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Vitor Belfort Breezes Through NSAC Licensing Hearing, Will Face Chris Weidman at UFC 181 in Las Vegas

(Yes, it was broadcast on Fight Pass. No, Rogan and Goldie weren’t calling the action, although that would have been amazing. / Screencap via UFC Fight Pass on Twitter)

In retrospect, we should have known better to expect the Nevada State Athletic Commission to crack down on Vitor Belfort. Too much money was on the line.

Belfort appeared at an NSAC licensing hearing today, in the wake of his positive test for elevated testosterone in February. It was the second time that Belfort has failed a drug test in Nevada, following a steroid bust in 2006. And yet, Belfort cruised through the proceedings, walking away with a conditional license that would keep him sidelined until December and require him to undergo random blood and urine testing at his own expense. The commission’s decision to re-license Belfort was unanimous.

Directly after Belfort’s license was secure, the UFC announced that the Brazilian veteran would fight Chris Weidman in a middleweight title fight at UFC 181, December 6th in Las Vegas.

Belfort was humble and cooperative during today’s hearing, throwing himself at the mercy of the commission, but his version of events were never challenged. Here’s an excerpt from MMAJunkie’s report that suggests how toothless the NSAC’s hearing was:

“I know like the UFC is my authority, you’re my authority,” Belfort said. “I’ll fully collaborate with you”…

The 37-year-old said he received a doctor-administered injection as part of his TRT treatment a day before the failed test on Feb. 7. Belfort said he usually received two injections per week as part of his treatment, but with the trip to Las Vegas, he took one larger dose, his lawyer said.

“I take responsibility for that,” Belfort said.

Although the NSAC’s line of questions was polite, multiple commissioners voiced their concern about Belfort’s past.

“I don’t want to be embarrassed, and I know the commission doesn’t either,” commissioner Anthony Marnell III said.

Perhaps surprisingly, Belfort and the commission didn’t discuss his failed drug test (anabolic steroid) at a 2006 PRIDE event. That event took place in Las Vegas.

In other words, Belfort “admitted” to a one-time lapse of judgement in which he doubled-up on his TRT injections, and wouldn’t you know it, that happened to be the time when he was hit with a random drug test. Just a terrible coincidence, really. But hey, he’s taking responsibility. What a guy! Also, we have a NSAC commissioner suggesting that he doesn’t want to cause embarrassment by bringing up Belfort’s past steroid bust, SO HE DOESN’T BRING IT UP. Jesus Christ, this commission.

Anyway, Belfort vs. Weidman. Damn it. Who ya got?

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