Mandel, who will diligently record every punch, kick, and Stockton Heybuddy thrown in the cage after the jump, beginning at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT. Refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest, and toss your own observations into the comments section. Let’s do it…

Good evening PotatoHeads, if you like cage fights or just 170 pound men in general, tonight is your night!  We’ve got your live play by play action so refresh early and often as we bring you all the action from UFC 158.

Mike Ricci vs. Colin Fletcher

Recent TUF runner-ups clash in this battle with hometown pretty boy Ricci against horror movie extra Fletcher.

Round 1- Fighters feeling it out on the feet to start.  Fletcher uses his long legs to throw some rangy kicks, Ricci firing back with hooks and straights.  First 90 seconds pass by rather uneventfully, Fletcher working kicks with Ricci showing a more varied arsenal.  Rogan calls Fletcher “the whitest human being he’s ever seen” and Goldberg wholeheartedly agrees which is indicative of the lack of action to call so far.  An exchange of kicks and punches.  Ricci throwing slow kicks and looking a bit stiff on the feet, Fletcher is flowing a little better but hasn’t landed yet, except to Ricci’s groin which Rogan calls “the best strike of the fight so far”, possibly true.  Ricci recovers and the round ends uneventfully.  10-9 Ricci, because, pride?

Round 2- Quicker pace to start, Ricci landing and then takes Fletcher down and works from Fletcher’s full guard.  Ricci postures up and lands some ground and pound, moves to side control along the cage as Fletcher goes for something Rogan calls “donkey guard”.  Ricci works around to back side mount along the cage and Fletcher works back to the feet and clinches Ricci against the cage now.  Fletcher is busted up, which gives his complexion a bit more variety.  They separate and strike from the center of the cage.  Body kick from Fletcher followed by a straight left from Ricci.  Fletcher throws a strong leg kick.  Ricci seems to be just barely getting the better of the striking but Fletcher is keeping a high volume of kicks coming.  Round ends and another snoozer, 10-9 Ricci, again, maybe?

Round 3- Fletcher’s eye is damaged in a way that makes him look even more terrifying and there is ice in the Octagon which of course Rogan flips out about (youtube “Rogan ice in the Octagaon” if you don’t get this reference).  Fletcher works for a takedown but Ricci defends and reverses as they pirouette around the cage.  Action is lacking and the crowd voices its displeasure as Fletcher tries hopelessly to clinch and drag Ricci down.  They separate and strike from the center.  Fletcher throws a spinning back first that misses badly and he is auditioning for a role in the next Evil Dead movie as the damage mounts from Ricci’s jabs.  Ricci drags Fletcher down against the cage with one minute left.  Ricci works to half guard as Fletcher seeks for submissions amid a flurry of ground and pound.  Ricci outscrambles Fletcher and takes his back with hooks in and searches for a choke that doesn’t quite get under the chin.  Ricci switches to an armbar and the fight ends.  10-9 Ricci, meh.

Mike Ricci defeats Colin Fletcher by unanimous decision

Nick Ring vs. Chris Camozzi

Camozzi rocking a mustache that can be described as questionable, at best, while Ring makes some statements in the promo like “I hope to beat this guy” that threaten to turn the field of philosophy on its head.

Round 1- Leg kicks from both fighters to start.  Good left from Camozzi.  Lots of leg and body kicks from both fighters in the first minute here.  Ring with a good left hook.  Cartoon uppercut misses from Camozzi.  Ring has his hands very low but hasn’t paid yet.  Overhand left from Camozzi lands.  Good exchange on the feet with both fighters getting some good shots in.  Rings gets clipped, tries to shoot for a takedown and is shrugged off.  Good right from Camozzi and Ring has a mouse forming under his right eye.  Lots of leg kicks from Ring.  A good flurry and combo from Ring as the round ends.  Close, I’d say 10-9 Camozzi.

