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VIDEO: Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE, Immediately F-5′s John Cena


Brock Lesnar‘s rumored return to professional wrestling became terrifyingly real last night on WWE Raw. After a long-winded, jeer-drawing monologue from John Cena — who had just lost a match to The Rock in Wrestlemania 28′s main event the night before — Lesnar interrupted the proceedings by stalking into the arena. Pants were shat.

It was as if Lesnar’s previous four years fighting in the UFC, which included two years as the promotion’s heavyweight champion, was all a dream. The WWE fans in attendance at Miami’s American Airlines Arena welcomed Brock like he’d never left, and the Next Big Thing clearly hadn’t lost an ounce of his old swagger. Lesnar entered the ring, and without a whole lot of preamble, picked up Cena, spun him to the mat with his trademark F-5, then soccer-kicked Cena’s stupid little hat.

The video is after the jump. Discuss.


  1. DirtehSneakehs Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 06:15

    Bored, but first I guess.
  2. rngeorgeh Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 06:21

    Sad....but funny, too!
  3. orka Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 06:29

    I guess Lesnar decided that daily dose of pain is better than getting spleen kicked by Overeem. For whatever odd reason, I think I would make that decision too.
  4. Fletch the V Stretch Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 06:31

    No turtle? Impressive.
  5. bennja Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 06:31

    He signed a one year, 15 show WWE contract worth 5 MILLION DOLLARS!!! He may not be able to take a knee to the guts but damn he can make money!
  6. Mofo Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 06:38

    The words terrifyingly real can never be used when talking about the WWF. Why does a CP article read exactly like a WWF PR release? You new CP writers are killing this site. (This is clearly danga
  7. DangadaDang Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 06:39

    Wrong. How have you not figured out that I sign my articles yet?
  8. Mofo Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 06:40

    Also this "welcomed him as tho he never left" angle misses the whole point. The whole reason everyone is excited is exactly because he was a UFC champ, where the fights are real. This was written by a bimbo PR robot.
  9. DangadaDang Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 06:50

    Come on now, Mofo, you said you were leaving for another 4 weeks. Don't turn back on your word.
  10. noizy Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 07:03

    I wonder what it must feel like to fake kick someone after having been in real fights.
  11. J. Spaceman Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 07:06

    I was surprised WWE fans welcomed him back the way they did. I mean, it’s kind of hard to think of a guy as the “Baddest Man on the Planet” after he got his ass handed to him in his last two fights. Isn’t that right Joe Warren?
  12. skarfaced Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 07:07

    now he can win fights
  13. alty71 Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 07:13

    fuck lesnar he only won because guys under estimated his strenght thats it thats all. chump city is all he is...oh well at least we dont have to wartch him cower like a puss ball anymore!
  14. alty71 Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 07:17

    @ j.spaceman... Those losses don't count..they were real fights....wrestling fans just wanna see roid monkeys pretend to be hurt by the super moves and what ever else they do in that fake wrestling...oh and hey at least lesnar can jump back on the roid train as well!
  15. jjrdias Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 07:33

    If the Wellness Policy applies to him as much as it does do the Golden Son-in-law Levesque, he'll be back to 310lbs in a split second.
  16. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 07:53

    WHOA WHOA WHOA, Why all the hate? First and foremost you can make all the excuses for Brock Lesnar's success that you want but it will never ever negate the fact that it is purely because of his athletic ability and just commitment to what he does. Yeah he came off as a douchebag, Let's not forget that Brock has always been the BIGGEST DRAW wherever he went regardless of it being collegiate wrestling, Sports Entertainment, UFC. Don't forget until Recently that UFC 100 was the largest selling PPV in UFC History any Guesses why? Again remember theres no such thing as an easy fight in the UFC and Brock Lesnar fought all great fighters, fights he shouldn't have ever been in to begin with. That sort of makes Brock the underdog in hindsight doesn't it?
  17. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 07:56

    You Realize that they have people on sight testing for that stuff. You also realize that Brock has never popped. High school, College, WWE,UFC Never popped and everyone carelessly throws the roids topic around.. Thats like me saying oh your moms a complete slut without having any evidence to support my opinions.
  18. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 07:57