Round 2- More kicks from both fighters to start round 2.  I wonder if there is a betting line now in Vegas on whether this card will see any more donkey guard?  Both fighters throwing punches, nothing major landing as the round nears the halfway point.  Good knee to the body from Camozzi followed by a good right hand.  Camozzi rushes in and tries for a standing guillotine but it’s not there and they separate back to striking range.  Camozzi seems to be at a sizeable speed disadvantage against Ring, perhaps he is tiring.  Good straight right and double jab from Camozzi.  Good knee from the clinch by Camozzi.  Ring throwing more punches but nothing significant is landing.  Rogan is convinced Ring is dominating but I disagree.  Right hand from Camozzi briefly staggers Ring.  Round ends and I’d say 10-9 Camozzi but Rogan feels differently.

Round 3- Final round begins on what so far has been a lackluster first two fights of the pay per view card.  Leg kicks from Ring rip into Camozzi.  Two lefts from Camozzi get through.  Camozzi throwing bombs that aren’t landing and ends up clinching Ring from behind and trying to drag it to the mat.  Ring works against the cage and separates.  More leg kicks from Ring, Camozzi is going to have trouble walking tomorrow.  Body shot from Ring and Camozzi is firing back.  Rogan and I are watching different fights I think, Camozzi seems to be winning in my book.   Ring is very tired and Camozzi is trying to pick him apart.  Thirty seconds left and Ring is badly gassed.  Camozzi can’t find a home for any of his bombs and the fight ends.  10-9 Camozzi, but we’ll see.  The crowd is booing, two snoozers so far.

Chris Camozzi defeats Nick Ring by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Jake Ellenberger vs. Nate Marquardt

Marquardt makes his return after a few years away and this is his first fight at welterweight in the UFC.  He’s facing a tough test in Ellenberger and it will be interesting to see if the Marquardt who wrecked Tyron Woodley shows up or the one who dogged his way through a title loss to Tarec Saffedine.  Winner of this is possibly in position for a title eliminator in the near future.

Round 1- Leg kicks back and forth to start but almost no action in the first minute.  Marquardt flurries hard on Ellenberger but Jake escapes and nails Marquardt with a good shot.  Marquardt trying to exorcise some demons with a bunch of leg kicks.  Ellenberger rocks Marquardt with a right hook and drops him!  Marquardt crawls around on the ground searching for a takedown but Ellenberger knocks him out face first into the canvas!

Jake Ellenberger defeats Nate Marquardt by KO in round 1

Nate was complaining about the stoppage which is about as comical as anyone saying either of the first two fights were exciting.  Big win for Ellenberger, wouldn’t be surprised to see him get Condit if he wins or Hendricks if he loses next.

Carlos Condit vs. Johny Hendricks

Huge test for Hendricks here, he’ll get a title shot if he wins (or probably have it taken away again).  For Condit, this is a chance to play spoiler and vault himself right back into contention.

Round 1- Seven inch reach advantage for Condit, I never realized how small Hendricks is, but shit he packs the power. Touch of gloves to start, leg  kick from Condit and Hendricks throws the left hand bomb but Condit survives. Hendricks lands again but Condit knees back.  Hendricks slams Condit and then walks away.  Incredible first minute.  Flying knee and superman punch from Condit.  Hendricks fires back like a cannon and then takes Condit down.  Holy shit finally a breather as Hendricks lays on top of Condit against the cage.  Condit back to his feet but Hendricks drags him back down.  Condit slick off his back searching for an armbar/triangle.  Hendricks in full guard but Condit tying him up off his back and threatening with submissions.  Hendricks lets Condit back up as he was being outworked on the ground.  Hendricks picks Condit up again to slam but Condit lands out of it.  Hendricks back on top of Condit on the ground but Condit is rolling well.  Top control for Hendricks and they are again back to the feet!  Flying knee from Condit and huge lefts from Hendricks but Condit grabs and arm amidst the flurry and rolls for a Kimura.  Hendricks is turtled up on the ground and Condit takes his back as Hendricks stands back up.  Hendricks is free and they are both throwing bombs at each other.  Round ends with Condit pulling guard and threatening another sub.  Holy fuck best round of the year so far.  10-9 Hendricks and I need a new pair of pants.

Round 2- Incredible chin from Condit in that first round and unbelievable warrior spirit to throw back.  Second round starts with a Condit headkick being blocked.  Condit trying to take advantage of his reach.  Condit with another flying knee and Hendricks winging bombs as he tries to put Condit against the cage and nullify his range.  Hendricks using the left hook to the body now too and throws Condit into the cage and takes him down.  Condit threatens with a Kimura but Hendricks is free in top full guard.  Condit works back to the feet and nails Hendricks with a straight right.  Left hooks from Hendricks being met with another flying knee from Condit.  Hendricks shoots a double leg against the cage and gets Condit down.  Condit back to the feet again.  Hendricks can get him down but Condit can outmaneuver him when it’s there.  Hendricks tiring but times a flying knee from Condit and powers him down to the mat.  Hendricks on top in half guard and dropping elbows.  Condit calm and composed working off his back and again works back to the feet.  Condit tags Hendricks with a right hand.  Wild exchange and Hendricks dumps Condit on his back.  Round ends with Condit chasing Hendricks around the cage.  THIS IS A FUCKING FIGHT@!!!!! 10-9 Hendricks

Round 3- Condit looks insane as the third round starts, bleeding and exhorting the crowd.  Apparently Hendricks hurt his left hand but he’s still winging it.  Hendricks grabs a single leg and takes Condit down.  Condit working hard off his back but Hendricks holds him down well.  Hendricks raining the right hand now as Condit tries to reverse off the cage.  Condit is blasting Hendricks with punches and elbows from his back.  Condit searches for a kimura and rises to his feet.  Hendricks blasts Condit with a left hand.  Hendricks ducks under a head kick and drags Condit down.  Condit doing more damage from the bottom than Johny.  They are back to the feet with 90 seconds left and Condit absolutely rocks Hendricks, eyes roll back in his head but he clinches up and hangs on for dear life.  Condit separates but Hendricks powers him down again.  Condit back up and moving forward like a boss nailing Hendricks right and left.  Hendricks dumps him down though but Condit up again and fires forward as the fight ends.  Holy fuck.  10-9 Condit.  What a fight, these guys came to scrap.

Johny Hendricks defeats Carlos Condit by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

That was maybe the fight of the year! I think the decision was fair, first two rounds to Hendricks, third to Condit, but it’s hard to say there was a real loser here.  With Hendricks takedown skills I think a match against GSP would be really interesting.  Not sure we’ve seen the kind of chin or warrior spirit from GSP that Condit just showed.

Champ Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz

It’s main event time! The buildup and talk is about to end (except for Diaz continuing to talk shit in the cage) and the fight is on.  GSP holds most of the advantages here but if Diaz can be slick off his back and take GSP into the championship rounds with lots of volume punches to the body it could get interesting.  Get your mean mug ready! Diaz walks out in jeans to a chorus of boos, GSP gets the usual deafening ovation from the hometown crowd in his heavily sponsored gi.

Round 1- I AM WAY TOO PUMPED RIGHT NOW! No touch of the gloves and Montreal is realllly loud.  Leg kick from GSP and less than 30 seconds GSP takes Diaz down.  GSP on top working some strikes to the body.  Diaz throws his legs up looking for something but it’s not there.  GSP working a lot from the top throwing punches.  Diaz rolls to the turtled position but GSP is stuck to him throwing continual strikes.  GSP hops over Diaz to the other side, Diaz sprawls and tries to take GSP down but to no avail.  GSP back on top and working all around Diaz throwing strikes and transitioning quickly.  Huge elbows from GSP as he postures up.  Diaz trying to roll through but GSP is right with him and has maintained a dominant position throughout.  Diaz tries to work up the cage but GSP drags him back down.  Diaz with a blatant fence grab to get up but GSP muscles him down with ease.  GSP on his back with one hook in.  Diaz works up the cage again but GSP is smothering him.  Diaz working a standing kimura against the cage but GSP absolutely smashes him down to the mat.  10-9 or maybe even 10-8 GSP.