    Again he fought really tough opponents, Brock never took easy fights. Why's it hard to accept him back in the WWE? We Professional Wrestling fans aren't all uneducated hicks.
  19. hctp Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 07:58

    atleast he got respect for himself,he felt cant compete in MMA any more so he retired with a 5-3 record,instead of waiting to reach a 5-20 then retires. plus he is only 34 and still got power n spirit to compete so he got back to what he was good at in first place which is prowrestling and thats instead of just becoming a commentator or some owner of a brand/gym,so it makes sense.
  20. jjrdias Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 08:39

    @Karma As much as your point of view is valid, the acidity of some comments are due to the fact that some talking-heads hastily labeled him as "the baddest man on the planet". In hindsight, that was way too much of a stretch, as exposed by his constant backwards motion once being hit. If there wasn't a fence there to stop his retreating movement, he'd still be running from the Reem and, previously, Velasquez.
  21. The12ozCurls Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 09:40

    What if I have evidence?
  22. linzhanaq Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 09:45
  23. The12ozCurls Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 09:56

    He went from "As real as it gets" to . . . . well, . . . not real at all. But fuck it. He knew that he didn't have the game to fight dudes like JDS and the other new breed of HW so he got out. I can't blame him. Dude is making serious coin faking it and now he is not getting punched in the face by monsters like Cain, Carwin & Reem. Don't get me wrong, I never liked Brock and always bet against him, but I don't thing he damaged his rep going from WWE to UFC back to WWE. Who gives a shit anyway? It's "SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT" not actual "SPORT"
  24. landOencagement Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 10:16

    Just can't shake the feeling that Vince McMahon pulled off the greatest PR move of all time.
  25. Jaycorr Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 10:26

    what a huge fail, how embarrassing is it for him to have to run back to the WWE with his tail between his legs! What a giant muscle headed douche bag, good riddance!
  26. tp24890 Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 10:41

    Proof the Undertaker pays more than Dana
  27. Big Daddy Duker Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 11:05

    I'm just surprised that his first angle on being back isn't with the Undertaker given what happened cageside.
  28. VIDEO: Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE, Immediately F-5?s John Cena | MMA Nutrition and Diet Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 11:28

    [...] Original post by bgoldstein [...]
  29. RaginAsian Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 02:04

    As long as they don't say he "dominated the UFC", I'm fine with it. In fact, let's just keep UFC out of their mouths altogether.
  30. ArmFarmer Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 03:59

    You haters need some perspective. You guys realize that you're talking about a guy that won a ufc title in his spare time right? He's not a career fighter. He took a break from his real job to give this ufc thing a try, and won the hw title in like 3 or 4 fights. He beat the ever living shit out of former ufc champions, multiple belt holders, etc. Then he was hospitalized twice for a life threatening illness.. and still came back and fought a monstrous multiple sport multiple organization champion. Still keeping in mind that this was all "on the side"... can any of you say you've done anything even worth mentioning in comparison?
  31. Mir please break Brocks neck Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 07:18

    Frank Mir submitted him. The end. Alistar kicked him and it ruptured his vagina. He retired. So weird he's been in 'poor health' in the UFC but he's back to dancing with Hacksaw Jim Duggin-types within 12 weeks of retirement. Proof his man-gina wont get hurt in the WWE. Oh yeah.....and Frank Mir submitted him.
  32. VIDEO: Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE, Immediately F-5?s John Cena « Rocked MMA Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 08:04

    [...] Go to Source [...]
  33. unonutoB Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 08:36

    LAME! but at least the man is getting paid. What is it 5mil or something like that?
  34. jonjonesego Says:

    Tue, 04/03/12 - 11:05

    Time off to rest and work on health my ass! What a turd.
  35. sfdgdhfg Says:

    Wed, 04/04/12 - 04:03

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  36. linzhanar Says:

    Wed, 04/04/12 - 10:01
  37. Naghammadi Says:

    Wed, 04/04/12 - 01:47

    Lesnar never was and never will be an true MMA fighter! He is a legend in his own mind!
  38. Ta2dDad Says:

    Wed, 04/04/12 - 08:40

    Your comment never was and never will be relevant or intriguing. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. I guess winning the UFC Heavyweight championship and successfully defending it twice against two of the top fighters in the world aren't good enough for the trained eye such as yours. Laughable!!!
  39. Ta2dDad Says:

    Wed, 04/04/12 - 08:44

    The Brock Lesnar haters are hilarious. These are the same, never been with a woman, still living in their momma's basement needledicks who cheered for him during his first stint with the WWE.
  40. Ta2dDad Says:

    Wed, 04/04/12 - 08:49

    You're an idiot. Yeah Mir submitted him, with a pussy-like, I can't do anything against this beast so I think I'll twist his foot to make him tap submission hold. In return Lesnar came back in a rematch and ABSOLUTELY OBLITTERATED and rearranged Mir's face for him. In the fight against "proven steroid beast" Overeem, Lesnar was coming off of surgery where he had 12 inches of his intestines removed. Which by the way, is not located anywhere near the man-gina, you half witted internet smart-guy.
  41. Ta2dDad Says:

    Wed, 04/04/12 - 08:56

    Wow, talk about needing perspective. So Frank Mir was never the UFC HW champ? And that same Frank Mir is not currently a top contender for that same belt. And let's talk about Shane Carwin, who was considered the best fighter in the game when he fought Lesnar and is still ranked in the top 5 HW's in the world. Both of these top ranked fighters were absolutely destroyed by "this poser" as you called him. Apparently you need to stick to subjects you actually know something about, which obviously is not contact sports.
  42. linzhanat Says:

    Thu, 04/05/12 - 09:02
  43. sfdgdhfg Says:

    Fri, 04/06/12 - 08:45

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  44. Mofo Says:

    Fri, 04/06/12 - 11:50

    Hey danga, did you ever read this site back when it was snarky, intellectual, and not filled with blind enthusiasm for everything? You're like a puppy dog. You like everything blindly. Grow a pair. Then again, everyone already left this site. Do you see any of the old guard around? No. You don't. Wonder why.
  45. iggie1961 Says:

    Sat, 04/07/12 - 07:20

  46. iggie1961 Says:

    Sat, 04/07/12 - 07:38

    Man I am bummed out about all the Brock Lesner haters out there. I am not a big fan of the guy and I can't stand that phony WWE crap, but why all you people jumping down his throat for making a living. Whether you like it or not he jumped from a bullshit entertainment industry to the top of the toughest MMA promotion in the world and he made himself richer for doing so also he brought a bunch of new fans to our beloved sport. The reason he did not hang tough with MMA athletes is because his background was in just one discipline and he knock the crap out of a few of our top guys in doing so. The biggest pussies I ever met in my 39 years of martial arts are the guys with nothing but shit to talk. Next time you call the man a pussy think about taking a punch in the face from Valasquez or a kick in the liver from roided out monster like Overeem. As I said earlier I am not a Lesner fan, but I whole heartedly support his right to return to the entertainment industry. Above all else quit talking shit! Anyone of you that does it has no true history or spirit of martial arts in the first place.
  47. lesnarfan Says:

    Sun, 04/15/12 - 08:01

    Don't forget Lesnar also whooped the shit outta mir, google a picture of frank mir and the first one to show is the DAMAGE lesnar did to his face.
  48. lesnarfan Says:

    Sun, 04/15/12 - 08:02

    Don't forget he also whooped the shit outta mir, google a picture of frank mir and the first one to show is the DAMAGE lesnar did to his face.
  49. johnny7754 Says:

    Wed, 04/18/12 - 05:21

    Judging from your comment i am guessing you are a kid well your boy Frank Mir was getting his butt kicked by Brock Lesnar and got caught in a leg submission it happens. But whats even better then that at Ufc 100 Brock kicked the living crap out of your boy Frank Mir in fact so bad Mir had nightmares for months after that fight but you never mentioned that fight .& you speak about Overiod beating him a guy jacked up on steriods & that finally got caught but even cheaters can beat the system sometime. And you mentioned his poor health well after you have 1/2 your intestines taken out most athletes never return in any sport so that takes guts to try and come back. Oh and Brock Lesnar smashed Frank Mir at Ufc 100.
  50. johnny7754 Says:

    Wed, 04/18/12 - 05:36

    You make my laugh first off you said ex champ well as i see it an ex champ that had tons of experience the same ex champ that just broke nogs arm and submitted him so Big Brock beat your boy Mir period . and what Brock has quit at you have never even done so im guessing you are jealious because you never did anything close to what Lesnar has done and he had 1/2 his intestines taken out no one comes back from that but he did hats off to his courage for even trying and do not be mad because he has more money then you .
  51. johnny7754 Says:

    Wed, 04/18/12 - 05:46

    @ Ta2Dad Frank Mir was Ufc HW champ so you obviously did not know that so that means you should stick to subjects you know . none of use know everything about any sport .
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