Round 2- Diaz looks super concussed, GSP ready to go as the round starts.  GSP with some kicks to start and 40 seconds in GSP dumps Diaz with a double leg.  Diaz working his legs around in full guard but GSP raining down some heavy strikes again.  Diaz tries to create space and roll for a leg but GSP defends and throws a huge knee to the body.  GSP manhandling Diaz around the cage.  A brief scramble ends with GSP on top in Diaz’s guard again.  Diaz grabs a wrist and tries to roll but GSP stays on top.  Diaz back to the feet finally and his face is a swollen mess.  Diaz finally does some taunting on the feet, GSP responds with a superman punch.  Round ends with Diaz talking shit and Yves Lavigne dragging him back to his corner. 10-9 GSP

“win or lose, he’s a bitch” – Nick Diaz in his corner between rounds.

Round 3- Diaz talking to GSP as they stand.  Diaz stuffs a GSP takedown!  GSP tries again and gets the fight to the ground.  Diaz literally crawls to the cage and gets back to the feet.  Nice body shot from Diaz, maybe the first real strike he’s landed this fight.  They stand but no real offense from Diaz, GSP mixing in the kicks with punches.  GSP tags Diaz with a punch and shoots for a takedown but Diaz shrugs him off against the cage.  Diaz starts to finally open with the strikes and seems to clip GSP behind the ear.  Volume striking begins but GSP dumps him to the canvas and starts unloading more ground and pound.  Round ends with GSP on top. 10-9 GSP but the most life we’ve seen from Diaz.

Diaz took a swing at GSP after the bell, gets a warning from Yves Lavigne.

Round 4- GSP’s corner does not want it on the feet.  Championship rounds begin and GSP working a stiff jab repeatedly.  Diaz stuffs a GSP takedown and blocks a GSP headkick.  Diaz shrugs off another takedown and is firing some big strikes, but none have landed flush.  GSP is starting to look busted up and Diaz throws him off on another takedown attempt.  They clinch against the cage with Diaz working some uppercuts and knees to the body.  Diaz strolling around the cage with his hands down.  GSP lands his first takedown of the round and lands in Diaz’s guard.  Diaz again crawls to the cage and works back up but Diaz sticks to his back and slams him brutally.  Diaz working for a kimura but GSP spins and takes his back.  GSP leaning Diaz into the cage.  Diaz drops down and works for a kimura again unsuccessfully.  Diaz tries to roll under for a leg, GSP on top again as the round ends.  10-9 GSP, closest round so far.

Round 5- Diaz throws a headkick that is blocked.  Straight left from Diaz and a good jab from GSP.  Nick stuffs a takedown and they are clinched.  Knees from the clinch from both fighters.  They separate and GSP works the jab over and over.  Diaz tries a headkick and slips, GSP is right on top of him and trying to take his back.  Diaz trying for a kimura.  GSP dominating the positions on the ground and throwing punches from the top.  Diaz does some weird gumby shit and he’s somehow out with 90 seconds left they’re standing.  Clinch between the two, Diaz working the body, they separate and GSP tries a headkick and then takes Diaz down.  Time running out as Diaz hunts for a submission and GSP continues striking.  Time expires, Diaz hugs GSP and raises his hand, classy.  10-9 GSP

Champ Georges St. Pierre defeats Nick Diaz by unanimous decision

GSP compliments Diaz’s jiu jitsu and boxing styles and exhorts the crowd to give respect to Diaz.  Diaz surprisingly coherent and classy in his post-fight interview and maybe, kinda sorta retires and then starts speaking in incomplete sentences and sort of more definitively retires.  He apologizes to Stockton and enters his fourth or fifth minute of talking before introducing Joe Rogan and walking off.  Diaz gonna Diaz.

Well that’s all folks, thanks for hanging out!


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Nippletwist- March 17, 2013 at 1:54 pm
GSP does no damage and wins boring decision. big surprise. isn't this what nick criticised him for?

i'm dissapointed georges wouldn't at least stand with nick a little or at least do some damage on the ground.lame fight.
Dizzylittlelord- March 17, 2013 at 8:51 am
Is everyone forgetting that Hendricks got severely outwrestled by Rick story. gsp will take him down and hump him for 5 straight in a few months time i will have a gentleman's bet with anyone on here to say otherwise
amsterdamheavy- March 17, 2013 at 7:10 am
Holy shit...did anyone watch the post fight presser? Fucing Nick said "Ive never even paid taxes, Im probably going to go to jail or something".

Just...holy shit.
algiersheadkick504- March 17, 2013 at 5:11 am
Diaz said only way he can lose is if gsp holds him or runs away...
Darkside- March 17, 2013 at 2:10 am
As much as I hate watching GSP fight, he has made me a lot of money. "GSP by decision". Might not be that much, but I can pay my mortgage off of his fights. No safer money out there.
rickards- March 17, 2013 at 1:11 am
i love how everyone has embraced diaz's point on wrestlers are stallers, and mainly edge out a decision -- which is to say that he has totally deflected all criticism for his lack of wrestling.

i love watching diaz fight, but honestly, he had many chances on the feet. i recall him doing fairly well in one of the rounds, where he was actually connecting. but he's just not a well-rounded mixed martial artist. if he wants to 'stand and bang', he should be in a different sport. if he wants to complain about wrestling, and elbows on the ground, he should be in a different sport. he should retire from mma and try boxing or smshit.
mookiestick- March 17, 2013 at 12:04 am
Nick diaz's mouth wrote checks it couldn't cash. The 209 is officially disbanding. Thank god...
oc in this bitch- March 17, 2013 at 12:02 am
pretty gosh damn pathetic boring ass fights.condit lost because of takedowns?wow hendricks had nothing for him and was tired by the 2nd round.when he didnt ko him with the first 2 punches he was scared as fuck and had to take him down like a least condit fought this time instead of running.huge diaz fan for years and years pretty dissapointed dont know what the fuck he was doin he looked like shit.gsp gay and prayed again like usual.that was far from dominated he just layed on him for 5 rounds.gsp was a carbon copy of condits running mixed with hendricks takedown bullshit.whack ass main events all the way around.and cote?really?
dipsetkilla316- March 16, 2013 at 11:50 pm
I can't wait till I see Johnys left hand touches gsp's pussy chin.
fatbellyfrank- March 16, 2013 at 10:04 pm
Til next time my good mates, big ups to my great mates Drano and Mr Mis
cman- March 16, 2013 at 10:01 pm
I didn't know bendo v Diaz was being replayed tonight! Sweet.
Otherwise for fucks sake can we please teach judges takedowns with nothing after means dick? Condit was robbed.
Mr_Misanthropy- March 16, 2013 at 10:01 pm
yep. Laters taters.
guelph gym- March 16, 2013 at 10:00 pm
anyone know when the post fight confrence is
dranokills- March 16, 2013 at 9:58 pm
well I picked mr crazyhorse crybaby diaz, so I gotta go smoke some weed and get in touch with my inner dumbass.
bye all you dudes.
and catch ya later brotha from down under.
guelph gym- March 16, 2013 at 9:58 pm
im just none of you coughed any money up for this
Mr_Misanthropy- March 16, 2013 at 9:56 pm
I wonder if after all the guys I grew up with retire if I will retire. It's kind of disappointing watching all the greats go soft or retire over and over again.
fatbellyfrank- March 16, 2013 at 9:55 pm
@ Jimbonics, Nick already comin up with conspiracy theory's, in answer to the question , george is a great fighter who is very thorough in his preparation, beats triathlons and smoking ganja
guelph gym- March 16, 2013 at 9:55 pm
so who fights gsp next
crappiefloper- March 16, 2013 at 9:55 pm
Shoulda worked more donkey gaurd fool
RED_COAT- March 16, 2013 at 9:54 pm
I'm a huge Diaz fan but if your going to talk shit before a fight show class when you lose. I hate how he threatens to retire if he loses and starts to complain you can win fights by wrestling. Or after the condit fight he moaned condit was running away because he was point fighting. I really hope big rigg beats GSP.
DARKHORSE06- March 16, 2013 at 9:53 pm
Somebodys got a shiny new dollar.
Mr_Misanthropy- March 16, 2013 at 9:59 pm
Don't spend it all in one place.
dranokills- March 16, 2013 at 9:53 pm
waaaaa if I cant win and talk shit, well fuck Im just tired now and Im gonna take my ball and go home.........waaaaaaaaaaaaa my name is Nick Diaz and my pussy hurts!